Twin Flame or Spiritual Awakening

by T


Hope you can help me with my confusion.

I believe I had many lives before the life I am in now because I've opened my kundalini energy within one week of meditating.

Mind you, I have never been in a relationship, but was somewhat aroused all the time seeing a beautiful human being especially a woman.

In my past and still present I based all my decisions from my brain - logical reasoning and increasing my wisdom. I never used my heart. Sadly, I only saw using your heart was a sign of weakness and vulnerability so I increased my intellect instead and forgotten about my heart. I thought love and emotions were wasting my time to be the best I can be. Anyway...

My friend one day invited me to do yoga and I said 'why not' I've always been drawn to it, but never went so it was something new to me.

When I arrived the yoga teacher and I just starred at each felt weird, strange, but I couldn't put my mind to what it was. Usually when I lock eyes with someone I feel sexually aroused, but this time it was subtle, a sensation that was foreign. Mind you, this was a women and I am one too.

Anyway, I don't know if she felt the same? But when we locked eyes it was different... when I went home I started to think more about her and realized she looked very familiar but how? I've never been to yoga before and there's no way we would cross paths. If we did, I would remember as she was stunning (in my eyes). I asked my friend if she looked familiar too, and she said she did also which made me even more confused.

During our yoga session, I felt weird I felt she was 'off' and I then I felt 'off', maybe I was absorbing her energy?

I did see similar traits she had that were within me such as: her quirky personality, such as dancing all the time and her 'dorkiness' when she speaks, and when she spoke about her own studies she seemed sad and stuck not knowing what to do about it, like I am. Also seemed like she had the same music taste as me.

I can't stop thinking about her...I don't know why. I'm getting obsessed because its a feeling where I'm not sexually aroused by her, but intrigued about her.

I want to know her because I feel like we can connect in some sort of way.

Also right at the end of the session we meditated and I felt an increased vibration in my sacral chakra. I'm not sure I felt it in my heart.

Next week, I went to yoga again yet I still felt when we locked eyes it was didn't make me nervous and I actually wanted to stare at her longer than I usually would with other people.

This weird thing happened. Funniest conversation! When she and I were talking she was talking about how she was so tired and I was so tired too, and my friend said it must be the sun when you went to the beach and I said, "Doesn't it make you more awake?"

Then I started to think about vitamins and minerals and was thinking how to say it when suddenly, she started talking about it!

I have had this similar encounter with my female friend who I believe is my platonic soul mate, where she would always says things I was thinking and vice versa.

Now, I fell I'm starting to open my heart chakra and my sacral chakra is getting out of hand...if you know what i mean...but when I picture her it's not an arousal yet my sacral is aroused for some I said I don't know if I felt it in my heart as I haven't been using it.

So, I'm not sure if these events occurred because of my spiritual awakening of opening my chakras or have I met my twin flame?

I appreciate you in taking time in reading this and I hope you can help me cause my mind is all over the place!

Thank you!
T x

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Sep 24, 2015
Twin Flame or Spiritual Awakening
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello T,

Congratulations, you have met your twin flame. Isn't it exciting?

You're in for a tumultuous journey. Meeting your twin, is like meeting yourself, but the self you do not want to know about.

A twin flame relationship is not necessarily sexual, it can happen, but that is not what it is about.

Meeting your twin is a spiritual awakening, that is why you experienced the kundalini awakening.

This is a very important relationship, unlike anything you have experienced so do not compare it with another one. You only have one twin and many are meeting now for the first time this life time.

It is about getting to know yourself and dealing with issues within yourself that you may have been sweeping under the rug, so to speak. It will be a rocky relationship so be prepared, but a wondrous one.

You will learn about the true nature of unconditional love, and especially towards yourself. If you do not love yourself, you are unable to love anyone else.

Read others' experiences with their twin especially the twin flame hidden meaning and twin flame separation pain sections plus other twin flame stories in spiritual chat.

Sending light and love,

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