Trying To Understand

I'm 41 now.

As a kid I would get this physical sensation that my surroundings were speeding up, almost vibrating. When this happened I knew the voice was about to happen. I would hear a man yelling to me or at me, he was either angry or desperate I never knew which. But as he was yelling I knew what he said and everything felt faster or vibrating faster if that makes sense.

As soon as it stopped yelling I could not remember what he said, the feeling was similar to a dream where you just can't remember what happened. I knew he yelled a lot of things, but couldn't remember what he said.

I was afraid to tell anyone for a long time. Then one day when it happened I lost my vision and everything went black until he was done yelling.

That scared me pretty bad so I told my parents and they really didn't believe me. But after telling them it did stop for a few years. And about the age of 18 I told a friend about my experiences growing up with the voice etc.
it happened the next day again.

I'm 41 now and it has not happened to me since that day.

My daughter at the age of 10 woke me up one night crying saying that a woman was in her room yelling at her, she went on to describe how things felt faster or vibrating before the woman was there. She went on to have several more experiences that were the same. I never told her about mine.

She is grown up now and doesn't see or hear things anymore, but does get the sensations as if she's going to and she blocks it out she says.

I am writing all of this because my 17 year old son told me 2 days ago he has been hearing a man yell at him his entire life and his experience with it is identical to mine as a kid.

He says now when it happens he can start to make out the shape of someone standing in front of him.
It blew me away that he described exactly what happened to me growing up without even knowing about it.

I've always wondered what in the world it was, now I find out its happening to my kids.
we are healthy people with no mental illnesses.

Could someone please read my story and offer some insight if any of this sounds familiar or you maybe have a theory or advice on it.


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Aug 27, 2015
Trying to Understand
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster


I'm feeling that there is a lost soul in your midst, perhaps it is an ancestor who has not gone home and is stuck.

The easiest thing for you to do is to call on Archangel Michael and ask for his assistance to take this lost soul home where he belongs. Do not try to communicate with this soul. It needs to move on.

You can smudge your home with dry sage, or you can boil water and steam sage, bay leaves or cloves in the water.

And you can say this blessing:

Please bless the disembodied spirits or spirit who are trapped or lost in this space and send them to the light or the most appropriate place for them at this time.

Sending healing vibrations,

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