Twin Flame Separation Pain

by Lost Soul

I met my Twin Flame under unusual circumstances almost a year ago today.

It was a new job for both of us, one we can’t even explain how we accepted. From the moment I met him, he is 14 years my junior, I felt that I knew him from a previous life, and even said that to him. He just replied that he heard he was an old soul.

The next few months after meeting him my life seemed to unravel, the connection between us was so intense, and within 4 months after meeting him I was deeply in love, which was so strange considering I gave up on love many years ago. It felt like an obsession, my soul would ache when he wasn’t around; I believed I had gone insane.

We spent our days together at work and got along extremely well. I even found myself thinking he was exactly like me, just at an earlier period of my life.

Then we were sent on separate assignments 7 months ago and that’s when the pain set in. We both missed each other so much. For me it felt as if I had lost a part of me. We attempted to start a relationship, but he ran before it could begin.

Then after a month of working apart, we were put together again I the same location, this time the intensity was stronger, he ran again, but remained in daily contact with me during work, via Skype. He even avoided seeing me in the office which broke my heart as I don’t know what I did wrong.

Three months ago I was reassigned and lo and behold he soon was sent to work with me 2 months ago, as my partner, just the two of us, all alone.

We spent the entire time realizing how perfect we were for each other, talking, listening to music while we worked, and going out for lunches. It was like we were dating.

After a month, one thing led to another. We spent so many days and hours just holding each other and connecting on a spiritual level, it was so beautiful. We even pledge a song, and would dance to it almost daily. As we got closer, he became scared again and found a job at another company.

During the last two weeks he would waiver between how much he wants to be with me and how happy we are going to be when we finally get together, to the next day telling me to move on. It was a rough time, as I feared being apart from him yet again. He promised we would talk each day and we would see each other, then the next day he would say it’s over.

I felt like this roller coaster ride would never end. My emotions are a wreck from all the intense joy along with intense sorrow. When I am with him it’s euphoric, we just look into each other’s eyes and he looks at me as if he is communicating with my soul. Words cannot explain the emotions and energies that flow between the two of us.

He said he was leaving the job as he had to get away from me as strange things were happening. It appears he had the ability to read my mind, since he met me, and he said it was getting stronger. I tested him, and yes he was reading my thoughts.

He also said he never recalled dreaming before and now all he dreams about is me and it scares him, because one of his recurring dreams is that we have a baby, which doesn’t fit in his current life plan.

He has been gone now for 1 week and has decided not to make contact with me. I texted him to see how he was doing at his new job and he replied that he feels we need time apart, as he doesn’t want to hurt me anymore.

The pain of being apart from him, even for one day, is so intense. It feels as if someone died, like my soul is being ripped apart. I have been suffering this way for the last 7 months as he pulled me in and pushed me away.

About 6 mos ago, I went to visit a spiritual counselor/psychic, something I have never done before and she told me that I met my twin flame, and when she did a card reading, the twin flame card appeared as well. I have visited her a few times throughout this ordeal for support and counseling as whom else can I tell this crazy stuff about. The twin flame card appeared again, which she said was rare.

She tells me that he is sacred of this intensity as he doesn’t know what is going on, and that he will be back once he sorts it all out. She told me to be there for him and visualize us together and send him love into the universe. She said we were on track to where we need to be and just let go and let it flow.

I am having the hardest time letting go, as the pain and sorrow is so strong and deep. I just want the pain to stop. I tried everything, keeping myself busy, etc. and nothing is working.

If anyone has any experience with dealing with the pain and sorrow of being apart from their twin, please let me know.

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Jun 22, 2015
Twin Flame Separation Pain
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

I will not accept any more submissions to Twin Flame Separation Pain.

This thread is now closed.

Jun 17, 2015
Same Sex Twin
by: Pink


I am going through the same thing. It's already the most complicated and painful experience of my life, but that definitely adds to the pain.

I think we are going to hear a lot more about same sex twins in the near we (hopefully) evolve into a more all loving and accepting world :)

People will realize that gender, sex, and sexual orientation are irrelevant when it comes to two souls recognizing each other.

Stay strong and know that you're strength and unconditional love are setting an example during this crucial time in our human development.

Jun 17, 2015
Please Take Note
by: CareAlot (previously Light Fairy)

Hi All,

I read the stories and my heart just feels whelmed for you all.

I've posted my experience and insight on this important area of a soul's life before...once distraught as a separated twin flame, once as one that reunited with my twin flame only after what can only be described as a crash course in ascension.

Now I post to offer some important information the may help you all come back together (you will inevitably, but I mean on this plane this lifetime).

Brief background again, I have a relatively long, extensive science background that I have had to meld a lot of beliefs with to come to this place. Because of this I didn't have any clue of this sort of thing and was told by others that we were twin flames only to ignore it for quite some became impossible to ignore anymore hence my "research" phase.

My twin flame is now my soulmate and we are preparing to marry, create a new life (even at my age of almost 50!) to bring into our existing family, collaborate on business endeavors, move part time to the country of both of our roots (this and other lives).

All this and so much more could not have been possible, given the dramatic turbulence we had to get through, without some very important information and process and help.

I can offer a little here. Most importantly, you must NOT think of yourself as the half of anything. It was revealed to me on Nov 4 2014 by one who calls himself Noutropolous, the ArchAngel of Natural Law, that we are not and were never halves. We as souls are completely whole when formed and do not split. I know this is counter to everything that is out there on the subject, but believing yourself as a piece of something actually keeps you separate! You are being asked to remember your wholeness. To become firm and authentic in that. When you do you will be ready to join as a whole, not a half. The other will do the same and will recognize you as whole at a soul level (not human). One being authentic in their wholeness will act as a mirror for them to find theirs and hopefully they have done the work on their own too because you both must advance in order to fulfill the vow or "contract" that you made as very young souls. The contract may be soulmate in nature, but it may be any other number of functions. The second there is doubt, insecurity, deceit, etc involved it will start to crumble faster than you will be able to pick up the pieces.

There is alot more I could say about this but its turning into a paperback...

Jun 17, 2015
Twin Flames
by: Anonymous

I am going through something similar as to you.

We are currently in separation cycle again. He keeps promising to meet up with me to change his mind at last minute. He also brings another woman up each time we speak. He says no strings sex and other hurtful things to me. He has told me he loves me, but I just have grin and bare it full stop.

It hurts sometimes, I get to the point I have nothing left. I avoid going out and want be in my own company. This cycle has been going on 8 years. Just recently I've sent him love with whatever relationship he's in at the moment.

I've also had twin flame reading saying we are meant be together, also loads of signs with his name etc.

I've now surrendered and will get on with my life until he's ready. It's not easy, it hurts like mad each day and to a point I can't get him out of my head. It's a crazy cycle.

If you want to talk, I'm here to listen and share experiences. Just drop me reply here and I will give you my Facebook profile name or email address.

God Bless xx

Jun 16, 2015
I Met My Twin Flame
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Runner and Chaser,

Thank you for submitting your experience with a twin flame.

You have answered your question,
Why has God let me live this experience?
When you said, She needs to heal herself from previous relationships. (maybe I do too, the mirror right?)

She is in your life now to help you to know yourself better because she is your other half, your twin. Who knows you better that your twin flame?

Many are meeting their twin flames at this time during earth's ascension.

Everyone is finally going within and cleansing their emotions, mental and other levels of their being. And learning about unconditional love.

Sending healing vibrations,

Jun 16, 2015
I Met My Twin Flame
by: Runner and Chaser

The first time a met her I had a really strange feeling like this girl was someone I really had to know more about.

Time passed on and we separated for the first time. I didn't feel any pain this time, but she got stuck in my head everyday...

One year and 5 months passed and the universe rotated to join us again in the same place. This second time was really strong, I had visions with her, getting married, having children, hugging her, kissing, dancing and whatever else...we are separated again and I am dying a little bit more everyday.

I decided to cut almost all contact with her, just to know If I could stop thinking about her one of these days. Nothing has helped, I did not know anything about twin, I decided to google my symptoms...

Now I know she is my twin flame, I have no doubt about it. I cannot see myself with any other girl, at least not for now...

Will we reunite again? Everyone says it will happen again. I love her with all my body, soul, mind and spirit.

Why has God let me live this experience? I really don´t know!

The only thing that I know is that I love her and I know she loves me too...we are split now because there are many obstacles between us, and she needs to heal herself from previous relationships. (maybe I do too, the mirror right?)

I didn't block her or anything on social media.

So, somehow, even If we are not speaking at the moment, I know we will be eternally bonded.

Jun 14, 2015
Yes I Understand
by: Anonymous

I recently met my twin flame. He's 9 yrs younger than me and has a girl friend. I didn't know what was happening at the beginning. I met on a dating site, he admitted to being in a relationship immediately. I felt an immediate connection, just from his picture.

After agreeing to remain friends we texted and emailed constantly. After six months we finally met, Jesus it was intense. No physical contact just a brief chat, his family obligation kept him from staying longer. I think of him constantly.

For a brief period I found it hopeless and started dating a guy,trying to forget about my flame. Didn't work. Many attempts to meet never pan out, it's torture.

My 10 yr old daughter found his pic on my phone. She said, "Who is that?" I said a friend.

She said, "wowww, he's perfect." I want him to be my dad. This shocked me because she doesn't like anyone. He has expressed he's afraid to be alone with me. I understand completely.

I'm doing the best I can to just stay sane. I have been through a rough past relationship, heartache. But I know he's mine, and I can't explain it.

I pray for happiness. For us both, he means the world to me he's my muse...I cherish him like no other.

Time and faith.

Jun 04, 2015
Pain Once Again
by: Anery

I can feel your pain.

I met my Twin Flame on my 17th birthday under unusual circumstances. I had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled that day, my face was swollen and I was babysitting.

I called a girlfriend and asked if she would come over as I was feeling sorry for myself. She agreed but said somebody was with her, and I didn't care. She arrived and there he was.

At first I was too busy with her, I hardly noticed him, but at some point I looked up and we made eye contact and that was it. I knew I had to have this person in my life. He was 19 and a musician, like me.

I was off to college, but he said I should come visit him in another state. I took his address and phone number and said "sure." Well, I went to see him, it was unbelievable. I ended up leaving my college, moved in with him and embarked upon a two year, extremely torrid relationship. It was so intense for both of us. When it was good, it was ecstasy; and when we fought, it was passionate.

I pushed him away with some very emotional behavior, became pregnant, which was terminated and after 2 years, he wanted out, and left. We were so young and just could not handle the intense emotions. I still had to see him in school and tried desperately to get him back. We hooked up a few times but it was awful.

The pain was so intense, I felt like I was dying. I had hot flashes and did not understand what was happening to me. I sank into a deep depression and started drinking. My life felt like it was over and I was only 20!

He finally graduated and after two years moved away. I felt a sense of relief. Now was the time to try and pick up the pieces of my life. I saw him once again in 1983, and then it would be another 27 years before our paths would cross again.

In 2009,I was in a restaurant and I looked up and there was my Twin Flame's college friend. He recognized me immediately. He asked if I'd heard from my Twin Flame and I said, "No, not for 26 years."

This got me thinking about him and wondering what his life was like. A few months later, my daughter found some of my music books and some pieces that he and I had written. She was a musician as well and asked me about the music.

I suggested that maybe she could contact him directly and ask him. She did and it was like we picked up where we left off. A year later, he was performing in my town and I went.

The first thing out of his mouth was, "Is your husband threatened by me because he should be."

I was taken aback. We saw each other a few times platonically, but the feelings were very intense. My marriage was deteriorating before this and he had separated from his wife.

In April 2015, I was driving back from FL and ended up back in my old childhood neighborhood, which he didn't live far from. It was 5 in the morning and I decided to text him to say, "Hi." I left and then I got a text asking if we could have breakfast. It was too late I was gone.

I made a plan to see him on June 26th. I would stay over and we'd spend Saturday together. I was ecstatic. He said he was looking forward to having time with me and vice versa.

I've been anticipating this meeting for a month. Today I got a text saying that his girlfriend would be staying over on the 26th and could we do the 27th or 28th? We live 250 miles apart. I said unfortunately, "No".

I was devastated, heart broken, angry. I deleted his texts and was thinking of blocking him out of social media, when a text came in, saying he really wants to get together and spend quality time with me, and he could even drive to me.

I have to let this go. I texted back some crap and basically, I just have to let it go, no matter how much it hurts. The universe is sending me a clear message.

May 20, 2015
I Understand
by: A

Learn to meditate. I learned to meditate years ago and spiritually advanced myself before meeting my twin flame under very unusual circumstances.

We interacted through business for a year. Very strange things happened and I realized the connection for a while, it was hard.

I'm in a long term relationship and it was his girlfriend who introduced us. I have to drive by her place frequently and see he is there.

There is huge past life issues for them which I have seen in dreams and I don't believe we will be together because he doesn't see how bad his situation is.

I am not allowed to tell him due to my meditating having incredible soul experiences with him in dreams. I feel like I've been shot out of a spiritual canon on fire with kundalini energy.

This happened at at age 63 soon to be 64. I'm a very young looking person. We are close in age. I figure I met him in order to ascend spiritually.

I will be gone off the planet. That is when he will wake up and realize what he lost, but there is eternal time.

May 17, 2015
Misery Loves Company
by: JK

It is so heartening to read these stories here and to know that I am not alone.

I've been on emotional roller coaster! I met a man about 5 months ago and we both felt an instant spiritual connection. He lives in another state, but we have managed to see each other 3 times since we met. He's 17 years older than I am an from a very different background. Our connection is unbelievable; I keep thinking that what I feel is absolutely crazy!!

I didn't know it was possible to feel this way and I kept questioning whether it could even be real. The first time he touched me, I felt a kind of homecoming and just being held by him brings me into a state of rapture. We could just hold each other for hours. The kissing is amazing, too; we can go on for hours and feel as if we are nourishing each other.

We talk on the phone for hours and hours; we often text each other at the exact same second. I have this strong feeling that, despite our differences, we are simply meant to be together. There have been plenty of rocky moments; he says that I sometimes push him away and that may be true because I am terrified by the intensity of the connection. But sometimes I think he is pushing ME away and just projecting his own fears on to me.

The last time we were together, he pushed me away, saying that he couldn't be with me anymore. So I left earlier than planned and felt as if I had been cut in half.

We managed to reconcile by phone and were planning another visit at the end of this month. Three days ago he AGAIN pushed me away, saying something about an "ugly train coming down the track."

This all led me to do some research which made me realize this is a twin flame situation. He told me he needed some time to "figure out" things so now I am in limbo.

It's an awful situation, and I feel sick to my stomach. I am hoping he will still want to see me in a week, but there's no way to know how things will go. Others think I am crazy for putting up with these ups and downs, but they simply cannot understand what it feels like to have this kind of connection.

If he chooses to end the relationship now, I know I will be carrying this pain for a long time and will always be longing for the kind of connection that we had.

I've been hurt and cried from breakups before, but I never felt anything like this. In fact, I can barely cry about it because it's simply too raw and too deep. It would be like crying at your own funeral.

So good to know that I am not alone in this agony...I know it serves a spiritual purpose, but MY GOD...

May 15, 2015
I Am Going Through Same Pain, But It's Same Sex Twin Flame
by: Shreya

Well, I am going through exactly the same pain currently.

She is 12 years younger than me and met me in gym. She started this game that I could feel was full of magnetic attraction. I could sense her vibes, her pain when I talk to other fellow females because I have masculine energy while she is kinda...

Connection was so intense and magnetic that I started doing everything to make her happy actually we both were so empathic. She gave me subtle hints of her feelings for me, but not directly.

She tested my feelings and I didn't hide as wel, but then she started running as she found that I have feelings for her.

She has got a new job now and have other people in her office. But I still have faith in my true self because if she is really meant for me then no force can part us.

Earlier I felt broken, but now I am just following the law of attraction and taking care of my thoughts to be my best version, and also working on my personal growth.

I am sure I will be able to win back the love of my life who is scared of intense feelings and all those happenings, and who also is homophobic.

Wish you all the best too, and all those who are still fighting for twin flames.

May 14, 2015
I Know This Pain. It kills.
by: Lauren

My twin flame and I met online.

It was instant love and attraction. I felt like I found my heart when I found him. Then, both our lives started falling apart. I ended up getting drunk and cheating with an old friend of mine. It was horrible. When I had to face my twin and tell him, I died inside big time.

We are the exact same person, our sensitivity, our love of music, our geeky tendencies, and we even look similar. Where we contrast is - I am the light, he is the dark, a good Catholic girl vs. an Atheist ex-Catholic.

To make it short, it's been rocky. The love is there, but we have run into a lot of difficulties. We both attract people of the opposite sex like magnets, which makes it hard on both of us. I think, from an ego point of view, we love it, and we know if we stick together, we'll lose it.

But I'm choosing to let go of emotions and fears that are too difficult to face. I'm practicing an attitude of gratitude every day, and tuning out my family's negativity, because they hate him. If the love is real, and I know it is, we will find a way. If nothing else, we'll find a way to stay friends and keep in contact. I'm hopeful, because abandoning hope is not an option.

My suggestion for you is be yourself. Love yourself first, the most that you can. In doing so, you will draw your twin naturally too you. To love yourself is to love your twin. Also, I would suggest you pick the book THE SECRET by RHONDA BYRNE and give it a read. It's all about the law of attraction, and attracting good into your life through your thoughts and actions.

Good luck. I'm here with the pain too.

May 07, 2015
Also Apart
by: A

I met my twin flame in 2010 and saw him for the last time in 2012.

While I can tell you it gets easier, it changes you permanently. I still think of him daily, and the pain is there, but not all consuming like it was.

For me, a part of me simply died when he closed the door on me, and I haven't been able to recover it. The hardest part is knowing I will never have closure. He haunts me, but in silence.

I will never know if what we had meant anything to him, or if he understands the depths of the impacts to me and is sorry.

I am still single, and likely will always be, but it's okay. I'm mostly happy, I sometimes forget. I stopped crying a year or so ago, with the exception of turning 40 and having a spike of grief over having lost the life I was supposed to have with him.

But life goes on, you know? Even this heals, and you simply live with the scar. I'm so sorry you are going through this.

Apr 29, 2015
Not Together
by: A.

I met my twin flame on New Year's Eve 2012 in Spain, he was working in a bar when the magic happened. I was having a holiday, so we had plenty of time to fall in love intensely.

I haven't had much of luck in my life when it comes to relationships, my expectation was that he was not single. I was right. I didn't feel good about it, but when you are having strong emotions, that's when you don't want to look at things too closely.

I went back to my home country, but during 2013 I visited several times in Spain. We had our romance going on strongly - changing emails, making promises, missing each other and so on.

I didn't enjoy my life and I set up my mind to move to Spain after finishing my school. We didn't see each other for over a year. I missed him everyday.

In September 2014 I moved here and met him again. He told me that only thing what he wants from me is sex and that he is not going to leave his wife and their child. We continued our intense and crazy relationship. It started to eat my soul.

I tried to leave him on December, he didn't want to let go. I was in pain for weeks and it started to feel easier to continue with him so I gave up.

This on/off period continued until last Friday (April 24th) when I finally set myself free. He wants to continue, but for me this kind of setting is impossible. I rather be alone and not see him.

I miss and love him so much, but I do not think that we are going to be together in this life. He doesn't want to leave his family and I can't be in this kind of situation.

I was told that I need to leave him and next fall I will meet the right man who can provide a healthy relationship.

I want to believe in this, but at the same time I know that I will carry my twin flame inside me rest of my life.

Apr 27, 2015
Twin Flame - 21 years
by: KJ


My twin and I met 21 years ago. There was an electric charge when our eyes met and he wouldn't stop looking at me like he knew before. I was with a long term boyfriend at the time and he was with his now wife. For a year we would connect, promises of leaving his girlfriend for me and then he would run. The last time I saw him during school, I was told he was engaged to be married. My heart broke and my soul cried. He saw my pain and asked me if I was ok. I lied and smiled and said of course but he knew better.

Fast forward less than 20 years in a new city and he is my child's soccer coach. I feel feverish seeing him from a distance and can't bring myself to say a word to him. So I hid behind my sunglasses and sat quietly in the distance. I finally had the courage to contact him online and we picked up where we left off. We talked and found out we both live 10 minute walking distance from each other. I soon learn he is neighbours with my best friend as well and I kept that to myself.

He asked to meet for lunch and we did. The spark was there and alive. We looked deep into each others souls and time stood still during that hour. He kept asking for a kiss and I felt feverish and on fire. He was sweating too. The kiss never happened, but we planned to see each other again soon for lunch. This is when be ran.

He kept making then breaking plans with me and so I stopped the communication and told him I was sorry for being so forthcoming in wanting to see him again. He never responded. The next two years are painful as we kept seeing each other in the community. My soul was aching. But I continued on and focused on myself and my marriage and family.

It was torturous at times seeing him with his family and feeling his sadness and his ego fighting hard to cover his pain.

I finally saw him close up over the winter while our children were playing at the same park. I decided to reach out and reconnect. The spark is still there for both of us, 21 years later. I have no doubt we are twin flames. He continues to run, but this time around I'm not chasing him like I once did.

I'm working on my own journey and self love, but I still ache for him, deeply. I know he feels this too but his mind is silencing his heart and his ego is winning. I feel we will reunite this life time, but not anytime soon as we both have karma to work out in current marriages.

Anyone else out there with a common experience of a twin they met 20+ years ago and reconnecting only to find out we live a block away from each other?

I do reconnect with him right now with reiki distance healing and I speak to his higher self and understand and empathize he has his own work to do. I know that sounds a little out there however my experience with intuitive reiki and others is accurate and assists with their healing.

Apr 27, 2015
Strength, Courage, Patience
by: New Normal


I feel for you because I am in a similar situation. I married my soul mate 27 years ago, and my twin flame walked into my life 3 years ago. I had never even heard of a twin flame until then, and I certainly wasn't expecting him.

This journey requires strength, courage, and patience. You must be willing to do the spiritual work in order to move on. I love my husband very much and would never want to hurt him, so I continue forward in my marriage.

It can be extremely lonely and very difficult, but I see no other way out. I do not contact my twin flame because, he, too, has been married for 27 years and I just don't see any good that can come from breaking up 2 families.

Everyone has to do what is right for themselves, and only you know that. I, too, asked God to take this away, and, of course, it is just not that simple.

I have now just accepted it and I move forward in my life the best I can. I will say that it does get easier with time. I pray everyday for guidance and strength. I say to myself everyday, "God only gives you what you can handle." Thus, I guess He thinks I can deal with this. I live with hope everyday for a positive solution.

Wishing that you find some peace! YOU are not alone in this!

Apr 26, 2015
New normal );
by: A.


I've been married 16 years, my twin contacts me an ex when we were teenagers and bang everything changes.

I never felt like this, never felt such a strong connection with someone. The aching and pain of being separated...I have cried asking for his soul to leave me. I try not to think of him, but like the rest of you the pull is so intense.

There is no one you can talk to about it because it doesn't make sense. So I just try to go forward and see what will happen.

We haven't talked in three months, he's fighting and I think in a way I am. The psychic told me it's just a matter of time when it's suppose to happen - the reuniting. Some days it feels like I've been amputated, others I'm good.

Why anyone would want this, I'm not sure it's very tough to balance a marriage and the love for the twin.

Anyone experiencing this let me know, it helps to know there are others.

Apr 25, 2015
Self love
by: Broken heart


Everything I've been reading lately has pretty much told me the same thing that you have to go through your own healing process.

The other twin flame cannot always help you or they will run again...they have to do it on their own in their own time. I have been learning patience which is one of the things I think I need to learn in this lifetime and I have come become a lot more spiritually Evolved!

Apr 24, 2015
Broken Heart
by: Strength, Courage, Patience

It is tempting to want to do the inner work for them, but they must do it themselves. You can only focus on yourself and the work that you must do. Believe me, it does get easier with time.

I have not had any contact with my Twin Flame in 1 1/2 years, but we have mutual friends and so I hear about him through them. I know he has grown tremendously since we first met in 2012. I have also grown spiritually and emotionally. The pain can be overwhelming at times, but keep pushing through it.

When the time is right, divine intervention will happen and hopefully we will be together in this lifetime. If not this lifetime, then, perhaps, the next. This journey is not for the faint of heart.

WIshing you and all twin flames peace.

Apr 17, 2015
Continued Twin Flame...
by: Broken heart


I am single and have dated, but it is never the same...will I always compare others to him and the joy he gave me? I don't know, but I have to move forward in life. If it happens this lifetime, then I guess it was meant to be.

I know he has a lot of growth for self-love and I feel like I may be able to help him, but he has to reach out for me to be able to help. If it's meant to be it will happen...but I know that together we could make a great team to help heal the world!

Apr 16, 2015
Re:Twin Flame Separation Pain
by: Exhausted

To Broken Heart,

That's good that you are staying strong. Some days are easier than others for me, but most days it is so difficult. I cannot just up and start a new relationship with my twin flame if the chance were to come. I'm in a deeply committed marriage with kids. I could never do that to my family, it would he devastating.

I never knew what a twin flame was. All I knew was that my ex has always been in the back of my mind even after not seeing him for 16 years. When I ran into him last September, that's when the energy got overly intense and I began to question my sanity. And I did research and found out what a twin flame was.

I wish this would go away. I am so done with it, but the harder I push the stronger the pull.

Apr 15, 2015
Twin Flame Separation Pain
by: Broken Heart


I could've written exact words and descriptions of the way I am feeling too. I also feel like I cannot talk to anybody about this because they all know he broke my heart and want me to stay away from him which I am doing.

I know he loves me and I can still feel him sometimes at night. I wake up and I know he's thinking of me and I have emotions that don't make sense and I know it's what he is feeling at the time.

I am doing meditation and self healing and waiting for the day that hopefully we can reunite. I was the happiest I've ever been in my life with him, but I live in the now and I'm happy now, but once you are with your twin flame there's a joy that everyone else said radiated out of both of us!

Apr 15, 2015
Twin Flame Connection is Not Fun
by: Exhausted

I previously posted my story about being a skeptic and meeting my twin flame 18 years ago. I just wanted to say for those who wish they found their twin flame, that it's not as fun as you imagine.

You're better off longing for a Soul mate. The heartache and pull on my heart and solar plexus is so intense sometimes that I relate the pain to the loss or death of a loved one. That's the only other time I have ever felt this type of heartache.

Also, you feel crazy because no matter how hard you try it is impossible to stop thinking of them. On top of it you can't talk to anyone about it because no can relate. It hurts then sometimes it feels so lovely and full of the strongest love ever; but the ups and downs feel like they are killing me.

I don't want this just wish I could erase this from my mind and go back to being blissfully ignorant and non-spiritual as before.

Apr 08, 2015
Never Knew What a Twin Flame Was
by: Anonymous

It has been almost 18 years since I met my 'twin flame.'

I was in a very toxic and bad relationship with another guy at the time, but because we had a child, and I was young, I tried my best to stay in that relationship with this man who cheated on me constantly. I was young, only 17 at the time.

My boyfriend and I were on one of our weekly break-ups so I decided to go out with my friends and think of something else. We went and danced, and my friends met some guys and I straggled along like the third wheel as we went home with their male companions that night. I was the 3rd wheel sitting uncomfortably in a room with my canoodling friends and guy friends when this other person walked in the room.He was so beautiful, his eyes were so deep and loving, and I felt like I was looking at a dark eyed angel.

He walked straight up to me and asked me to go outside with him. Not names, no introductions. I felt strangely comfortable and left with him. Completely out of my character and my friends gave me an earful for doing that. My 'bestie' said what if he was a serial killer? Hahaha, that he was not.

So we went outside and he hugged me and kissed me. I never felt so much chemistry, my insides did these wonderful twists and turns, and I melted into him. My mind cleared of all thoughts and worries, it was beautiful.

We continued to see each other as much as possible for the next two years. Although he was always quiet and a man of few words, he was always so happy to see me. All I had to do was think about wanting to see him, and he would call and come pick me up.

During this time I was still struggling with my "baby daddy" issues that I never wanted to discuss with this man who only made me happy. I kept the info from him not because I didn't trust him, but because when I was with him it was pure bliss, no drama. I didn't want to bring in any negativity into our happy situation.

I had to make trips back and fourth to Mexico, sometimes to take my child to visit her grandparents. Sometimes I would stay months on end, but each time I returned all I had to to is be anxious to see him and he would call. I would also call, but we were always exited to see each other.

When my 'baby daddy' and I were finally at the end of our crazy dance and he had got someone else pregnant, my twin flame and I decided we wanted to be serious and be in a long-term relationship together.

Now that we were finally boyfriend and girlfriend, you would think that it would just continue being beautiful and blissful. For some reason we were never able to meet up. Things kept happening that would keep us from each other. I had a friend who would not relay messages that he called, this was before everyone had a cell-phone, or I would try to go see him but it did not work for him.

So one day I showed up at his home unannounced, when he saw me he said nothing to me, he got dressed like he was going out and left without one word. I tried calling and asking him what happened? Why was he mad? forgive me...please!!!

He would never answer and just hang up. That hurt so bad that I became numb. After about six months of trying to talk to him, and feeling like a psycho I painfully let go.

A year later I met my husband who I have now been married to going on 15 years. We have 3 beautiful kids together. Life went on, I went to college, got some degrees, moved to another town and just kept him in the back of my mind.

Over the years, I have always thought and remembered my special friend very fondly, I remember that I never felt so much chemistry and love for someone as I have for him.

In September I locked my keys out of my car and was outside of a Pharmacy. I heard someone say my name, and turned around. When I saw his eyes, now much older, in my head I thought, "oh shit", don't know why, but that was what came to mind.

We had a conversation and got caught up. He had moved to the same town as me, he had never been married, had one kid and was single. It broke my heart to hear that for some reason, because to me he is such a beautiful man that I could not believe he was single.

We shook hands and went on our own way. As he went to leave, he turned as to say something else, but his brother called for him to go.

Soon after he left it felt like something punched me in the stomach. My heart started racing and I did not feel well. This feeling continued for days. I could not stop thinking about him. I am a woman of science, and reasoning and I never really believed in the supernatural, but I could not explain what was happening.

My husband noticed my strange behavior and was concerned. He thought I was hexed,of course he is a little less rational of a thinker than I, which was silly to me because I don't believe in those.

Of course I never told him the whole story about running into my ex and yadda yadda. I did what anyone who needs answers does, I began to Google my symptoms, and looking on medical websites, and psychological issues. Nothing could explain what it was.

One day "twin flame" came up, my rational mind could not explain any of it away. I read post after post, on numerous sites, and it was pretty much what I was feeling. I have been having tightening in my solar plexus, strong palpitating heartbeat, and of course, I cannot get him out of my mind. I still grapple with the whole concept, it's unbelievable. But it has caused me to start looking upward to a higher power.

I am meditating, and praying which seems to help some. What does not help is forcing myself to not think of him, that does not work, and only hurts more.

I am still skeptical, and try to explain it all away, I don't know what is wrong with me, but it sucks. One good thing is that there seems to be cycles, right after the feelings get too intense to bear, the universe gives me a day or two of rest, the feelings aren't so strong and I only think of him a little less. Then it always seems to come back in a few days.

Stay strong my peeps- that's all we can do!

Apr 07, 2015
Confused and Sad
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster


There has to be more feelings than just crying for someone for her to be your twin soul. It could also be a soul mate that you knew in a past life time, perhaps something tragic happened between you.

Read the other comments on this forum regarding twin souls aka twin flames, also read my pages at soul mate definition and karmic soul mates.

Sending love and light,

Apr 06, 2015
Confused and Sad
by: Anonymous

I love this girl I met at work and there is a mutual attraction that kind of continued after I found out she was engaged.

I have an intense love for her (like crying/sobbing). Being really shy and awkward, I never really spoke to her, but she definitely knows I am in love with her.

Is it possible she is my twin soul because she changed my life completely without us even conversing or having any kind of relationship besides what I think is spiritual?

Is that possible?

Mar 30, 2015
Twin Flame
by: Rosie

I believe I met my twin flame 18 months ago. He was in a relationship with someone else at the time, so it was a very complicated relationship. I had to let go of him as it was too intense for me and I was fed up of on and off. But, we couldn't stay away from each other that long.

Any way to cut the long story short: In December 2014 he split up with his partner, and at the time I was dealing with the loss of my dad, so my mind was preoccupied. Anyway he came to see me on 19th February 2015 and told me we need to set a date as he needs to speak to me.

Anyway, the following week he came to see me again, and this time he told me that he had split up with his partner, so I wasn't sure whether to be happy or not.

What I forgot was that he had karma from his previous relationship to deal with and heal from, so we couldn't be in relationship yet, as he is not ready.

I have learned the art of letting I know in my heart that he is my twin flame and I send him love all the time. I miss him. Are we going to be together forever?

That depends on his free will of choice...God gives us choices and its up to us to choose the correct path. If my twin flame does choose the path that leads him to me, then we will be physically together. If not, we still will be spiritually and eternally connected, I believe.

I will always love him love and send healing energy, but letting go is the key to bringing us closer.

Mar 22, 2015
I Can Relate
by: Broken Heart

I met my Twin Flame last New Year's Eve and we were inseparable the whole cruise and a few days later in Florida.

I told him the first week I thought he was my soul mate. We felt like we had known each other all our lives, had everything in common, and looked like each other. We knew we wanted to be together forever.

It was long distance so he met my family, I traveled to see his area and we talked marriage...then family troubles hit and he ran from his intense feelings.

We reunited during the summer and everything seemed fine again. He said he wanted to show me how much he loved me! Then in the fall he said he could not do long distance and did not have the same feeling as I did. I know that is not true but have given him space.

It has been 4 months, we have not talked after Face-timing every night for 4 months, and it has been hard.

I am moving to his area and when the time is right I will be there.

I am doing self healing that I would not have taken time for if we were together. It has been hard, but good.

I know we will be reunited when the time is right. But it was the greatest intense pain from a broken heart that I have ever felt!

Mar 17, 2015
Twin Flame Pain
by: Sparkle8

You are not the only one, I am going through the same thing.

I can feel my twin flame every day, we have now been away from each other for 6 months. We had been together a long time a few years, my twin flame said basically what yours had, that it was getting too intense and it scared him.

I know what you are going through I feel his thoughts all day long, at night it is the strongest that I cannot sleep. The worst is the chest pain and the nausea.

It is the hardest thing I've ever been through and I feel like no one else gets it either. I miss my twin flame every day even though I have been told he will when he grows more spiritually and we are ready to continue our spiritual journey together.

Glad I found a board where other people can relate.

Mar 12, 2015
I Understand Now
by: The Understander.

Wow. I have just read all these comments and I have to say that I'm going to help you all to feel totally sane. You will read this and say, "That gal is NUTS, I thought I had problems, but she's delusional..." I can say that because I have thought this about myself a million (or more) times.

I met my twin on line. It wasn't a dating service or anything, it was a blog on the mountains of Appalachia. We started chatting and something happened that I can't explain or capture in words, no matter how many. Soon we were talking on the phone every night and my entire being became more light. I could talk to him all night and not be tired the next day. We finished each others' sentences. We loved all the same things, I have always said he was me - but he was the male version. I have no understanding of it, and I've only met one other person that's had the same experience.

I flew to meet him and spent two days with him. I can't explain it, I've never understood it. I remember waking up the Sunday morning I left, and he was sleeping in front of me on his side, I was looking at his back. In that moment I thought, "this is what it's like to look at God's face."

When I left him, I got on the jetliner and my first thought before I got to my seat was, "God, I'm not ready for this, I have something I need to do first." I didn't realize it then, but I know now, it was my higher self that I was talking to. When I got home that night I had an email from him that everyone on the planet would love to receive. He said he was, "Out on the edge of the river, aching for you. The music you sent me is lilting through the door, I'm hurting so damn bad. I need to see you again, soon. I can't do this very long."

Within two weeks, we bristled up and then I ran, thinking he was seeing someone else. Then we maybe patched things up and then he ran. There has never in my life been such pain. I had the worst nightmares I've every had, beyond anything I could comprehend. (rotting children's bodies being drugged down in alleys), nice things like that.)

In hind site, I now realize that the 'thing I had to do' was work through the darkness in myself. I had issues that I didn't know or understand. My incarnation in this life was to work out the darkness. Not that I'm dark or ever was, but I had to learn that I didn't have a sense of self...and why. To know me, you would NEVER know that.

I'm a business woman, I make great money, I have a beautiful home, I have my s*** together...if you knew me in person there is no way you would be convinced that I'm the person that wrote this. But...we did break up and he married another person. I was broken, I cried and went into a hidden emotional hermitage for three years.

Five years after I saw him, I married too. This man came in to my life and I just knew I could have an emotional dance with him and I did. Two weeks before we married, I had a dream. In this dream, I was on a town square and it was misting outside, it was dusk and the street lights were on, light was bouncing off the streets. I was sneaking in my long black winter coat around the corner to lay eyes on him as he left the office, just a hair was blowing over my face and I knew he could never recognize me.

As I appeared, he was in a strange blue suit, leaning on a marbled looking walking cane in front of a large corporate building that did not match the architecture of the square at all. Clearly he was a sold out man to an image for a corporation. As I peeped to see him he turned and looked right at me, he knew it was me.

I turned, my heart pounding and ran down the street and around a building and climbed the fire escape. I crawled to the top of the building and there was a stage, like you would see in a play. And on the stage hung a window... the stage was dark. Behind the window, he was standing there in his blue jeans and a button down red shirt, his normal attire. As I walked closer to him he held his hand up and gently gave me a small waive and a nod. It wasn't a waive goodbye, but he was telepathically saying to me, "I have to do something here, go ahead - it will be fine." I turned and the man I was to marry was standing there and he took my hand.

We were married 90 days when I discovered he had a prescription drug problem. I couldn't believe that was happening. How could I lose the love of my life (I truly believed the universe was punishing me, deeply - vengefully) and now I had this to deal with.

We were together 7 years and I filed for divorce when he hit me. I was completely exhausted and broken. (I had married when I was young so this was actually my second divorce.)

Then, I started dating another man I had known for a while and it was a hell of a ride; we dated for two years and got married. Ten days before our one year anniversary, I filed for divorce. I had caught him lying to me when we were dating, but he had this great way of 'projecting' that he was a good man. I didn't understand projection and I was so F'ing tired.

I just couldn't find my self. I had gambled in hopes that maybe I would be able to have a life with someone, now that my highest love was over.

I moved back to my house (I had kept it, mysteriously it wouldn't sell) and started doing some real soul searching. I discovered with the aid of a counselor and my time alone, what narcissism is and that I was raised by narcissistic parents and that my husbands were pretty much the same.

I had to start developing my own sense of self and safety and security. I had to become aware of my intuition and I had to start lending it credibility again. It's been so much - I sold myself out on so many levels just trying to find my place. I was taught to do that by my mother, she taught me to be who she wanted me to be.

I've finally (after two counselors have begged me to do so) cut off ties with my mother (she steals from me by the way) and learned to find my own center.

I feel more grounded than I've ever been, I'm not beholden to any kind of outcome in life. I meditate, enjoy my friends and my peaceful life and I work a lot. But I'm finding my way back to something I've never given any credibility to, and that is myself.

He always 'knew' me. He could call me out on anything. Ya know what I remember? He NEVER made fun of me, he never belittled me, I was never the butt of a joke - he only held me up and told me I was great and beautiful and how in the world could I be interested in a guy like him.

I've never completely recovered from it and here's the crazy part - it was 18 years ago this St Patrick's Day. We've only spoken twice in all that time. I reached out to him those two times, he has never called me or reached out.

I understand he's now divorced and I will let it be forever and love him peacefully and prayerfully from my side of our universe.

He showed me what true north is - he showed me what love really feels like, he gave me the greatest gift. And by the way, the universe has never given up. I see 11:11 at least once a day, today it was 3:33 when I looked at my phone. I am awakened consistently at 2 am, straight up.

When I turn on the radio, his favorite song by The Doors is constantly playing or a couple other songs we loved. I have screamed out loud more than once, "Leave me alone! I'm willing to let it go, just leave me alone!"

And then his next favorite song comes on. Even the gentle nudge from the universe can be exhausting.

I have no idea what any of it means, but trust me, YOU WILL SURVIVE IT! You are here to discover your connection to God and to eliminate anything that bars you from that. You are here to be your truest self. You are here to be true, to your self.

And I still believe if it's meant to be...

Want to watch a movie that will blow your mind? Watch, "In Your Eyes". It's kept em up at night...and it's adorable!

My best wishes, love and prayers go out to you and I will have you in my thoughts during my meditations. (I do that now too...)

Much love, love, love...

~The Understander.

Mar 11, 2015
Why Did God Let Us Meet In The First Place
by: Nal

I met my twin flame on Nov 14 2013. Earlier that day something just came over me, I sat in the back seat of my husband car in a yoga like position and I started meditating. I was awakened by God. For some reason I knew I was never going back to my old bad habits.

A few hours later, I was in the car alone with my 2 year old daughter, she was playing and as I looked up into the sky through the dun roof, the sky felt so strange like it was telling me something. I couldn't look away, even if I wanted to, I just sat there and soaked up everything until it stopped. It was so strange to me, it was almost like angels trying to communicate with me.

On that same day in the evening I saw this guy. Well, he wasn't just any ordinary guy. I immediately felt like I had to find a girlfriend for him and I was thinking about some girls, but none of them me. Honestly speaking, it was love at first sight for me, but he was younger than me. And I just couldn't let my self go there.

The next time I saw him wasn't planned either, I was like hey there's that guy again. The room felt different all of a sudden. He looked so happy to see me, I could see it in his face. He was uneasy, confused . At one point I looked at him and he looked like he was fed up with life and he wanted me to know that.

I felt like we knew each other already. All this energy from our reunion brought so much emotions into that room. Then he spoke to me and complemented and when I told him, "Goodbye." He never answered and he didn't look at me again, I was feeling like 'what a jerk'.

When I left I was happy to have met him and angry at the same time. I actually wanted to go back and argue with him, I was wondering if I was crazy. Why would I want to be so mad at someone I just met? And what was his problem? Those are the questions I asked myself on my way home, but I love him so much I kept going back to see him.
Well that was how we met.

My life has never been the same and loving him was never easy. Now we've come a long way since then. I cry every day and pray for God to help us, and I'm still trying to understand exactly what the universe wants me to do. I see 1111 every day and I know it's because of him. He's the chaser and I'm the runner. He broke up with his girlfriend and wants to be with me, only me. I try to be there for him, but I'm married with two kids and it's very hard. Whenever I try to let go somehow he finds his way back into my life.

He's young and hasn't accomplished much yet, but he has big dreams and I'm in love with all of them. I know he hurts and I know he needs love and I feel terrible when I can't be there for him. He's waiting for me, he's putting things in place for us to be together, but somehow things are tough on my end.

I don't know what to do, I need him to be happy I don't want to hurt him anymore. He is the most loving patient person I know, but somehow the universe is leading me away from him. But, I need him as much as he needs me, but I don't want to hurt my family . I don't want to create bad karma in this life. Because I cannot spend another lifetime without him. So I keep listening to the universe for guidance and help. I pray that God will make him happy and make him forget me . I also try to be positive cause I know he feels what I feel. He has read my mind many times and I his. I have nobody to talk to and really need some advice.

We are all just lost souls aren't we?

Feb 26, 2015
Brenda Louise
by: Sonia

Hi Brenda

What you are saying about the cord is very true, it's like the trinity. Your cord starts from your Pineal Gland. Everyone if you get a chance read about this gland.

Mine is activated so this cord does connect you to God, being the light, this cord is there for communication from the universe and that is where your spiritual guides work from. I have had many a lesson from this cord as I have Clairaudience, amongst other things.

You must try to let go of the twin and work your way back to the light. Meeting the twin is also an opportunity to grow so much that you work towards making this your last life. Ascension...

This is very important, if you hold on too tightly to the twin, you are holding yourselves back from very important work to do with yourselves and the well being of the earth.

Hope this helps.

Love & Light

Feb 24, 2015
Method of Dealing With Twin Flame Separation
by: Brenda Louise

Oh yes, the pain of being separated from your twin flame is so intense that you feel like you want to die.

It seems impossible to deal with this pain, but there is a way to disengage from it. First, it is important to get some rest, so sleep if you can. After that do a visualization where you imagine that there is an extension cord connected from you and you are looking for a place to plug it in. Imagine that you can plug it directly into God and He becomes the one to recharge your batteries.

After all God it the creator, all powerful and the one who has set this all in motion. Ask God to be your source of energy and only think about your connection with God. Avoid thinking of your twin and the pain of loss. For now just allow yourself to stay connected to God alone and enjoy the benefits of not having to hurt so much.

Feb 23, 2015
In Deep
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Confused,

Your pain is very apparent to me that you are carrying, most probably from a past life or lives an attachment - a very deep attachment to someone that you loved and with whom you were separated perhaps by death. You never got over your heartbreak and sadness, in that life time and you are still carrying it in this one.

You need to release all of your heart break, pain and sadness. I have a wonderful technique for that at
releasing. You can use this technique for releasing any toxic emotions, negative belief systems and patterns of behavior.

Perhaps you may have also lost your twin soul in another life time, I do not know and will not unless I am working with you on releasing past life trauma and emotions.

Everything that we have experienced in all of our life times, we carry within in our cellular memory. As I've mentioned many times before in responses to others, when our twin soul enters our life, it is not only a magnificent feeling but we have work to do. We all have lessons, and our twin triggers what we have to do within. Who better than our twin.

Read my comment at twin flame hidden meaning and look for comment at "recently learned about twin flames."

Sending healing vibrations,

Feb 20, 2015
In Deep
by: Confused

Sarah... You put it out there just perfectly. It brought tears to my eyes, the way our souls cry out for our twin...the pain of it. It's all consuming and unbearable. It's as if we're watching a helpless being suffer before us, but are unable to help.

I need him back. I was doing really well. I asked God to take my pain because I couldn't handle it anymore. It was the only thing I could think to do. I was in so much physical pain and my eyes and cheeks were burnt from tears.

One night I literally begged God to take it away. I asked, "Please dear god take this pain away." Over and over I begged and pleaded...laying on the floor in agony I could barely move.

The next day it was all different. I felt relief for the first time in months. The pain was gone. I felt lighter and more clear. Day by day things got better. And I finally felt like I could move on. Still be friends with him, but move on with my own life. And I was.

Then one day while driving to work, the pain came back. In my chest, my was like a punch of agony. The old familiar heart break. It was so sudden and painful it took my breath away. I wasn't thinking of him nothing around to remind me of us. It was out of nowhere. And now here I am back in darkness and hurting like I was before...

I honestly screamed out loud asking, "Why?... why has this come back? Why did you give this back to me?"

It hurts so much. I don't want it anymore. I don't. I can't function. It's like someone is standing on my throat. I've taken to going to a physiologist. It's the only thing I can think of. My life will be destroyed if I can't get past it.

But I love him. I love him with every fiber of my being. And even now as friends, if I look into his eyes. I still see home. In his eyes is where I belong. Maybe some day we will be united again. Maybe...

Feb 15, 2015
Twin Flame Separation Pain
by: Sarah


I just want to share the way I feel...

Meeting my twin flame has been one of the best yet traumatizing, draining and frustrating experiences I have ever been through. The instant connection of love that is beyond this world was a scary feeling, but so beautiful to me. I knew deep down in my soul that we were meant to meet and at the time we did.

However, the beauty did not last long as the separation stage kicked in and up to now a year and 10 months later I am still finding it hard to fully move on from my twin flame. I can just feel him in my heart and when he thinks of me I can feel it - an overwhelming feeling takes over me and thoughts of him start to flood my mind. It's really hard to get my soul to stop calling out to him. There are times I feel my soul crying and screaming for him, which is even worse because I know that I should not contact him because it will only cause him to run away even further from me.

I feel so alone in this world because not many people around me understand this type of soul connection and unconditional love, I have to keep it to myself and just cry when I'm alone because no one will understand.

Even the people I encounter in this everyday life do not know me the way my twin flame does, so that adds to the isolation and loneliness I feel. It seems as though no one gets me for who I really am, but him! Unfortunately, I can't talk with him right now because we are not in contact.

I am literally playing the waiting game, but still at the same time trying my best and hardest not to think about him and just do my thing. I pray for him and I pray for God to give me the strength and patience to get through this process because it is really painful and feels like a part of me has been ripped out.

I really do love him and this love I feel is indescribable and beyond this earth. I always get mini visions of me and him helping to change the world into a better place and giving back to those in need, which melts my heart and makes me smile on the soul level. I feel like this is what we are meant to do together here on earth.

The only advice I can give on this twin flame connection is that if you are currently going through the separation stage, I know the pain is almost unbearable, but you can get through it with frequent prayer and meditation, asking God to equip you with the patience, strength to get through it all and to fill your soul, mind and heart with the unconditional love and peace you need to get on with loving yourself and making yourself a better person.

Meditating and radiating unconditional love and strength to your twin flame on the soul level in order to help get them through their tough part because both paths are not easy.

Surprisingly even though they are the runners, it is not their fault, they still having some growing and developing to do on a spiritual level and they need you to still be there for them subconsciously to help get them through.

Remember if you are the chaser, then that is because you have embarked on your spiritual journey earlier than the other twin flame and therefore, your spiritual strength is a tad more mature than theirs.

So be understanding and accepting and pray for your twin flame. Release all the pain, anger, resentment, hurt and allow unconditional love and peace to flow into your heart and soul, you will feel relieved and happy you did. It's all for the best and helps to make you both better individuals as well as a whole and evolved soul.

Be grateful for the experience, not many get to experience this connection.

May the Lord's love, light, strength, peace and happiness be with you all.
Just keep on going, God bless!


Feb 12, 2015
Lessons through Twin Soul Connection
by: Sonia


Never was a truer word spoken and straight to the point. Yes it is all and everything...purging is a very big part of it.

Purging your lies, your illusions, your bad behaviour, your anger, your idolizations and anything else that has held you back from your authentic self.

This includes this life and past lives.

Yes, graciousness of this journey no matter how hard...

When I awakened many years ago, I could say it, I said it to my mom..."I am pathetic." She tried to brush it over and said, "It's not too bad...I just told not camouflage the truth.

It was only in this realization that I could fix it.

Now, I am not saying that purging is an easy process. It is the hardest work you will ever do for yourself, but once complete and grief is done then there is a sense of pure serenity and humbleness.

I am not even saying that once you reach this point it is all easy, because you see everything. You see the lies of the media, the lies on the streets, the anger that is in our societies, but all you look for is peace.

Love & Light to all...


Feb 09, 2015
Lessons Through Twin Soul Connection
by: Skyhigh

The thing that I have learned so far about these connections is:

It is a spiritual connection, first and foremost, and as such, the deepest connection that anyone can ever experience. Nothing else can come close, ever. It is the essence of pure, unconditional love. However, to get to that stage, one needs to go through the most vicious purgatory, to release all the false beliefs, teachings, behaviors, delusions and preconceived ideas about life and love. Evolution is a very painful process but, once complete, it makes you soar instead of crawl.

You learn that you are a soul first and a body second, not the other way around. When you realize that, you start looking at the world with different eyes. An evolved soul cannot abide violence, crudeness, ugliness, unkindness, malice, cruelty in any shape or form as it is totally against the nature of love. You realize that what you previously thought was love before was anything but. Now you are truly learning the meaning of the word.

You also learn to love yourself by walking away from people and situations that treat you badly. You might still love these people, but you love yourself equally so. You can only love the other when you truly start loving yourself.

You learn to let go of any expectations and attachments to the outcome. The outcome has already happened,it's love. When you are together spiritually, you are always connected. Remember the times when you were with someone physically, but feeling empty and disconnected? Well, this connection is the opposite of that.

Whether you will end up together or not depends on how much you manage to clear your own blockages that are the impediment to the reunion, nothing else. It's totally up to you and your twin flame. This takes courage to look deeply into yourself and be brutally honest. A tall order for many of us as the ego often gets in the way. Ego versus love, what a titanic battle that is.

The biggest lesson, I believe is, that you become. It is the rebirth of self, pure and simple. There is so much more to learn...the most painful and most exhilarating experience ever, all at once.

Be grateful that you have been allowed to walk this path. It's been a privilege.

Feb 05, 2015
My Feelings About Life Now On Earth
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hi Sonia,

I can feel your frustration and understand how you are feeling. I will offer my insights of what is going on and hopefully it will help you to understand your place and what you need to do.

We all agreed (believe it or not) to be here and to help Mother earth ascend. It is now preparing to enter the fifth dimension and because of that we are witnessing all the wars and killing going on, along with lies and greed - these are all lower dimension emotions and behaviors. It is more stronger now than every before and believe me, it is on it's way out. These lower vibtrations cannot survive in the 5th dimension.

Do not identify with what you see around you, let it go. If it upsets you, know that you have to go within and release what is being triggered within yourself.

Each one of us needs to cleanse all of our old habits, behaviors, judgments, emotions, attachments and beliefs which life around us is triggering. We need to let go and to allow our hearts to open and to embrace the new energy - Divine Love and Joy. And as each one of us does our individual cleansing and letting go of the lower vibrations (behaviors, patterns, judgments, emotions, attachments and beliefs) our vibrations are raised. And in raising your vibrations, you affect everyone around you. Higher vibrations affect more people than lower ones.

I also recommend that each one of us does a daily meditation concentrating on opening up our heart to love and joy to everyone and everything surrounding each one of us.

In this way, each one of us is helping humanity and Mother Earth.

Sending you light and love,

Feb 03, 2015
Am I Crazy?
by: No name No. 11

I have, surely, gone insane and call it "this crazy s...t". I have no other words to describe it!

Sometimes I feel free and thank God that he released me, but then it comes back with a vengeance as if to say, haha, I've tricked you, you thought I was gone...see, I am crazy, aren't I?

"Yes," you will cry unprompted, "I did". I think that I cried for myself. Perhaps this is all about the release and letting go, time will tell.

For now, I am in excruciating torture that seems to have no end. I felt better before I met my Twin Flame, if that's what this is. There must be a lesson in this somewhere, perhaps one day I'll know what it is.

Until then, good luck everyone with this thing.

Feb 02, 2015
by: In Deep

I met my twin flame when I went looking for a trainer for my horse.

I scoped out his website a million times and watched all his videos. I was drawn to him, but I had assumed it was the care he took with the animals. I still remember the first moment we looked at each other. Every detail...a week later I was back to meet him again to make arrangements.

By 3 weeks we had started a 'relationship'. We pushed and pulled. I'm in a bad long time relationship and I never ever cheat. But I haven't been able to stop this. He challenges me on every level. Like stripping away years of old varnish. He is everything I have asked for. And when we make love it's not like anything I can explain. It euphoric, deep, energized... nope there's no words to describe it.

When we separate, I feel like I'm dying. The same pain when a loved one has died. I ache for him, cry for him. I have no one to understand this. The pain is so deeply physical. I can't sleep. I can't think of anything else. We separate because I'm the runner. I run back to the old relationship because I feel safe there, but I'm more miserable than I've ever been.

I 'love' my, (I believe it's my twin) in a way I never knew I could love. I'm scared, excited, confused...even now in this moment something in my chest is pulling me hard to go be with him. When we hold each other I feel like I'm as safe as I could ever be. I'm home I guess is how it feels.

So I guess I'm here to I surrender to this feeling? Do I stop running?

I honestly believe I can't live without him physically being in my life. God, I love this man...and I just realized the word code I need enter to submit this is his nickname for me.


Feb 01, 2015
My Feelings About Life Now On Earth
by: Sonia

Hi Everybody,

I would love some views about something in addition to this twin flame experience.

Since meeting my twin, and having a chakra activation, and so on I feel so not of this earth. Even though I know there is a mission and a spiritual growth to fulfill, I look around and everything seems crazy.

I don't even feel that I belong here, that this is not my home...

Sometimes I get restless and I tell the universe I don't want to be here anymore because it's too angry, full of lies and illusions and I watch people everyday play these things out.

I see everything, it is the lies on TV, media, and magazines. People treating each other badly and I'm thinking, "What the hell have I come to why would I choose to be here"?

The anger on the earth right now is so bad, I can feel this storm brewing up and energetically it knocks me for a six.

How do so few spiritual people help to heal this earth when there is so much more hidden underneath.

My heart cries for the starving children... children facing war through no fault of their own.
I would never even contemplate giving my son a war game.

Every channel on TV has violence, how do spiritual people help make a change when the media are brainwashing everyone out there.

And people think we are strange when we talk about spiritualism, healing or chakras? Yet it seems normal to get excited about some movie that has lots of killing?

Does any of this gel with anybody?

It sure is taking a lot out of me...

Jan 29, 2015
by: No Name No.4

I didn't know what it was. Out of the blue I awoke and couldn't get this person off my mind. I had known him very briefly, but on this particular day we had eye contact like I had never had with another person. I have been dismissing it for a year.

Just shortly after I realized this person was planted in my brain I had the most overwhelming feeling of love for him/her? Unconditional and I couldn't understand how? Why?

I hardly knew this person. The ache inside was ridiculous. I found myself crying over someone I don't know from Adam. I eventually saw this person again and the look we exchange is indescribable.

When we separate there feels like a magnetic pull pulling me back. I fight it and have been for over a year. I spend most of my days convincing myself I'm crazy and praying. Praying for help, wisdom and sometimes just a break from the longing.

Feels good right now to get it out. Even my best friends can't understand. Sometimes I just feel alone even when I'm in a room full of people because no one can ever know the truth or understand.

Jan 19, 2015
No Name No. 3 and Pink
by: Strength, Courage and Patience

No Name No. 3,

You are spot on. The pain will lessen if you let go and focus on your self. It is not an easy task, but one that does get easier the more you do it.


Your comment was absolutely beautiful. I am taking it to heart. It describes my feelings regarding my twin flame, and I am so grateful you could find the words to put into print.


I wish everyone strength as we each move through our own journey in 2015!

Jan 16, 2015
To My Runner Twin
by: Pink

To My "Runner" Twin:

It's been a bumpy road. I know how scary it can be, for I'm traveling the same one as you. I'm just a little farther ahead. Just look down the path, and you'll see me waiting patiently. Not beckoning. Not rushing... For you need to do this in your own time. You need to do this for you...for us...for Creation.

Take your time and fully experience your journey. Pull me in if you feel I am needed. I can come back for that. After all, I am the key to some of your growth. Use me as needed, it's part of what I am here for.

I am also here to love you... unconditionally. For I am you, and you are me. Together we make one entity. I love you beyond all thoughts and words... but you already know that.

It's okay to be afraid. This journey is a significant one. But don't fear the love... Don't fear the other half of you, for we are in this together. Our deep, undying connection will show us the way.

Work on your path, and I will work on mine. I willingly release you from any responsibility you think you may have to me. Go walk this road for you... and I'll do it for me.

If you need me in the meantime, you needn't ask twice. Sending you much love in anticipation of our final union. I'll see you at the finish line. Slow and steady wins the race.

Your "Waiter" Twin

Jan 11, 2015
No Name No 3 and Myself
by: Sonia

No Name No 3,

What you say is spot on and I will support you in this.

Let go...please surrender and let the universe help your journey, while you hang on your are suffocating the twin and hurting both of yourselves. You will hear and feel the love of the universe if you let go and listen. They will help you heal.

While you hold on to all this pain you are not working your journey and you are not drawing your twin closer it is too powerful.

I am sorry If I am being a bit hard, but you really need to know and to be strong.

to Myself

Yes, regression is most interesting and not for the faint hearted, healing this way was the most helpful and I have done this many years ago.

It can feel very strange, but also very releasing. You just need to be strong, but the soul can go through an accelerated growth from this.

Love to all,


Jan 03, 2015
The Pain Will End! Everything Will Be Ok.
by: No Name No.3

I've been through that phase and can totally understand the unendurable pain. It hurts so much that you see stars in daylight. The only way to get over this is to give up the desire to possess your twin flame. It's the desire which causes much pain.

Healing is a spiritual process that will take time. You will heal your twin flame and your twin flame will heal you both through heart chakra. But to start the healing you have to learn some lessons. Most important is to let it go. Secondly have faith in God. Thirdly a belief in the divine order and time.

Just focus on the present-there's no past no future. Trust me you'll be hundred percent okay and happy <3

Dec 29, 2014
Pain of Letting Go
by: Michael

I thought I was the only person dealing with these exact issues.

My twin flame and I, met in July, and dated for three months. We have issues, fears, and uncertainty of what would be, if we both gave in.

We broke up shortly before he departed to another state for one month. We agreed that we weren't ready and our paths were not aligned with each others' lives.

He promised he would return and would give his all to make it work, it's been two months since I last saw him, and I found out he's back in town. When I contacted him, he just ignores me, blocks me, and doesn't answer my calls.

I know he will leave for one more month, after that month, he will find out where he will be stationed, and that could be any-where in the planet!

I came to the conclusion that, all this pain, heart ache, wrecking my SOUL, countless days and nights is not the answer to dealing with this situation.

I decided to stop chasing him, to start allowing and forgetting his own existence and only solely focusing on my career oriented goals. I figured that I will always love him and take him back in a heart beat, but in the mean time I won't sit around looking out my window hoping he is there standing looking up at me and telling me he loves me and wants to be with me.

My pain is so much, that I am scared to even see him in person, nor his pictures; my belly gets all upset and I want to vomit. I fear the day when I find my balanced happiness, and he returns bringing all those painful memories back to life.

So I guess I can say that I'm moving on, but at the same time fearing that our paths will cross again, because I've suffered greatly with hopes of one day having happiness within myself.

At the end of the day he, banned me from his life, blocked, ignored and I don't feel he ran, I feel he just became this ugly COLD, COLD heartless man and me a FOOL, A big FOOL for crying all those nights loving him with all my heart.

I know it's wrong to say, but I hate him, no one ever made me feel so much pain and turmoil. I feel I was played, laughed at, and tossed away like an old rotten, fungus pizza!! lmfao ha ha ha.

I'm just so deeply hurt that I feel like disappearing, running, hiding so no one ever touches my heart and RUINS it the way he did :( THE END.

I'm sure you guys can tell I'm not over him and still long for that twin flame divine, happy blissful love.

What I didn't say was that my (astrological) chart says all he will ever offer is friendship. A fortune cookie and our love chart all say the same thing. All he will ever be able to offer me is friendship. So for that reason, I will also ban him from my life and never take him back as anything,

PS: He was with me when I got the cookie and it was clear it was for us BOTH.

Dec 14, 2014
Regading Twin Flames - To All
by: Sonia

Wow, there are some amazing comments here.

As I have written before, my chakras totally exploded with meeting my twin. I, too, have not had a relationship with my twin.

When interacting with anybody I am totally aware of karmic behaviour. An also ensuring to be a bit reserved not to over power people because of this mass of energy that I carry.

But, what I have learnt is that when I am aligned with people, that energy goes to my heart when I have a good connection with a person which could be a male or female.

I have totally acceptated that my twin is living his life. I cannot imagine intruding into his life becasue it would hurt me to hurt him and his family. I can't live with that. I not only love him, but I have love for his wife and child so I honour them.

Hope this helps.

Love to all of you...
To DS your journey is so interesting :-) please tell more :-)

Dec 14, 2014
Hoping To Finally Be Happy
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Myself,

Yes it is important to forgive him for whatever he has done to you, most probably in past life times.

I do this work as it is my specialty. In forgiving someone, I feel it is important to know what he/she has done to you. I have forgiven my twin flame for his behavior in past live and in this one.

It becomes easier to move on once you have forgiven someone, especially with twin flames for they can feel everything their partner feels.

If you want to discover what your twin flame has done to you and you to him, contact me.

Sending healing vibrations,

Dec 14, 2014
by: Strength, Courage, Patience

I am interested to find out the various comments regarding twin flames who have cheated on their spouses to be with one another.

I have read over and over again that this is a bad cycle and one you should try to avoid as it just adds bad karma and prolongs the pain and separation.

Personally, I have not been in a romantic relationship with my twin flame. If put in that situation, I do not know if I would have the strength to say, "no". I would like to think I would. Everyday, I fight the urge to email him. I say to myself, "nothing good could come from it because we are each in our own marriages right now, so why stir the pot."

I am actually quite anxious about ever seeing him again because the last time we were in each others' presence, it felt like the world stopped spinning and my soul jumped out of my body and into his to pluck a piece of his soul before returning back to me.

Everyday my soul aches for him, but I keep marching on.

This past week, he visited me twice in my dreams and I am asking God for clarity and guidance regarding those dreams.

In January, it will be 3 years since our initial meeting. I feel I am not yet ready for reunion as I am learning patience and unconditional love in my own marriage right now.

Again, I don't expect reunion in this lifetime as the obstacles to overcome are just too big for us, but I never give up hope.

Peace and love to all!

Dec 14, 2014
Hoping To Finally Be Happy
by: Myself

Reading all of these post, I feel like I'm reading about my life since I have met my twin flame.

He comes and he goes. There are a few obstacles that causes him to feel guilty, so he walks away. But he always comes back.

My adviser says I need to get rid of past regressions before he will finally come to me and not walk away.

Has anyone ever had this done before? I have never loved a man like this before.


Dec 12, 2014
Update on Separation Of Twin Flames
by: Light Fairy

I encountered this interesting thread back in Oct and asked a few questions that reflected where I was in my journey at that point in "time".

They were misinterpreted, but nonetheless I was pleased with the response. Let me give some background now. I am pressed so I may have to continue later, but let me tell you as much as I can right now as I think it will help.

I know the anguish it can bring! I am a person of such I like things to make sense. However, I've learned that sometimes you have to go with a bit of mystery until such things reveal themselves...until you are ready. Hence in counselling sessions, my advisor would often say "Hmmm, look up twin fiames" which I would nod and disregard. Until I was "told" by multiple other sources...I channel, or divine or call it what you will (I would reveal this to only the closest, most trusted in my circles as I was not certain how it would be perceived).

"They" have a way of conveying lol and so my curiosity peaked enough and I delved into the world of Twin Flames. Fit the "classic case". No wonder! I was in the period of separation, in resistance, and very frustrated at the time of my last post.

I was engaged in some serious, intense self-work and evolution, using various avenues for several prior months by that point. I was cut off from ALL communication and contact from my twin...brutal. I can't even describe the turmoil this invoked in me after the whirlwind bliss. The only thing truly keeping me on track was the intimate, higher communications that put me through a process of education, evolution, training and guidance.

I transitioned quite quickly (quick learner ;) and now my twin has come back into my life in what I can only describe as a sacred contract. There is much to say about the magic in all of this, and those that witnessed are in as much awe as I, but it'll have to be saved for another time. I will say for now:
1. there are several misconceptions that have been brought to my attention, subtle but important, about some of the common writings and beliefs about twin souls
2. I am happy to see the latest post is from a fella :) There is a reason why "one-night-stands" were all you could muster until her...I can relate.
3. I've documented my "wandering", my false flame encounters/relationships, my true twin journey (which has been relatively short time span through all the phases from what I gather here) and the story and lessons continue.

I wish everyone well on their journeys.

Love and Light

Dec 12, 2014
by: DS

I know how painful it is, I met my twinflame 3 months ago and she turned my life upside down. I used to hate commitment and my relationship with any women was only a one night stand. When I met her the 1st time, our hands touched in a handshake and we both were stunned with a strange energy that makes us feel like we've known each other for thousands of years, an energy that has bonded us since.

When we're apart, we can feel each other's presence just by thinking - missing one another, she can feel when I kiss her in my mind or hold her as I when she kisses or holds me in her mind.

We both text the same words of "I love u or missing u" mostly at the same time, its strange, but beautiful.

For the 1st time in my life I know I would do everything for her, even I would die for her, being apart makes us both feel like its so hard to breathe.

We both feel peace when we breathe each other's scent from our body, together we feel perfect and more alive.

Unfortunately she's married, all her feelings for her husband have already gone since we've met. She asked for a divorce and told her husband the truth, but he's refused to divorce her and he asked her parents to talk to her.

She has 2 beautiful daughters and her parents asked her, with tears, to hold onto her marriage for the sake of her children. So she obeys her parents. We both live in a country where to go against our parents is a sin.

So here I am living each day apart from her. Since the 1st time we've met, I've lost all my interest in other women, only to her until now.

Dec 05, 2014
Feel Your Pain
by: Dragonspirit


Just read your story. Wow, it's so similar to my own. Its been 13 months since my twin flame ran. I went on a self destruction course and almost succeeded.

Its been 2 months since I last saw or heard from him. I did a total act of unconditional love and walked away. I have accepted his essence into my soul and now I can reach out to him whenever I choose.

I am never lonely as his spirit is with me always. I rebuilt myself from the inside out and am at the most important level of my self healing.

In order to love unconditionally and to receive unconditional love you must love yourself first. Your twin flame fears are real. They must traverse the pain of self understanding alone, just as you must.

DO NOT GIVE INTO YOUR FEARS. Let your soul song flow continuously towards your twin flame. They will know it's rhapsody just as they feel the echo of your heartbeat always. Once opened the twin flame portal will never close.

Nov 24, 2014
The Pain Does Disappear
by: Hope


I know a lot of people can say they have been here. I felt lost without my twin. I loved him so much it hurt. I had to find a way to love myself. That was hard for me. I show love easily to others, but finding it for myself was difficult for me. Separation happens for a reason. In my case....I finally decided to completely let my twin go. I had to. He was consuming my every thought.

I didn't chase after him. I haven't tried to contact him. He has run from our relationship twice now and for no reason at all. I am not going to say it is an easy process, but it does get better and you will be happy again.

I focused more on myself. I did things that I love to do. Find something that YOU enjoy doing. Turn your sadness into positive energy. It works. Believe in yourself, love yourself and find yourself. You will heal in time. Just give it time and have faith.

Nov 24, 2014
Sugar - You Need These Things
by: Strength, Courage and Patience


Being a twin flame is not for the faint of heart. It takes everything you have to get through it, and you cannot do it without strength, courage and patience.

In January, it will be 3 years since I first met my twin flame and next week it will be 1 year since I have had any communication with him. I spent the first six months of this experience in a whirlwind trying to figure out what was going on and the next 6 months crying and depressed.

It came to a point where I just couldn't do that anymore and decided to work on myself. I took a good look at myself and saw some things I wanted to change. Through meditation, yoga, walking in the woods, I just started to see areas where I could be a better me...for this world. I became more spiritual!

I read in some article about twin flames that you should act as if you will never have reunion with your twin flame in this lifetime, but never give up HOPE! I guess I just decided to do that.

My best advice to you is to work on yourself, and let go and let God. Believe me, it does get easier. I think of my twin flame everyday and never I give up hope.

Sending you good vibrations!

Nov 23, 2014
I Can't Find My Twin Flame
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Sugar,

If your twin is not answering your e-mails, he is not ready, and I know that is difficult to accept. But, this is the time to go within and do your inner work. Besides through e-mails, you can communicate with him in the spiritual realm.

Since your twin in your mirror, I'm sure you have learned many things about yourself thru him. Knowing your twin is about learning unconditional love, for yourself and others

There are many good comments and messages regarding twin flame separation pain. Please read them, and you will find comfort.

I will only be repeating myself a this point.

Sending healing vibrations,

Nov 19, 2014
I Can't Find My Twin Flame
by: Sugar

I'm looking for my twin flame, it's been a year since the last time I seen him.

How can you move on and live a happy life without your twin flame. I'm so in love with him, but he won't answer my emails.

Can you help me move pass the pain?

Nov 06, 2014
No Name No. 2
by: Hope

I can understand your pain and your thoughts. I found my twin in 2003. I instantly felt a connection with him as soon as we met.

I was never so open and honest with anyone in my life. We could talk about anything. I was very afraid of how I felt for him. He is 18 years older than me so I thought I was crazy. He ended up leaving the company we both worked for a couple years later. I cried A LOT.

I was married and neither of us ever admitted to having feelings for the other until 2011. We ended up admitting to each other how we've felt all along and connected physically. To describe the feeling you have when you connect on that level is beyond words. The love you feel is so intense.

Unfortunately....we are on our second separation. This type of love is very confusing. It took me 7 months to finally pull myself back up. I'm at a year and almost 2 months on this separation. In reading other peoples stories and to know I wasn't alone gave me the strength to move on.

I started taking their advice and realizing I have to love myself as much as I love my twin. It is not an easy process, but you have to look at yourself and find yourself. You will never lose your twin. That was a big fear of mine in thinking I would never be talking to him again and I had a lot of bad days.

I finally looked at myself and him. We weren't ready for such intensity. Maybe it was me that wasn't. I wanted to be with him, but we have a lot between us like being married only not to each other.

Just know that I have been where you are right now. You will find the strength. It just comes out of nowhere. It takes time to heal. As people on this blog have told me...I have to heal myself. You want to send your twin only positive feelings.

When you find yourself, that will reflect in him. Keep healing....keep positive.

I'm living proof. I NEVER thought I could live without my twin. I think of him all the time, but when I do...I smile. I do still cry from time to time, but I just say I love you with all my heart.

Know you're not alone. :-)

Nov 06, 2014
I Am Slowly Dying
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello No Name No.2,

I know how you are feeling. I am also separated from my twin, and I know the pain can be intense until you realize why you have met one another.

The most important reason of all is to experience the unconditional love that can exist between two people - the only other bond that comes close is the bond between mother and child.

Unconditional love is the most wonderful, beautiful and blissful part of being human. I am still learning about it because we are always thinking about and wanting our own needs to be met. But, when you love unconditionally, you allow the other to grow on their terms.

Unfortunately, we are not always at the same level at the same time.
Your twin needs more time to work through his life lessons, and you will not be together until that happens. It is the best for the both of you, otherwise it will not work out.

In the mean time, you can do your inner work because there is always much to be done.

Besides, you are not really separated, you are bonded together eternally. You can communicate and do everything in the spiritual realm that others cannot do. Once you let go and get over the physical neediness that you are feeling on this physical plane, you will understand and appreciate the twin flame connection.

Believe me, with my twin I could feel his presence like a hot flame, even though he was not present physically, and yes that can create all kinds of emotions.

Once you have a grasp on and understand and feel unconditional love, you can radiate the vibrations to everyone around you, all this is a part of God's plan for twin flames.

Sending light and love,

Nov 06, 2014
I'm slowly Dying
by: Sonia

I am sorry to hear of your pain, yes it is painful. Having the affair has probably hurt you more because you have left yourself vulnerable to what is. That part is the temptation of the snake. Once united physically this will make the separation even harder. I am sorry to tell you that. While it is on an energetic level emotions can be more manageable.

Mediate and go inside, release through meditation.

You may want to try cord cutting to give you some relief. Channel the pain out through your crown chakra from all the chakras. Ask the universe to embrace you in white light and completely surrender.

This should bring you some reduction in the pain factor. Do this as much as you need to keep yourself grounded. Walk the earth with bare feet.

Your pain will be heard and you will be guided.

Love & Light to you
my compassion is with you
Sonia XXOO

Nov 03, 2014
I Am Slowly Dying
by: No Name No.2

I am so glad to find I am not crazy...

I had no idea what a twin flame was. Had heard of Soul Mates but didn't understand it. Now, I am intimately familiar with both concepts.

My twin and I met 12 years ago. We were both married. Neither of us understood it at the time, but the pull toward each other was intense. It has been for over a decade. In the past, every moment we found ourselves in the same place, the air crackled between us.

Now...I have been divorced for a long time. He is still married. A little over a year ago, we finally succumbed to the electrical pull and fell into an affair.

As you know of the twin flame relationship there is no way to describe what happens when you find the other half of your soul. The physical passion is beyond comprehension, certainly beyond explanation. But the physical part is nothing more than a manifestation of the intense, magical connection of the soul.

We've shared memories of past lives, we are able to feel each other's pain - physical and mental - we've had intense moments of telepathy, the list is long. This man IS the other half of my soul.

But the pain of only finding each other in the shadows of secrets got to be too much. The pain of him leaving me to go back to his 'other life', which is passionless, and functional (for the kids). Quotidian, was slowly killing both of us.

We decided to stop seeing each other. For now? For ever? Some things he has said made it seem like he might decide to leave that life. Some things tell me to move on (seemingly impossible)
So I'm in this prison. Of pain that is bigger than my strength. And I don't understand it. I can't.

Why did we find each other only to be kept apart? Is this pain something we deserve? Our Karma for having an affair? And all these stories of separation and having to move on...don't twins unite? What is the point of finding the only thing that completes you only to have it taken away?
How do you move through the pain????

We are in the same small town. He's just a few miles away. We see each other in the same places. How am I supposed to move on?? How do you live outside of the only arms you can imagine stepping into??

The pain is too intense. My body is reacting. I'm sickly. My chest hurts all the time. I don't know how to come up for air...

Nov 03, 2014
Another No Name
by: Sonia

I really enjoyed your story, even though it is sad. When my twin and I got chatting he told me he drank Jersey Milk, you know from the Channel Islands. Funny thing was my response was, "I am from Jersey" I am a channel islander. He is half Moari and Parkiha. But we met in Australia LoL... I mean who would tell you what milk they drank.. :-)

All you have to do is look around to see whom is happy in their relationships, there are many people whom are not. Once you meet your twin you know you can not settle for a mundane relationship full of emptiness. I know I can't.

But, I am happy and more able to take care of things than ever. I am happy and full of bliss...the last time I saw my twin I can see he is still struggling, but I know that is his journey.

I have enough strength for the 2 or us.

Anyway I hope all keep writting their stories they are so interesting.

Love & Light to all


Oct 30, 2014
For Tanya & Ladies
by: Sonia

You know Tanya, I am 50 years old and I grew up in a very violent home. When I got into my twenties my life crashed and I needed therapy urgently. My first therapist told me this "Sonia, it gets worse before it gets better" boy was that an understatement. I went deep into the abyss of my own mind. It was a major detox of mind body and soul.

Jim Carey puts it superbly, you get this 20 second glimmer of bliss and you are so connected to the universe and the earth at the same time and you know that love is abundant from the universe and you realize you want more of that.

It takes hard work to recover, but you must say you are worth it. For me there were no where else to fall I was at the very bottom.

Fifteen long years of my life I gave up to heal not only my current life, but also regression into my past lives which was a real mind blower.

This is what caused my NDE, but at 50 I could not be happier in peace and bliss with God and the universe. I have come to see that I am not needy of earth bound love that I have total love of myself and the universe.

What ever the craving in life ladies means that something within needs healing. You don't always like what you find, but you must be honest to yourself.

As I have stated the universe said to me, "No one can love you like you can love you."

I just simply asked them to "show me how" and they did.

By the time I met my twin I had spent 20 years healing, then I got the activation of the chakras. Though I did not like it at the time, it was a shock, a spiritualist told me I had earned it. I eat humble pie.

Everyone, there is lots of support around you to keep moving forward, be strong, be love and surrender. Amazing shifts happen when you allow this to happen.

Cry and cry and cry, crying is healing. Cry for your wounded inner child, cry for you mother and father. They did the best they could with what little resources they had. This is what M Scott Peck stated in his book, "A Road Less Travelled" great book for growth.

Please believe in yourselves, know you are not alone and there is support out there, not everyone understands, but the ones that do really understand.

God bless Love & Light to all


Oct 30, 2014
A Soul Pain So Deep It Has Stolen My Words...
by: Another No Name

First and foremost I want to say that my heart aches for you...this experience that we are going through is not for the faint at heart. Always remember that you are not alone in this journey and experience and that although a great majority of people may not grasp the grand capacity of depth we are talking about here that does not mean we are CRAZY. WE ARE NOT CRAZY!!! Okay, now that we have got that cleared up is my story.

I met my Twin Flame at the end of January of 2014, online dating, so I was present, but not thinking I'm going to necessarily meet my "for real other half" well there was a familiarity with one another as soon as we sat down together. H... as soon as we saw one another.

He is ten years my senior, but my being a thirty-something professional woman that age partner was still a great fit. At the end of our second date, which we stretched out as long as we could talking and talking and talking in a pizza shop late night, he kissed me and I could feel the chakras almost aligning. ANDDDD...he looked completely love drunk and out of sorts. He said to me "phewww...ok...let me get myself together. In my 41 years I have never had a kiss like that." He literally looked bewildered and confused.

He told me that he knew, it was early on, but somehow he just knew and it was confusing but I was right and he had never felt this is in his 41 years of being alive...I was what he had been waiting for.

The next date he was nervously honest and said "you scare the shit out of me and I have no idea why. But you literally scare me! But I'm falling already. You make me feel alive and I want that!"

We became exclusive that evening and had the most intimate evening while his still being a gentleman as well...he reminded me, "We have all the time in the world and I'm so excited to wake up next to you every morning."

We both travel often and he had asked me if I would travel to Paris with him since it is the city of is, as you all know, impossible to describe all of the ins and outs of the soul connection in a few paragraphs, there were so many deep conversations and plans made for the just felt like all the puzzle pieces had finally been found and put together.

He gave me the longest deepest kisses that afternoon as he was leaving my apartment, almost as he were going off to war and would possibly never return, as soon as I thought his kisses were complete he'd look me deep in the eye and swoop me in closer and say, "God I don't want to leave you!"

I replied sweetly, "You're only going on your business trip for 5 days." He kissed me with lips that completed me and that was it...I never saw him or heard from him again.

It's been 8 months since that day and I still feel a pain so deep that I can barely breathe. I'm still trying to figure out how to live my daily life, or any part of my life for the matter, when part of me feels like it has died.

My Twin Flame is the "runner" (wasn't ready yet) and I am the "stayer" (I was ready for us). Hardest part...he ran directly back into the arms of an old ex that made me him feel the exact opposite that I made him he described their relationship a, "passionless, safe and boring," which he claims is why he could no longer stay in the mundane relationship despite the strong Libra in him tending to like "safe" at times.

Well, the intensity of "us" scared the s--- out of him so much he married his ex despite not loving her.

It's hard when others tell us things like, "Oh he must have been with her the whole time, he's a player," or "he's a bad guy" or whatever...we just know what we know...because unless you have had this experience you can't understand the depth of joy of having met your other half of self and complete devastation of watching the other half of you walk away...sometimes without a single word.

Love, Light, & Wings xoxo

Oct 28, 2014
Light Fairy
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

This comment is especially for you Light Fairy and others who are negative and unbelieving about twin souls.

I hope you are reading the comments of others, and you will see that the women are learning about themselves, growing, getting stronger (as you put it) and moving on with their lives.

Meeting your twin soul is about life and learning about yourself, (your twin is your other half so if you don't like him or her you have to go within and see that side of yourself that you are not facing.)

Going within is not easy, that is why there are so many troubled, sick and unhappy souls out there - they don't want to do the necessary work in learning about one's self and then doing the cleansing - letting go of unnecessary emotional baggage.

Holding onto emotional pain and hurts is endless and leads to sickness. Yes, there is a fear of going within and it may hurt at the time, but once it's done, it's over and you feel so much better for it. It leads to a contentedness and peace within, and once you are at peace and accept and love yourself, then you can have the type of relationship you would like to have.

Holding onto pain, only leads to more pain.

This forum is about people sharing their pain and insight and I'm so grateful to see others helping each other.

Here's a little exercise for everyone:
Make a list of all the things you would like to see in your mate/partner/twin.

Once you've done that list, go over it and see if you possess the same qualities. Once you do what's necessary to have those qualities, you'd better be ready. Your vibrations will radiate like a shining beacon. You will be the lighthouse in a crowd of people. And you will have to be discerning at that point.

There are more comments and messages of hope for those who have met their twin flame aka twin soul in this thread of women moving on and I hope you are reading them such as on:

- July 9th/14 - "It Bring what it Promises"
- July 13/ 13 by Karma - "Love and Twin Flames"
- Mar. 31st. 13 by TJ - "I Believe in Twin Flames"

Oct 27, 2014
So True
by: Hope

I too have finally let go.

Now that we are in separation, I look back at different signs. I can see now that he was hurting too. I love him, but I also knew I had to let him go. I still think about him, but it isn't consuming me. You do find the strength to move on and finally let go.

Keep on healing and smiling.

Oct 27, 2014
by: Sonia

Hi Jamie,

That was so well put. I did not want to hurt my twin either, he was in so much pain and energetically I had to let go. It was not fair to him he was in a relationship with a child. You think of their family and child, you can not hurt them they are innocent in all of this.

Now I am just getting on with my own life and are gracious that I have had the experience of my twin.

This soul mate of mine, he has come in and out waiting for a chance for me to open my heart and as soon as I did a little he embraced me. I am still scared LOL crazy hey.

But I can see life is as it should be.

AMEN :-)

Oct 26, 2014
by: Sonia

You are correct.

I had to fight not to chase, but I could still feel everything going on inside. So I use to text him to center himself. As you get stronger you have to stop chasing.

I have now met a soul mate and he is very deeply spiritual, but I can also see the signs as to why he is in my life.

I can feel the universe pushing us as I now struggle to even want to be in a relationship at all.

But I do like this man :-)

Oct 26, 2014
Complete Surrender
by: Jaime

It took me learning the truth about my twin to reach the complete surrender stage. For two years I held onto the idea of union so much and that's what I fought for but never realized that the healing in both of us had not even reached a point of there being a possibility of union.

I always thought I was the one who needed the healing and he was waiting for me to be healed so we could reunite. But, I shortly learned the truth about that and realized he was in just as much pain, if not more, as me.

The truth was revealed to me and it hurt tremendously because everything I believed to be the truth was as being shown to me as a lie. I couldn't ignore the deep feelings I felt or seeing through him when we made eye contact, the dreams, the telepathy, the pulling, longing and deepest unconditional love I have ever felt in this life.

I knew something was there, but I had to learn to accept what he was going through and let him go and understand that it didn't mean that he was a liar or not my twin or that everything that I know I felt was an illusion, but that it was he still needed to heal. And this is what hurt the was because of my attachment and neediness to hold onto him that hindered his growth. I basically enabled him to stay stagnate in his current mindset because I couldn't let go of the idea of being together. We have been taught in society to fight for love, never give up on love, hold on. That is not the truth when it comes to soul love.

Our souls are love in its purest state and in order for our souls love to grow it needs freedom. All of the holding on and fighting for love is just an illusion a condition burned into our subconscious.

The universe revealed to me that I created this mess he became by being too clingy and needy and enabling. It was time to let go and let God.

It was extremely difficult to do but as soon as I realized I was getting in the way of his growth and our reunion...I let go. The pain went away after a month or so and of course I still think of him, but I no longer seek to find him, look at his Facebook or Twitter anymore.

If you are going through the cycle of difficult as this is you must let go. Love needs to flow freely and until you heal your heart and your ideals of what love truly is, you will be suffocating that love and the running will continue.

Oct 24, 2014
Comment and Query
by: Light Fairy

I observe that all the chasers seem to be women.
Ugh, maybe we just need to get stronger.

Also wondering if anyone with this twin flame separation experience has met someone else and moved on.

Is it good?

Oct 18, 2014
Lost Soul Update
by: Lost Soul

Hello everyone,

I just want to let you all know that my story happened in 2011 and although it was the most painful, heart-breaking experience I have ever gone through, I did survive!

I have since come to a place of acceptance and have moved forward with my journey. He does capture my thoughts everyday, but I know the thoughts are just reminders that I am not alone and that a part of him will always be with me.

Sending you all peace, love and happiness.

Oct 14, 2014
Twinflame Love.
by: Dlarelle

I loveeee your story!

I started to cry when you talked about the pain of separation. I've been separated for 6 months and I'm learning each day you get stronger and we will get through it!

Oct 11, 2014
Thank You
by: Strength, Courage, Patience

Thank you, ladies, for your wise words. I have been feeling much better these days. I have been so busy at work that I have not had too much time to dwell on my situation. Yes, I think about him daily, but it seems much less than before.

I have been working on myself across all domains and I know my time with my Twin Flame will come when God feels it is right. I hope you are all doing well.

Stay strong and positive!

Sep 24, 2014
Twin Connection
by: Sonia

You know everybody...because my chakras activated when I met my twin it was also very painful...I have a close friend that was a nun and when she knew this happened to me she thought it beautiful. She explained that in the church they had a Spiritual Guidance Counselor and that these things were explained to them. She said this was love, all I could feel at the time was pain in the heart chakra (which is not your actual heart). I cried and asked her why would God to this to me, but it was explained that the pain was from the original separation from God and the twin, the original this did need to be healed.

Just remember that it was God whom separated you, but it was also God that brought you back together. God is saying that you have all come this far and that you have earned this, but the separation is for a complete growth, to heal and also to retain your faith in the universe and to surrender your will to the universe/light.

Your will was given not to just make choices or what ever you want, but to use your will for good of all of man kind and in doing this will lead you back to the light.

The earth has been a dark place for a long time, we all know that when we complete all of our lessons then we do not need to come back anymore. Think about how close you have come to this and meeting your twin is part of that closure, but again it all comes down to will and choice.

My relationship with God and the universe comes first, it is even above the twin. We cannot break the spiritual laws. By relinquishing your will to God and the universe you are allowing yourself to be guided by the light.

This can be hard because it takes courage to stop trying to control everything in your life, to surrender your will to the light and say to them, "Okay, take me to where I am suppose to be going."

But it brings much peace and you can see so much more than you could ever imagine. It gives you wisdom beyond your wildest dreams. People either like your energy or are repulsed by it, if they are repulsed by it, it is because they do not want to be brought out and exposed by the light.

But those that stay and connect create a beautiful array of energy...that is home :-)

Sometimes I think I am being used as a channel :-) LOL

Sep 23, 2014
Keep the Faith
by: Hope

Strength, Courage, Patience...I know exactly what you are feeling. I am in the same situation.

We are both married and he is in Afghanistan and I am in New York. I've also asked why did this happen if we can't be together. I finally found a man that has changed my life in such a way and we can't be together.

I finally took a look at my life. I looked at what was happening at the time my twin came into my life. I have been dealing with some issues in my marriage and he just happened to come back into my life after not talking at all for a year or better. Even though we can't be in each others lives in the physical...I truly believe he was there to help me.

Like a lot of people have said in the blog...count it as a blessing to even have met your twin. You are connected and always will be whether in the physical or not. Enjoy the experience and when you start to feel alone... just think of your twin. You'll be amazed when a smile comes upon your face with no effort at all.

I've seen many messages that say love yourself as much as you love your twin. Once you heal yourself everything falls into place. Is it easy...not at all. order to send positive feelings to your twin you have to be positive in yourself first.

Sep 22, 2014
Wrong Timing, Wrong Place
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Dear Strength, Courage Patience,

Remember that there is never a wrong time nor place, everything is orchestrated as it should be by the Divine Power.

As you grow spiritually, your vibrations change, even your tastes, thoughts and feelings about everything, and people especially changes. Who you thought you were close to, no longer feels right. And being amongst family and old friends can make you feel very lonely.

Do not be discouraged, everyone has a time and a purpose in our life, and once the lesson is learned, we drift apart and move away. You will be drawn to others of similar vibrations, and others towards you.

Keeping your faith and staying positive will help you to move forward.

Sending healing vibrations,

Sep 22, 2014
Wrong Timing, Wrong Place
by: Strength, Courage, Patience

Thank you, Tanya, for your kind words.

This past weekend was particularly difficult and I don't know why.

I had my extended family here for the weekend, and I never felt so alone in a group of people in my entire life. On the outside I was laughing, but inside my soul was weeping.

The doubts came creeping in over and over. I asked myself, "Why would God have us cross paths if He had no intention of putting us together in this lifetime". Our obstacles are just too big. Not only are we both married, but he wakes up to see the Rocky Mountains and I wake up to see Lake Michigan. It would take a miracle on God's part to even put us together again in the same state!

I asked God why would He put this curse on me! Then, I had to talk myself through it again. It is a blessing! I have to keep that as my focus for I have changed and grown so much during this process.

When I look at all the pain and suffering going on in this world, I felt shallow and insignificant about my separation pain compared to the pain of other people.

Today, I am stronger because of it.

Do not let the pity party take control of you. Remind yourself of this blessing, and move forward.

Sending good vibrations!

Sep 13, 2014
It Takes Strength, courage and Patience
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster


Thank you for your message, you have proved by your experience everything that I have written in these messages regarding the twin flame connection over the years and it is true what you say as I have also met my twin soul aka twin flame over 8 years ago.

It is so important to go within and work on one's self, and it does get easier as you learn how to love yourself unconditionally and to give yourself what you need. No one knows yourself better that you do. And if you are meant to be together in this life time, you will be. It is also a lesson in faith.

The twin soul connection is the only true love experience that anyone will have in this and other life times. And only by doing your own work will you come to realize the importance of this connection and will be forever thankful for having met your twin soul.

Sending light and love,

Sep 13, 2014
It takes Strength, Courage and Patience
by: Strength, Courage, Patience

I posted back on June 21 about having strength, courage and patience to get through this twin flame process. You have to be willing to do the inner work in order to truly see the blessings of this twin flame relationship.

I can tell you that it does get easier. I have had no contact with my twin flame since last December and I do not anticipate ever having contact with him again in this life time. We both married our soul mates 30 years ago...ironically the same year! We have never been in a physical relationship.

We met in January of 2012 and have only seen each other one time since then, and, yet, I can't get him out of my mind. I knew the instant I met him that he was special to me, and I believe he knew it too. However, due to our circumstances neither one of us has pursued anything.

Everyday I pray to God to give me the strength, courage and patience to be able to deal with it.
Just the other day, I was so busy at work that I realized it had been 6 hours since I thought of him! Then it came crashing down on me. I have spent the last few years working on myself and I only hope he is doing the same.

Our lives have been parallel since day one. Ironically, he lives one block from where I used to live 30 years ago and works for the same company I used to work for back then. I have no idea if he knows that. I have no idea if he even knows about our twin flame relationship beyond the moment when we met.

My best advice to all of you is to work on yourself - do the inner work. If you cannot be with your twin flame for whatever reason, then don't worry about it. Your time has not yet come because you are not yet ready.

Start doing the work you need to do and hope and pray that someday your day might come. It might not be in this life time, but hopefully it won't be too far away.

Blessings to all...keep up the faith.

Sep 08, 2014
All Twins
by: Sonia

You know everyone that the reason for growth is so that we can get off the Matrix. If any of you get a chance watch the 1999 movie with Keanu Reeves "The Matrix" it explains a lot in there. The twins were brought to earth right now for a mission.

Through healing ourselves we help to heal others. Just remember our twin has to grow too and unfortunately we can not say how long that will take, but we must keep moving forward.

Just remember it is the universe that brings the twins together for the awakening. Yes 11.11 has a big part of that.

Your awakening it to move you forward to become a true spiritual being with amazing gifts. Enlightenment....

A spiritual being from the universe once told me many years ago that "No one can love you like you can love you."

I asked them to show me how, I have learned.

When you give yourself this gift your expectations of others declines and you are on your way to being whole and complete on your own.

It is this strength that will help the twin to their journey home (You)

Also remember that earth bound programming on the matrix is very hard to get it to stop.

Once you are off it you don't want to get back on, but just be aware of it.

Our twins are still stuck on it, they need a chance to get off and see what is real and what is not. While they carry other obligations things will stay as they are, but you must all keep moving forward.

The universe is on our side keep your minds open and you will see.

Love & Light Sonia

Sep 08, 2014
All Familiar Experiences With Twin Flame Separations
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Jaime,

You have shared a wonderful disclosure. Your experience is what embodies the twin flame connection whereby you are taking each situation and going within to work on yourself.

That is what I have been writing all along regarding twin flame experiences. It is the wonderful yet painful part of our individual lessons of work we need to do within ourselves presented through our twin. All this is given to us perfectly orchestrated by our creator - how wonderful is that!

We learn so much through the twin flame experience which teaches us everything we need to know concerning ourselves as long as we are open and accepting of our twin.

For all of you who have met your twin, take this experience, cherish it and be thankful for the opportunity of meeting him or her in this life time again.

Sending light and love,

Sep 07, 2014
Hope & Gavin
by: Sonia

I know things can feel crazy, but it really is magical. Think of all the people that never get the chance to experience these things and how they miss out. We are really the lucky ones chosen to have these experiences.

I now come to the numbers too.... 11.11 being the big one.

It was someone I worked with that introduced me to Damien, I did not know till after that his birthday is 11.11 LOL :-)

I have since found out all the connections to people through this meeting.. like who knows who...

The last night I saw Damien before the 4 year mark. (He sings and so did I then) we held each other before the show and then had a coffee, we talked about his situation, we found to be both deeply spiritual which shocked him the most but when I left the building that night I left earlier because I did not want to hang around being obvious, but the first car that went in front of me had an 1111 rego plate, I was stunned then a song came on the radio that he had sung.

These things make us ask ourselves are we crazy??? But I have learned to allow the synchronicity to play itself out. It's great.

Now seeing Damien after 4 years did surprise me, but then i thought about the synchronistic events that occurred a couple of weeks before then it made sense. I had no idea he would be singing that night, we just stared at each other, like I said it was so hard for him to compose himself, but my crown chakra and pineal gland were full on.

When I went to bed that night I also felt that he came to me but I thought it silly at the time.

Just remember it is hard for all concerned and we are lucky that we can talk to each other and tell our stories. We are not alone, we have out twin closer than we think and each other to confide in. Gavin there are other males that have written books about their twin souls and they are in the same situation... but everybody don't you think that God and the Universe will bring it all in good time.

Our fear is that we feel we will miss out but actually we are not because we have the telepathic connection as well as out chakras (our personal telephone lines) to connect.

I hope this helps a little more, enjoy your journeys, keep healing, stand tall and remember you are very loved by the universe, they are there to protect you.

Love & Light Sonia :-)

Sep 07, 2014
All Familiar Experiences With Twin Flame Separations
by: Jaime

Since I found my twin two years ago, it has been a roller coaster ride to say the least. But, I noticed that the more I work on myself and learn to love myself, the pain goes away.

We have been physically apart for about 20 months now, but for the most part have stayed in contact. The longest we have gone without speaking is a month. Every time we stop talking, I know it's time to go deeper into myself and keep healing the wounds of my past that keep us physically apart.

I always thought that my wounds went so much deeper than his because I'm older and have a lot more earthly years of wounds to heal, but recently I came across his Facebook and Twitter page by mistake (or maybe it wasn't a mistake) and saw some things that really hurt me and made me feel betrayed; what I saw contradicted everything that I felt and what he told me. I became confused.

We both recognize the connection and have for quite some time now. He has told me that he loves me and feels like I am his other half and he wants to be whole again, I am his forever, no matter what happens he has faith that we will never be disconnected, among many other things.

Regardless of that confusion and hurt, from reading his Facebook and Twitter posts, the love I feel for him is unwavering. I confronted him about what I saw and told him I felt hurt and confused. That is when he told me goodbye and said that it seems that he is not good enough for me; that was about a week ago. It hurt for a couple days but I'm okay now and I'm taking this as an opportunity to continue to grow and looking at the situation that happened between us as a learning experience.

I realized though that he has just as much to work on in himself as I do and I need to give him his space to do so and not feel bad about my wounds and thinking that I'm the one keeping us apart.

Sep 06, 2014
Nobody Is Crazy
by: Hope

I've been reading all the new post. Everything I read is so familiar. I go through phases. Some days are easy and some days are hard. When we were together I would dream of him, but since we've been in the separation phase I don't dream anymore. That bothers me, but other things happen. One night I woke up crying so hard. I had no idea why and figured I was dreaming, but didn't remember it.

One night I swear I felt someone kiss me in my sleep, but chalked it up to dreaming again. It felt so real that I woke up and looked around the room.

There are nights where all of a sudden I start thinking about our times together and I'll have tears run down my face. Even though thinking of the times made me happy not sad. All I do is say I love you with all my heart and hope you are happy.

I haven't heard voices like a lot of you have. When we were together I would be e-mailing him and all of a sudden a new message would appear and it was him. This happened several times. It's like we knew when the other was there.

I started seeing 11's on the hour and triple digits only since we've separated. It got so bad that it was starting to creep me out. Everyone would tell me it's just coincidence. I was seeing them way too much and still do. Then I started seeing triple digits in my paperwork at work. Numbers on tractor trailers. I don't know what it all means. I would see 11:11 and read that was a twin flame sign. I see this all the time now. I usually see 8:11, 9:11, 333, 555, 222, etc. To all of those who can't be in the does get easier.

I'm coming up on our year separation on 9-23. When we separated for the 2nd time now, I found myself pulling away from everyone too. I think that I did it because I was trying to heal myself. I bounced from being sad to being angry because he ended it so abruptly that I just didn't understand. I only talked to one person about him and they just didn't get it.

It took me about 7 months to finally pull myself back up and realized that I hadn't lost him. I gained a better understanding of him and of us. It's an incredible kind of love.

It really helps to read these post because you feel you are not alone or crazy in what you are going through. Thanks to everyone for sharing your experiences.

Good luck and keep on loving and smiling !

Sep 06, 2014
Another Male's View On Twin Flames Separation Pain
by: Gavin

Am I going crazy?

Probably, but more because I cannot talk about this to anybody, no one would understand, it was only by chance that I came upon twin souls trying to make sense of the mind crushing intensity of meeting her.

We've had no physically intimate relationship, but do touch base every so often, which is like water on coals, and then the cycle starts again, until she's reaches out and I come.

I just wish she could confirm my feelings. Some days I pine and can do nothing, other days I feel upbeat and feel she's near, then doubt again.

I've had dreams 4 times of her and they were super weird like am I awake or asleep. Just walking and talking.

The whispering voice, "I love you, come to me" goes on for days and days repeatedly, but fear only sets in if it stops. It always comes back. I just sleep with my pillow now holding it so near, emotions running soooo deep. And when I wake she's there.

Night after night. In the beginning I could feel so strongly being called to my bed, I would even say, I'm coming relax...

One night though I really did hear her voice say that she can't do it, it's just too emotional for her. I whispered back, "It's okay," and asked, "Do you love me?"

The answer was immediately, "Yes", then she was gone and I relaxed and pondered it.

She has a boyfriend now, but I still feel the intuition.

My life has changed in ways you wouldn't believe, so drastically, in the last 11 months, there is nothing left of my old self, no not a thing. Diet, beliefs, every darned thing gone, I don't contact my old friends and keep more and more to myself. I find comfort in distance running, I learned she's a distance runner well after I developed myself in this meditation.

I could go on and on, but as you've probably gathered from this note: yep he's lost the plot.
At least I can release my tears now, something I would never have done before.

No man can ever loved her as deeply as I do.

Sep 05, 2014
Patience, Prayer and Positivity
by: Nikki

Our stories are very similar. We met at work and had an instant connection. He is 16 years my junior. I too am currently apart from my twin after over a year of back and forth.

My advice for dealing with this pain is prayer. If you're not a praying person, then meditate. Find a way to work on yourself. Make yourself strong enough for him to come back to. Right now you are weakened by your own needs.

Think of him and how much you love him and want him to feel whole enough to come back. He will feel your love and strength and know it's safe to come back.

Pray for guidance, patience, acceptance and tolerance.

Sep 04, 2014
Thank You For Your Positve Energy
by: Mary

Dear Sonia:

I wrote just now a feedback meant for your posting in response to the Lost Soul .



Sep 04, 2014
Thank you for your positve energy
by: Mary

Dear Lost Soul:

I read through your post and found that amongest all the posting here, you always come off as someone capable of being in the unconditional love. I think this is the true essence of this journey and all the hardship one goes through enables one to see that it is possible to love unconditionally just one human being this way.

And like Buddha says - when we wish all human being have the perfect happiness like ourselves, and if we can love one human being this way, why not two or all others this way.

This is the true essence of spiritual awaking which is worthy of all the pain and agony, longing and pulls one goes through. This journey can not be about me me me or my pain, my bliss, or who did what and said or not did what.

Regarding how you can send love within your own chakra, I have some experience now, and it starts to make sense after reading your post - that at the time I can sense incredible disappointment or energy just by a simple act (my Twin Flame is far away in another country), so painful, and learning to heal or send positive vibes through my own chakra. I have not tried but want to try to do just th

at, I'm inspired by your experience. Thank you for sharing

Love and light


Sep 02, 2014
Lost Soul - Canada
by: Sonia

Hello Lost Soul

You are so right. Because my kundalini activated from my experience I can feel him within. This was a shock at first because i would not only feel his laughter, but also his anger. This could be very painful at times. But I know he has balanced himself out a lot and so have I. When he has anxiety it goes through the heart chakra, I just go in and raise the energy and send love.

I can also feel him connect to me at times, it is like a telephone line and accept the connection with grace. That tells both of you that you are forever connected, the love never changes. There is no point being angry with each other it just hurts you.

The kundalini activation has taught me so much about healing not only to myself, but to others and it helps spread love to others which is part of the mission. Then you get lucky enough to draw your soul group to you and then the gifts become stronger.

Surrender, Compassion, Love and Acceptance are the keys to bliss.

Love & Light to all

Sonia :-)

Sep 01, 2014
Your Comments Twin Flames Separation Pain
by: Lost Soul (Canada)

Hello everyone,

I know this journey may seem rough at times, but believe me, you will get through this. All the magic, intensity, pain, and sorrow will all be replaced with pure unconditional love. It is this love that brings peace within. It's like the love you have for your child, it never fades away. You will be happy for your twin and proud of them for all their successes in life.

They will be forever engraved in your heart and soul and always on your mind, but in ways that just make you aware of their existence.

I have come to a peaceful place where I wish him all the best and respect the choices he has made and love him even more for doing so.

Aug 31, 2014
by: Sonia

Hi Jamie,

I know it hurts and I too got to meet my twin flame, but mine went one step further my whole chakra system exploded.

I cannot begin to explain the pain of the heart chakra. I would get in my car and drive to never never LOL... but you know you have to take one day at a time.

You can connect to your chakras and you will feel his energy within you. My twin ran too, he can hardly compose himself in front of me, but I feel much stronger now.

Yes the voices come with it and it is amazing to experience that. People think we are just crazy I think it's amazing and beautiful.

Heal your heart, mediate and connect. Send love when its time to see him again, the universe will make it happen. Enjoy the Journey the quicker you come to peace the further the journey to uniting with the twin.

I did not see my twin for 4 years then bang out of the blue he was at a place where I went. He struggled I just accepted it. All will work out when the time is right.

Love & light Sonia

Aug 28, 2014
Twin Separation Pain ?
by: Mary

Hello Jaimie

I saw your post - and since I was going through similar experiences (age difference, meeting, separation, feeling of intensity while apart all of or most of it), I was wondering if you may share some of your experience for support - and after some years are you able to be together physically or maintain the connection over time despite all the difficulties?

Thanks for sharing.


Aug 27, 2014
Twin Flames
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hi Jaime,

I don't usually let people put their e-mail addresses on this public page, but I am making an exception in this case.

For those on this post, please read my latest comment regarding twin flames on Aug. 27th at signs of a twin flame relationship

Note to Others: Please stop using anonymous, put some type of name, otherwise I will not post any more people who sign anonymously


Aug 25, 2014
Twin Flames
by: Jaime

Wow! You're story is exactly like what I'm going through right now...I know exactly how you are feeling and even the age difference is the same for me except he is 15 years younger than me and it's been a little over two years since we've found each other.

If you ever want to talk or need some support, please let me know. Jprtay at yahoo dot com is how you can contact me.

Best wishes,


Aug 18, 2014
Twin Flames
by: Anonymous

I agree. It is nice to have a males view on a twin flame.

I think of my twin and wonder if he feels differently. We are in the separation phase. He has told me that I am different, but I didn't ask him what he meant. I always feel that he is a strong person and just moved on. We have separated twice.

After the first separation he told me he thought about me all the time as I couldn't stop thinking about him either. That shocked me because I figured because he broke it off (over nothing at all) so he would not think of me again. He just keeps running from me over nothing. We haven't even had a fight.

It does have me very confused as to what is going on. The more I read about Twin Flames, the more I believe in them.

Aug 18, 2014
My Twin Is Back
by: Brittany

I left a comment on here about 5 months ago briefly describing my twin flame experience. At the time my twin and I had been separated for 5 it has been about 10 months.

He was in another relationship up until a few days ago. We have kept in contact here and there but didn't talk much since he was with someone else. The pain of him being with someone else was excruciating but I knew I had to let him fly free and do what he felt he needed to do. I said he was with her up until a few days ago, and less than 24 hours after their relationship ended he called me. He told me that he wants to be friends.

I'm elated just to have him wanting to be back in my life again. It's all so overwhelming though. I feel that he feels the connection between us and knows how strong it is, but is terrified to give into it so wants to keep it at the "friend" level. I feel that is why he pushed me away so many times in the first place, but we always end up back in each others' lives somehow.

Any thoughts?

Aug 18, 2014
I Am Going Insane
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Anonymous,

I hope you have read others' comments about separation pain from a twin flame (twin soul).

Yes, the physical separation is difficult, but you need to remember that you are not separated. You are attached spiritually, male and female sides of the soul and you can feel and speak to one another in the spiritual. You need to release the ego and all it's needs to have what it wants when it wants it. There can be no ego in a twin flame relationship. The sooner you release your ego, the happier you will be.

During the separation, for as long as it takes, you need to go within and work on yourself. Learn to love yourself unconditionally, once you have attained that lesson, then you are able to love your twin and others the same way.

There is no easy solution here. Everything that is worthwhile takes patience, endurance and strength, plus an openness to accept what is and to go with the flow of life. If you don't, you are headed for a rocky road.

Sending light and love to all who are experiencing the pain of separation,

Aug 18, 2014
Most Runners Are Male
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Asia,

Thank you for sharing your twin flame experiences. It is very enlightening to hear a male's perspective of a twin flame relationship and the reasons for causing your running behavior.

Sending light and love,

Aug 18, 2014
I Am Going Insane...
by: Anonymous

I don't know what is going on with me. I feel that I am going insane. Totally!

I met a man on vacation. He comes from another country. We live on each side of the globe. The minute I saw him there was this extreme pull inside of me. It does not make sense. I don't understand. He kept coming to me. What I felt and what I am feeling is out of this world. I would talk to him, but afterwards I ran away.

I have been very much attracted to men before making me nervous and all, but I never ran away. With this man which I have never even kissed there is this tension, strength, pull or whatever going inside of me. I feel like I am losing it, going crazy. I kept running away after short interactions with him. He came to me often and I kept doing it... running away. A friend told me to stop running... She saw how he was looking at me and had eyes only for me.

When I returned home after my vacation, we didn't even exchange emails or contact info. Anyways it wasn't possible... all the events were crazy (I don' t know how to call this). Even he was feeling this energy... He didn't need to tell me. It just showed. I knew.

I wasn't even scared to leave and not see him anymore because we are linked. It is like I knew and know we would be together. (Very weird again). It's like faith was written in my heart, in my soul. Now I can't stop thinking of him. Even though nothing happened between us, I still feel this pull, this energy, and once I returned home, I knew I had to contact him... it was up to me to do something because I was the one who kept running away.

So I think I found him on Facebook and I sent him a message.

How can I take charge of this pull/energy/ craziness I have inside me? How can I control it or diminish it? I am going insane.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Aug 18, 2014
by: from Asia

Dear Twin Flames,

I read almost all the entries here, and I am not surprised that most of the "runners" in all twin flame separations in this forum are males. And I am not surprised, because I am also a male who wanted to run from my current twin flame connection that is now on its seventh month.

I actually ran twice - when I first met the lady who turned out to be my twin flame. I avoided her for two months until I decided that it was not proper to ignore a woman who was trying to be friendly with me. I was scared of the woman because I felt something different from her, but I did not have any idea that she was my twin flame.

And after a mild argument that led to a few days of silence between us four months into the journey (which I thought meant she wanted to end it all), I emailed her saying I was willing to end it all. Details about that later....

Suffice it to say, while the whole experience is a wonderful one, I still find it scary especially when I experience the strong manifestations of a twin flame connection (you know what I mean).

Suddenly bursting into tears just remembering her or her suddenly coming on strong in my mind is sometimes too much for me. But in the end, I just decide to stick it out with her, because the bliss of the time we share together is second to none.

What is very noticeable from this connection is the intensity, which up to now is scary. I thought that after the "spiritual awakening" phase where I believe the spiritual bonds between twins are forged, the intensity would no longer be scary. But even after that phase, I still am overwhelmed by the energy exchange with my twin, including how sad things can become if we could not see each other for days.

What prevented me from running is a similar experience in 2011, when I met my "false" twin, with whom I had telephathic connections and a strong attraction to. But after a year, the whole thing ended and suddenly whatever intensity there was with my false twin suddenly disappeared for good.

And I thought that after I emailed my twin that I was willing to end it all (when in fact, I wanted to really end it), I suddenly felt a "disconnection" from her, which made me think that the whole thing was over (similar to what happened with the false twin).

But, barely half a day after I suddenly felt a disconnection from her, I found myself fighting feelings of sadness and despair, and I broke into tears and cried. Maybe she also cried and decided we should not end it. And days later, we found ourselves meeting anew, with the same bliss as before.

If I had not gone through the "milder" encounter with my false twin in 2011 and researched and learned about twin flames, I surely would have ran from this current real twin flame connection. But how many males have undergone an encounter with a false twin to prepare themselves for meeting their real twin flame?

I wish all of you the best for you and your twin.....and be strong in the face of the challenges this very challenging and life changing connection brings to us...

Aug 11, 2014
My Journey- The Update
by: Lost Soul (Canada)

Well everyone, it's been three years since I met the man who would change my life forever, and two years since we saw each other.

I spent 19 months in deep sorrow and constant heartache after meeting him and separating, and now a year has past my last tear and I am finally at peace.

I do think about him daily, as the universe won't have it any other way, sending me signs and reminders, but I've learned to accept them as a reminder that he is with me as I am with him.

We do keep in touch with casual hellos from time to time. He has since married and I have entered into a soul mate union, one that he predicted for me. Although the feelings are not the same or as intense, I know this is where we are meant to be at this stage of our lives.

I often wonder why you would meet the love of your life to never be with him, but now I know. We are always together in spirit.

Aug 09, 2014
Separation Pain
by: Hope

I have been going through the twin flame experience for 3 years now (we've known each other for 11 years). We too are both in marriages so we aren't able to be together like we want to be. He is also in Afghanistan and only home now and then.

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about him or get reminded of him. I keep wondering why I can't stop thinking about him. How come I can't forget him like all my other exes. This relationship has been totally different from any relationship I've ever been in. Very strange, but exciting at the same time.

I too felt like a part of me was gone. In talking to different people on twin flame sites...I found that I was loving him so much that I couldn't live without him. They told me I had to love myself that much too. I decided that even if I think about him every day and it drives me crazy...I know that in some way he is with me. I'm now coming up on 11 months being apart this time around. We have had no contact.

You find that you can live without him. It doesn't mean it's easy. You will never not think about your twin, but you find the strength to live without your twin if you can't be together in the physical.

Best of luck !

Aug 08, 2014
Separation Pain - WOW...I'm really not alone!
by: Anonymous

I met my twin flame in 11/11.

Ironically, as I write this it's 1:11 pm. For any of you that know about this there is a big connection between seeing 1111 or 111 and the twin flame situation. He was somehow attracted to me, but as we were complete opposites, I didn't understand why. He comes from money. I don't. I'm black. He's white. and then I'm 9 years older than him. Ironically, I've found we have some of the most random things in common as well.

We did eventually go on a date a couple months later, but nothing came of it because I was still stuck on why he'd even be attractive me and so was not open to much of anything.

He eventually went on to date some other girl on and off for the last 2 years but every time, they broke up, he'd come looking for me. Each time, we'd talk and flirt, but then he'd disappear again.

Fast-Forward to early this year, I was hanging out at one of his favorite spots when a friend told me that the last time they were there they ran into him and he was asking about me. So after being convinced by my girlfriend I decided to contact him. We spoke nonstop for about a week and then he stopped responding, as he always does.
Deep down, I knew there was something that kept pulling us back together, so I wasn't ready to give up.

A few weeks later while doing a reading with a psychic on an unrelated matter, she was interrupted by her angels who described him and said I needed to contact him. So I did. We went on to speaking almost daily, and eventually spending a lot of private time together. It was the most beautiful thing. I felt things I've never felt with anyone and he even mentioned the same thing. Like he just knew something was different and that I had to be the one.

At this point, I wondered what was going on and why I felt the way I did. I woke up one morning with the word twin flame in my head and decided to research it. Then, everything made sense. I've had psychics confirm it but just 2 weeks ago, he just stopped talking to me, no explanation.

It's been eating me alive. I know something is going on with him. I know that this separation is supposed to be a blessing to help us both grow spiritually and for me, so many doors have opened in this regard. However, I am still struggling with this separation. Some days are better than other, other days I cry and sleep and do nothing else.

I'm finally coming to terms with this and just hope that he is doing the things he needs to do so that we will actually live out what has been planned for us by the universe.

Aug 08, 2014
Twin Flame Separations Pain
by: Anonymous

Dear all who have shared your stories, thank you.

I, too, are in the same process. Three months ago I met Twin Flame and have been going throught the bliss of the meeting and spending a few days together over three weeks time. And now the pain of separation - as we live in different continents - both married to others (and reasonabbly good marriagees until we meet each other it feels like).

Can any one share what happens after to you over a period of time if you are unable to unite?

It is so hard as I feel him all the time since our meeting, and as if everything else in life took a is ultmost scary at times as if my heart and soul is gone with him - and we belong together yet we are not in each other's life physically.

Can anyone share your journey if you have been on this for a while?

Thanks and much love to all.

Jul 28, 2014
Twin Flame Seperation
by: Hope

I met my twin at work. I've never thought of dating anyone I worked with. He is 18 years older than me. I thought it was crazy for me to have such strong feelings for someone that much older. I was very afraid of my feelings for him and would push myself away. Convincing myself that I was just in lust. I had never felt so comfortable and open with anyone in my life.

He ended up leaving the company after 3 years and I cried for days knowing that would be the last time I would see him. Surprising as it was...he gave me his e-mail address before he left (which shocked me)and we stayed in contact through e-mail not being more than friends.

I NEVER told him how I felt about him. In fact he didn't know how I felt until he contacted me 2 years ago. I finally couldn't hide how I felt and told him exactly what I was feeling. I found out that he felt the same way, but never told me either. Both of us were in relationships with other people.

He ended up taking a job in Afghanistan which made my heart sink. When he did come home we met and did have a physical connection. It truly is the most incredible feeling ever. It was like I couldn't get enough of him.

Again, I was afraid of my feelings and would push away to protect myself. The weird thing is he ended our relationship because I got upset at a joke. I couldn't understand why at all. It was so not important at all to me. We were apart for 7 months and I decided to e-mail him.

We got back together again. It was great. We got together at one point when he was home and a small thing happened that didn't even have anything to do with him. He broke it off again only this time told me we shouldn't e-mail anymore either. I was crushed.

I'm thinking how can you love someone and the next day be so cold and break it off so abruptly. At this point I started searching, can couples break up for no reason because I've never had this happen to me?

I don't give up on love easy at all. I will go to the ends until I know it is really not worth trying for. This one night the term twin flame came up. I researched and read about it and couldn't believe how true it was. We have now been broke up for 10 months. I love him as much today as I did back when we met, BUT I have found myself. I feel good. I know I may never see him again. I can only hope, but I continue to love him and pray he is safe and happy. I loved him enough to let him go.

I loved him for 3 years while working with him, but I loved him from afar. I will do the same only now he knows how I feel about him and we shared an incredible love. It is painful and I'm not saying it's easy, but I do know that you have to continue to love your twin no matter what.

Best of luck to all who have encountered a twin. They truly are incredible.

Jun 21, 2014
Strength, Courage, and Patience
by: Anonymous

The twin flame relationship requires strength, courage and patience. I have had no contact with mine in 7 months after meeting him 2 and 1/2 years ago. We are mere acquaintances at best.

I am not even sure he is awakened enough to know it! I have been working on myself, spiritually, and I hope he is too. It's extremely painful and lonely. I talk to God everyday about it and hope divine timing will come in to play sometime in the near future.

Hugs to all of you in this experience.

Jun 17, 2014
2 yr Update For Twin Flames
by: Anonymous

It has been two years since I last saw my twin soul (twin flame), my love, and my best friend and believe me it has been the most difficult challenge in my life. But, it DOES get better. I spent over 1.5 years in constant pain, longing, sorrow.

The only thing that got me through the darkness was knowing that one day it WILL get better and it did.

I still love him like he was my own and think about him constantly, but now there is a peace within. I know we will have this connection for all eternity and it is just good to know that I have been blessed with this experience as it has taught me to love unconditionally and to express this love to others.

I just want you to know that it does get better and although your life may never be the same, you will survive as I have.

Blessings. xoxoxo

Jun 16, 2014
OMG!! This is the SAME for me O___O!`
by: Anonymous

It is terrible! The pain is so terrible that I have been to the doctor to see if I had ulcers or some kind of internal problems. It is so hard that I have had to workout twice a day and meditate and read about meditation to ease my pains.

I have NEVER loved or longed for ANYTHING or ANYONE this way. We are 15 years apart and there is SO much drama on his end...pray for me.

He keeps me from it and said he is praying for me and that he does not want to hurt me anymore. I love him so much I could die! There are plenty of amazing guys that I could be with and I am hanging with them as I try to move on. But, this is something REALLY different.

My ears ring when I think about him and his name or something appears that reminds me of him at the same time. I feel crazy as hell but, I am VERY connected to my knowing and this is some real shit.

Even the pain I have experienced from our harmless struggles has been beautiful. Never before has life been so giving and blissful. It hurts to my very core. Pain. And, it NEVER goes away.

I don't really think about him all day but I literally FEEL him EVERY moment of EVERY second of EVERY single day! Literally. When I first saw him it was like he lost his puppy and was determined to find it. He was looking "cray-cray" but it was utterly beautiful.

He is gone, I feel pain. I just want it to stop. Its been months and I have to get back to my life.

Good Luck and keep holding on!!

May 29, 2014
You Are Not Alone
by: Anonymous

I understand well you have encountered and you are not the only one. You have to be patient as your twin flame for sure will be back to you again. He tried to run away because the feeling is so intense that things go beyond one's rational thinking.

Pray for patience and try to engage in some hobbies to avoid thinking of him.

Feb 21, 2014
.Twin Flame Separation Pain
by: Brittany

I feel that I have met my twin flame. Our relationship has been super intense and definitely an emotional roller coaster and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

We first met at a party through a mutual friend. I was into someone else at the time. Our mutual friend, who had brought him to the party, told me that he thought I was pretty and that I should go talk to him. I didn't really care to, considering I was into someone else at the time. Later on as I was leaving he stopped me and asked to get my number. I gave it to him, not really knowing why I did. I felt like I couldn't say no.

Things went south with the other guy I was into a couple weeks later and shortly after that we started to spend time together. After about 2 months, we had an undeniable connection. I knew he was feeling what I was feeling, but also knew that we were both hesitant. I was more willing than he was though.

Shortly after that, we were separated for 6 months. I thought about him constantly, and would try to reach out to him but he just ignored me. I felt incredible pain. I also felt kind of crazy for having such strong feelings for someone I felt like I barely knew. I also had a deep knowing that I would see him again one day and that there was more to come between us.

After 6 months I saw him at a concert. A month after the concert we were reunited. At first just as friends, then it blossomed into a beautiful relationship. I remember telling him that I feel like he is the only one that truly knows my soul. Our relationship was very on and off for about a year and a half. Things would be absolutely wonderful then the next day he could be telling me that he thinks we need time apart. I would do my best to understand.

We broke up and got back together quite a few times. We are currently separated and have been for about 5 months and he currently has a new girlfriend. I have felt the most incredible pain. Like someone died. It's terrible, but I'm trying to stay strong and tell myself that this is all necessary for my personal growth.

During this time of separation is when I stumbled upon information about the twin flame relationship. I was floored when I started reading about it because there is no doubt that I have found mine. I love him unconditionally. It's just so difficult not knowing how long we will be separated this time.

I have difficulty letting go of my fear but at the same time I'm not afraid at all because I know I'll see him again one day. We have talked since we've been separated and are on good terms. We know our love is unbreakable. I'm doing my best to let him fly free and do what he needs to do as I try to do the same.

Jul 22, 2012
Twin Separation
by: Anonymous

I too met and was separated from me twin...we met almost 5 years ago now. It was the single most amazing experience of my life and in many ways still is even though we are not physically together.

The first year of our physical separation was the hardest thing I have ever gone through and I really do not know if I could do it again. And yet, spiritually we have never been more connected. We communicate in dreams quite often, and almost like clockwork, recently I felt that I was 'ready' to have my twin back physically and 'try again' and low and behold our lives began merging...

And yet I am also afraid that perhaps I was not ready because now it seems in one minute too much and in another just right.

The oft repeated advice on twin flames is true: work on yourself!!!! Stand on your own two feet, really understand and believe, KNOW, with every fibre of your being that this 'separation' is an illusion created by human density and you will begin to move toward the unconditional love that your twin seeks to remind you of and bring the both of you towards...unconditional love for all that is.

What used to hold me back was getting stuck in the human thought of twin flame love as being together as a couple or else it was somehow 'not right', but i've come to realize that this is a very narrow and selfish form of love indeed...

It is the cliche that once you realize the beautiful gift of your twin, the awakening and remembrance of the perfect love, not the hollywood romanced version, but the truth of unconditional love. And once you love all that is unconditionally, and then let go of the idea that you 'need' your twin to 'be with you', then you may be very suprised to see that your twin may just follow your lead and you will come to realize that ah yes, it looks different than I had first thought.

But, bravo Universe, you never cease to amaze!

Jul 07, 2012
Reply from Katherine
by: Anonymous

Hi Katherine,

It is helpful to know that we are not alone in our awakening. Meeting my twin has been the most amazing and disheartening experience at the same time. I only hope that this pain and suffering goes away with time, as it is rather exhausting and emotionally draining. It is good to know that we can find support in others going through similar situations. I will pray for you to find the strength and peace to make it through this ordeal with an enhanced look on life and what it has to offer. I am trying so hard to remain positive throughout all of this darkness. It is my faith that give me the hope for a brighter day.

Love and blessings.
~Lost Soul

Jul 01, 2012
I Can Relate
by: Anonymous

I can relate to this so much and I thank you for sharing your pain with us.

I am in a very similar situation. I have met my twin flame and go through a lot of heartache when we are not together.

It seems as soon as I let him go he shows up again and it's usually when I am speaking with another man. We are in the same city and we have a very strong telepathic connection.

He seems to be more connected to his intuition when it comes to what our souls need to grow. I know how much pain he is in with this separation, but I feel that he knows that we need this time apart in order to come to total and complete self-love and self-acceptance.

I find that when I feel the emotions and I let them go I feel lighter. I don't sleep very well because I know that he and I are doing work on the other side and I am also trying to help him heal.

He is more mind oriented and really identifies with the 3rd dimension so when I came along I blew that out of the water. I know he tries to comprehend the connection that we have through his mind and this is what causes the pain. When I am in my heart and I send him love, I feel his love reciprocated.

It's difficult because when we are together I feel as though I can spend eternity with him, but his culture and beliefs make him paranoid when we are out in public. This does hurt my ego, but once I get past it I realize that it's about him and not about me.

I feel as though walking away from him is the hardest thing that I have to do, and each time I do our souls bring us back together again.
It's frustrating.

Thanks for letting me share...most people do not understand this.


Jun 30, 2012
Twin Flame Separation Pain
by: Tanya Tkach (Webmaster)

Hello Lost Soul,

Twin souls are meeting more than ever at this time - the universe needs their help, but only when they have completed their lessons and are ready to do so. Read life's lessons.

Twin souls also are meeting to help each other and in your case he is helping you to realize what you need to do within yourself. You are carrying pain within that deals with issues you have not resolved, perhaps from past life situations that are continuing today in your life. My specialty is working with past life situations and emotions that are not resolved.
If you need help with this, you can have a session with me at online spiritual counselor.
You will never be separated from your twin soul, he is your other half. You are together spiritually, and it is not necessary to be with each other physically - you can ocmmunicate in other ways such as telepathically.

Work on your issues, become strong within yourself, walk in your own power and learn to love unconditionally and you will see differences and be able to allow your twin to do what he must do. When you come together, it will be right.

The universe knows how to orchestrate everything beautifully. Learn to go with the flow.

Sending light and love,
Tanya Spiritual Counselor

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