Two Strange Time Warp Situations In Same Location

These incidents happened quite a while ago now, but I haven't had anyone to help me make sense of them.

I feel sort of priviledged to have had the experiences as they were the "proof" that I so ridiculously continue to yearn for to bolster my faith.

Here's what happened: After dropping my children off at school, I rounded a bend in the road and noticed one of the parents from her class leaning on his car, with the door open, talking to another man. I am the kind of person who couldn't care less about cars. I identify those of people we know as "the blue one" or our white one, etc. Strangely, I remember thinking, "Oh, that's the kind of car they have."

It was some new kind of boxy sort of car-jeep kind of thing--and I think it was orange and grey. Suffice it to say that they aren't a dime a dozen on the road. Anyhow, I made a mental note of it in passing and drove on. When I got a short distance, I looked ahead across the intersection and there he was again with the very same car--filling up with gas at the service station! I couldn't believe my eyes! How in the world did he get in front of me? I'll never know.

I tried and tried to make sense of it, but finally just chalked it up as a "who Knows?" Then, a couple of weeks later, after dropping the kids off again, I spotted a woman, Mary, another parent from the class, walking on the sidewalk toward her parked car. She is beautiful and dresses unusually and it was unmistakeably her. Besides, she is always late and I remember noting, oh, yeah, her son is going to be late to class again.

She was just meandering in her usual slow way and had to walk around a building yet before she would get to the parking lot. Well, again, I drove forward (long before she could have possibly reached her car) and suddenly, in front of me at the same intersection was Mary. I knew her car! But, I couldn't believe it. It looked just like her from behind, but it didn't make any logical sense.

Since I know where she lives, I followed the car to see where it went, trying to tell myself that I had to be wrong. This cannot be Mary. Well, she drove right into her driveway and I went directly home shaking my head in confusion the whole way.

I would love to know what that was all about. I feel blessed that I had even a small glimpse into the great Mystery, but I would love to know more about what that meant in my life.

Were they gifts of sorts? Some kind of small initiation? These are my guesses.

I think they helped me open wider to an appreciation of the unseen energies that influence our lives continually.

Do you have any interpretation of this for me?
Thank you, Pam

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Oct 12, 2011
Two Strange Time Warp Situations In Same Location
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hi Pam,

Those situations are showing you that another dimension exists. You need to keep an open mind and to be receptive to your spiritual level of being. You will discover that you have certain abilities.

Sending light and love,
Tanya Tkach, Spiritual Counselor

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