Understanding Emotions Will Help You  Avoid Illness And Chronic Pain

Understanding emotions will help you know who you are. But first, I will define emotion as any strong feeling such as fear, joy, sadness or sorrow that occurs spontaneously and is accompanied by physical changes in the body.

Various Emotions


Usually our painful and traumatic emotions do not reside in our consciousness, but in our cellular memory causing blockages in our bodies which result in chronic pain. These blocked emotions and memories can cause the following problems: 

  • feelings of isolation,
  • trouble giving and receiving love,
  • relationship troubles,
  • trouble finding your true calling,
  • success blocks,
  • chest heaviness,
  • neck and shoulder pain,
  • difficulty healing,
  • depression and emotional numbness.

They can also cause you to shut down.

I see this often in clients and understand how and why it happens. I experienced the same thing as a child when I suffered tremendous loss. It was too painful so I closed myself off in order not to feel anything which led to severe pains in my body as an adult.

Many traumatic situations and experiences from this and past life times causing painful emotions are in your cellular memory.

In understanding emotions, I find out which emotions are blocked and what caused them in order to help the client release them. Once the emotions are released, healing takes place immediately.

Often times people lose touch and cannot feel what their body is feeling because of painful experiences from the past which caused them to shut down and to prevent feeling anything.

During my treatment, the client starts to feel sensations in their body which are the emotions releasing. Usually they will feel a tingling sensation in particular areas of their body.

When your emotions are blocked, you are only functioning from the neck up. I help you to remember the blocked and painful emotions from your childhood or a past life which is continuing in this life time in order for you to release them. This technique is called Cellular Memory Release.

Cellular Memory Release is a focused method on accessing and transforming emotional toxicity from the cells of your body and allowing all the holistic parts - spiritual, emotional, and cellular - to communicate and to regain a sense of balance. You can find out more about this technique at releasing.

It is important to release negative emotions for emotional healing to take place.

For more information about past lives, read discover past lives .

If you find that you are not understanding emotions, you are not allowing yourself to experience your emotions. At this point, it is necessary to consider counseling.

Press click me to contact me for a session where I will help you in allowing yourself to feel and to heal your body.

It is amazing what the body can stand and how quickly it can heal, I merely provide the tools!

To understand another form of healing that I can use through vibrations, go to alternative energy healing.

For more information on emotions, read the following pages:

When You Are Not Feeling Your Body Shuts Down

In understanding emotions, you need to realize if you are shut down, you will not feel anything that is registering in your body such as weakness, feeling tired, or even hunger. At this point, you can get very sick because you are not aware of what your body is telling you.

It is important to listen to your body and to allow your feelings to come to your awareness, and in this way you can prevent illness. If you would like to read how blocked emotions can cause illness, read emotions and health.

Not Understanding Emotions  Can Lead To Illness

Symptoms of illness do not happen over night, they occur over a long period of time until they become so strong, you will suddenly feel very ill and will not be able to function.

In my opinion, this feeling of being shut down has happened to many people - the inability to feel what the body needs, hence the reason for so much sickness and disease everywhere. We are pushing ourselves beyond the limit of what our bodies can take. It also leads to over eating because you cannot feel that you are full.

Understanding emotions is a necessary part of being human, this is why we have feelings and emotions in order to function as human beings. If you shut down your emotions, you are eliminating a very essential part of being human.

Even animals feel and show emotions.

Read do dogs have emotions

Monkey Love

By understanding emotions, you will feel when a particular negative emotion has taken over for a long period of time, such as anger, or jealousy or resentment.

When problems arise in the body and in the mind where you cease to function in a healthy manner, your resistance to disease and viruses weaken because your immune system is not balanced and you start having aches and pains in your organs, muscles and bones.

This happens because each cell in your body has an emotional receptor. So toxic emotions can settle anywhere in your body that is weak.

On the other hand, if a positive emotion such as love or happiness is felt which is a higher vibration the body feels good. For emotional and physical health, it is important to feel both in order to know the difference. If you are interested, go here to read types of emotions.

Understanding Emotions in our New World

Now as the earth is shifting and Mother Earth is cleansing from millenniums of abuse, everyone is experiencing a dizzying array of all sorts of emotions from crying and sadness to uncontrolled anger. Also read symptoms of ascension.

This is an excerpt of a message channeled from Mary and Arch Angel Michael through Norma Gentile explaining what is going on around you and will help you in understanding emotions.

Coping With Psychic Connections To The Unconscious Emotions Of Humanity

(By Norma Gentile with a little help from Mary and Archangel Michael)

As I sat to write, I invited Mary into my awareness. She suggests starting with an overview:

Gaia, the soul whose body is our Earth, stepped up again into a new level of consciousness. She has settled into a higher level of vibration which is much closer to Unity Consciousness. This also means that she has moved closer to the enormous pools of unconscious shared human emotions, which have been created from millennium of our shared experiences as humans.

Each time Gaia shifts, her body the Earth shifts as well. With each shift it takes awhile for our own bodies to adjust to the Earth's new vibration. Many people experience weeks or months of not feeling grounded or centered or sure of themselves because their navel chakra has not re-established their body's natural connection to the Earth. As the soul Gaia is moving into her own ascension process, the Earth is moving into becoming pure emotional energy. (This is the closest term I can come up with to describe what Gaia has shown me as her experience of this upward dimensional shift). Our souls are also in ascension with Gaia, and so our physical bodies are coming along on the ride with the Earth.

This last shift brought humanity tangibly within telepathic range of vast pools of unconscious emotions. These emotions are the very ones that we can use to slingshot us forward in our journey of self-awareness, or we can drown in them if we forget that we create the emotions, they do not create us.

(This next section will really help you in understanding emotions.)

Many people are unknowingly connecting into these vast pools, especially since Gaia's shift this past winter. Chances are good that if you are reading this you have the sensitivity to have noticed that a vast pool of uncomfortable emotions have suddenly seemed to engulf many people in the world. This sensation of being deeply overwhelmed is a result of one's psychic antenna being tuned into one of these pools of emotions.

You can read more from this message in the May 2009 Newsletter at 

Healing Chants.

For a healing session with me to help you in understanding your emotions, and to release blocked emotions, you can contact me at online counseling.

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