How You can Help Your Body to Heal Using Universal Energy Healing

You can heal your body using universal energy healing. I say this because I believe in the body's ability to heal itself by using the power of your mind plus the universal natural elements.

Each time you go to your doctor with a physical problem or an illness, you are placing your power in his or her hands expecting that he or she will be able to heal you.

Today, there are many illnesses that doctors are not able to heal and chances are they will give you a prescription to mask the symptoms, or a antibiotic that will deplete your body of naturally good bacteria along with the bad.

You need to take control on your own health by going within and asking some questions. Such as:

  • why am I having this illness?
  • is this illness here to teach me something that I need to know?
  • what do I need to change?

In most cases, the illness or physical problem is here to teach you something. Once you know what the lesson is, you will know what you have to do.

I am not saying nor suggesting that you don't see your doctor, but I am suggesting that you do some groundwork, go within and look for answers, do some research. No one knows you and your body better than you do, and get in touch with your Higher Self.

In most cases, you will have to change your lifestyle, or your diet or both, and don't forget to add some physical activity in the mix. But one of the most important thing is you will have to change your thoughts and release negative emotions.

I believe that these 2 things, negative thoughts and emotions are the root cause of most illnesses

Change Your Negative Thoughts and
Release Your Negative Emotions

How To Use Universal Energy Healing

As you know everything has energy and universal energy is everywhere. Many practitioners who use Reiki, which I still do on myself, talk about universal energy healing which is what they are using in a treatment.

But you too can use this type of healing on yourself, not only Reiki but also the the natural elements on the planet earth which are elements from the periodic table.

dowsing pendulumDowsing Pendulum

Many of these elements are used by chemists to make particular products and the major drug companies use them in the making of medicine along with other toxic products.

If you are good at dowsing, and using a pendulum or muscle testing, you can use this system to help heal your body. I use this system daily along with other things that I do. this is why I am able to have good health, even at my age of 71.

In order to use this system, you need to think outside the box, and to forget about your beliefs and judgments.

I'm sharing this information about universal energy healing with you because as I said, I am using it and am extremely impressed with the results.

Plus I learned about this method of healing from Michele Fitzgerald and you can find out more about her teachings at Senzar Portal.

Periodic Table Of Natural Elements

Regarding the natural elements, only nine  existed in pure form before 1 A.D. which are gold, silver, copper, iron, lead, tin, mercury, sulfur, and carbon.

The other elements are bound as compounds or exist in mixtures with other elements .

Here is where you can find the above periodic table.

Chemistry expert Dr. Anne Marie Helmenstine explains how to read the periodic table of natural elements at Natural Elements or you can go to Wikipedia and download the periodic table with larger cells of each element.

If you would like to print out the periodic table, here is a good place to go for different kinds of periodic tables
  • Download the periodic table of natural elements which you can find at Wikipedia.
  • Dowse each column or chunk down the columns by threes, whichever suits you.
  • You will be asking the intelligence of the each element, so you need to be respectful and to use your intention from your heart.
  • If you go by columns, you ask is the element you need for --------- in this column?
  • Once you have all the elements you need for your particular problem, you need to find out which is the best way to call on the element, either using the particular name or the symbol.
  • then you need to find out which is the best way to use the elements,
  1. using your intention
  2. visualizing the element
  3. using an actual photo
  4. having the physical element in font of you or on your body, such as silver, gold, tin, copper
  5. using the element on a particular spot on or in your body
  6. if you need to use a particular order of the elements

Now that you know or have the element(s) and how to use them, you need to call on each one separately, and very importantly,


If you don't know when the application is finished, I usually do, ask. Your pendulum can also show you a "yes" or "no".

If you are having a problem by using this system of universal energy healing, contact me for a session where I will use this system on you plus help you to learn how to use it.

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