Twin Flame Sex Without Touching

by Anonymous

The more reading I'm doing, the more convinced I am that I have connected with my twin, but he died fifteen years ago and we never met in this life time.

But still, even though we haven't met, the intensity I feel and the real back and forth feelings and energy are not weaker because of that. Have you ever had 'no touch' sex?

It's amazing :)

He's brought my soul back to life again even as I'm grieving his physical loss. The energy between us can never be destroyed and my soul, and my twin's, exist outside these physical walls. We are still close.

I'm learning what he's telling me, sending him my love, I can also manage without him physically here. But, sometimes it feels as though he is.

My soul feels at peace when I think about him and I'm learning to not need, but to be open to anything. We're becoming comfortably companionable.

Has anyone else heard of or experienced this before?

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Jan 31, 2016
Unknown Twin Flame
by: Yamile

Hello Tanya:

How are you today? Thank you so much for your response, and thank you for your guidance on my path. I had been overwhelmed with this experience, but at the same time I feel joy and satisfaction. I accepted my mission and I am seeking spiritual awakening, in my mind since I was a little child I know and I am aware of this divine gift, and I am doing all in my power to embrace it.

I been listening to spiritual meditation audio and as well of yours that I found on your blessed website, and it have gave me so much peace and understanding, but at the same time is a lot to learn and to be honesty it could be stressful at times, but if just for a moment and my positive position calm me down.

It's like someone is talking to me and give signs to follow my intuition, I must say is very emotional, sometimes my eyes get watery but it's a sensation of happiness, it's a sensation of satisfaction because I feel I am in the right direction. I had been reading, meditating, as well as feeling different kinds of energies, mixed emotions of sadness, happiness and disorientation at times, all this in just a few days.

It's amazing and I am handling it very well for what I read from different sources. I will continue my path of self-loving and thank you for providing me with one of your tools to help me in my mission. I asked the divine and the angels, to assist me as well.

But the way, I usually dream everyday and since my encounter with my twin flame, I am not dreaming anymore. It's strange not to dream, it's like my mind is completely erased. Is this normal in a way of speaking?

Have a wonderful and blessed Sunday, and once again thank you so much for your guidance, I will follow your recommendation.

Love and Peace.

Jan 31, 2016

by: Tanya

Hello Yamile,

Thank you for submitting your name.

I cannot tell you if your twin is alive or not, but in the mean time it is important that you do your inner cleansing, and to work on your lessons - the ones you came here to work on. To have a better understand of the cleansing that I mean, read my page at spiritual cleansing.

Being on earth is like being in school, there is much to learn and to do and there is no end. You can do Spiritual cleansing for the rest of your life.

If and when the two of you are to be together, you will be, have faith. Pray and ask the Higher Power for his help.

Sending light and love,

Jan 29, 2016
Unknown Twin flame sex
by: Anonymous

Hi Again

This is Anonymous, my name is Yamile. I am the one who wrote you about my unknown twin flame experience on January 26, thank you so much for answered me, I was searching for an answer. I'm still thinking of him, he is in my mind at all times, I wonder why I couldn't see his face and the rest of his body, but I am more than relieved now.

I experience little things like a song, I just hear that specific song and all my body from head to toes shiver and cringe.

Thank you so much, and if anything else will you assist me on how to prepare, what to do to attract him to fulfill our mission. And if there's a way to know he is near, if he is alive on earth or not on the realms. Oh, I have so many questions.

But I think I will meet him soon.

Jan 29, 2016
Unknown Twin Flame Sex
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Anon,

I wish you had included a name, or just a nickname, you could still keep your anonymity.

Yes, what you have described is possible, anything is possible with a twin flame. It's a spiritual relationship. You ask how could this happen when you have not yet met?

Very simply, you may have not yet met in this life time, but you have met in other life times and that memory is in your cellular memory. Your twin is a part of you forever.

Read my page describing cellular memories.

The fact that you saw a heart with your third eye attached to his genital is showing you that this is your twin soul, and unconditional love (the highest form of love) exists between twin souls.

I know what you have experienced, as I have also and the feeling is out of this world, and very difficult to describe. But it is wonderful and possible. You cannot force this to happen, it just happens, accept it and be thankful that it is happening to you.

More and more people will be having this experience and you cannot compare it to making love physically to someone.

You are not going crazy, just accept and be thankful of the wonderful experience.

Sending light and love,

Jan 29, 2016
Unknown Twin Flame Sex
by: Anonymous

Can an unknown twin flame have spiritual sex, love making with you, even though you never seen this person?

This happened on January 26. I was laying on my back that morning, by the way I was awake, suddenly I had this urge of having. I didn't want to but something intensive dragged me to it.

I felt this person kissing & cuddling me. I closed my eyes then this happened. My body felt like one with him, (that's the way it felt) and the actual act of our united genitals. Then the most amazing , unexplicable happened, I saw his genital, inside of my wound and it was attached to my wound, by a form of something that looked like the end of the heart was extended to his genital.

I saw a bright color mixed with different colors like strings of pink, red, yellow, but it looked shinny, like the color of fire.

Oh God, I hope you understand it's hard to described. The intense feeling was like paradise, I cannot explain it.

When we were finished, I saw once again my wound inside, and after a few minutes of the act, when my wound and his genital became unattached, it just felt relaxed. There was such a beautiful peace, and my mind was blank. 

I never saw his face, just his torso. Since then I am confused, thinking I am going crazy. Can you tell me, is this possible?

I also think of him everyday, how can you think of someone you have not even met yet, nor never seen?

Please help me.

Oct 05, 2015
Twin Flame Sex Without Touching
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Anon,

Yes, it's possible. I've experienced this as I'm sure many others have, too. It was not a physical, but a spiritual experience and much more than the physical sensations.

Many things are possible with and through a twin flame relationship, that is why it is such a strong and powerful spiritual bond.

Sending light and love,

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