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More and more people are meeting their twin flames, but can't seem to come together and are in pain because of their separation. Here is a part of the conversation I had with God concerning twins.

Can you tell me everything that we need to know concerning twins in order to help others understand why they are not together? There is a huge misconception about separation between twin flames.

There is no separation, twins  are joined through the soul

So each person’ soul is not whole in itself?

No, each person’s soul is fragmented as you are learning through your past lives regressions, and each time you do release session, you are putting back a fragment of your soul.

Can you please explain how this happens?

When trauma and catastrophes happen in each person’s life, a part of (their soul) them is gone, and they can reclaim the part when they do past life recall and release. With twins it is the same thing, only their souls intertwine when they combine their lives spiritually and physically, and many people are not ready for that combination.

I understand, but the misery and pinning that they feel once they have met their twin soul – what is that all about? Where does that come from?

It is through their soul connection that they feel the wondrous love and everything that accompanies that, but on their physical levels they are not ready. Most have much work to do before they can combine their love and be together.

That is what I thought it was, but I guess I was not communicating that very well to the public, because each time I wrote a message to someone, they still cried and didn’t listen, and went on feeling the misery and pain.

For example, clients are pinning for their twin and want my help in forgetting  that they met their twin flame, which I know can never happen.

At this point, I can continue my life without my twin whom I have met. I know this is possible since I have been working consciously on my inner self for several years. But can others do the the same without feeling the pain of not being together?

Pure Love Between Twin Flames is Precious

Twin FlamesTwin Flames

That pure love that each one feels in their soul is very precious and magnificent and once a human feels it, they want it all the time.

I sort of  know what that is when I felt it with my twin, but he was not on the same level as I was spiritually so there was nothing I could do about it except get on with my life.

Others feel the pain of separation from their twin which I can understand, but I know that a person has to be at a certain level spiritually to be able to appreciate the unconditional love between twins...and that takes time and a lot of work, I don’t know if the majority of the population is ready for that…

More and more are understanding what they have to do, and part of your journey and what you are now doing is helping others with the work they have to do.

How do I make that clear to others?

You will know when the time is right, you will just know within yourself. You are doing exactly what you need to do – doing your inner work and that takes time and patience my child, and solitude which you have plenty of.

Yes, You are right. Is there something else you can tell me about twin flames?

It is the time for twins to be meeting each other even though they might not end up together, it is that spark between twin flames that each one needs to realize the inner work that each one needs to do. That spark is igniting each one, and without it most would not do the work.

Well, for sure I can see that it is happening with many, if it wasn’t for his or her twin, they would not go within themselves and do the work so that they could be together.  I wish that more people would do their inner work because I know that once they do, they will feel more peace, love and well-being in their lives.

Thank you Father.

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