How Many Types Of
Emotions Are There?

Generally speaking, I see only two types of emotions – positive and negative. Those that are positive such as feelings of love, and happiness make you feel good and those that are negative such as feelings of anger, and disappointment make you feel terrible.

Read anger problems and find out about anger disorder.

You need both positive and negative feelings to be able to feel the difference and to make an adjustment in terms of achieving balance in your life.

Positive Emotions Are One of
The Types of Emotions

Positive emotions can lead one to feel good about one’s self resulting in an emotionally happy and satisfied adult, whereas if one is always feeling dissatisfied and unhappy due to feelings of depression, anger, fear or low self esteem, it will lead to behavioral problems.

The underlying feeling of depression is repressed anger.

types-of-emotionsMe and my late Beloved Aussies

Love is a very basic and necessary emotion. If a child is nurtured in a loving family where all members respect and love each other, he or she will develop into an adult who behaves in a manner similar to the behavioral patterns that he or she learned as a child.

If love does not exist in a family and the family is dysfunctional, severe behavioral disorders can develop in the children.

There have been scientific studies done where animals have died from lack of love and nurturing.

Now imagine what happens to a baby who does not receive love, but is handled in a very cold and emotionless emotional child abuse

Negative Emotions

If the child is raised in an atmosphere of anger and hostility, that child will develop into a very troubled adult who thinks that angry and hostile feelings are normal and could result in having problems with anger such as an anger disorder.

As an adult, he or she will have many difficulties in developing an intimate relationship with a partner and will need to learn what love is and how to respond in a loving manner to a partner.

At that point, he or she will need to learn how to give the love and nurturing feelings to one’s self before being able to give them to another; it is also necessary to learn the difference between the two types of emotions.

I realize that I’m making the emotions sound very simplistic. It all comes down to how each one of us is raised from a baby onwards, and what patterns and behaviors and emotions the baby soaked up from the family environment.

Emotions and the two types of emotions are the important and wonderful aspect of being human. One can adjust and learn, through releasing blockages causing negative learning patterns, read how to release negative emotions such as anger.

Lack of Feelings - Blocked Emotions

If one is not able to feel anything at all - that is a real problem caused by emotional blockages. To learn more about emotions and how they become blocked, read understanding emotions.

At this point, it is important to have an alternative energy healing. The blockages can also be released with alternative therapy and counseling through online spiritual counseling.

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