Update from Archangel Michael

by Connie Larson
(Sherman Oaks, CA)

Circumstances have changed with regard to the timing of events. As humanity is becoming increasingly dissatisfied with government and loss of freedom and opportunity, the negative vibratory pattern being formed is energy that is being used to feed what we symbolically refer to as “the beast.” Your lack of understanding of your spiritual nature and the number of those resisting the Divine impulse which would benefit you has created the opportunity for those in control to utilize this negative energy and strengthen themselves. They intend to unleash havoc while you are distracted and feeling hopeless. They are being empowered by you and yet you are still in ignorance of what is essential to diminish the fear and chaos about to occur.

While we stand with you ever ready to assist, humanity, individually and collectively, MUST make an effort to respond to our efforts. The majority of you are still deeply unconscious and remain innocent prey to negative influence being projected from what we call “mortal mind”. Images will be soon be projected by this “mind” which will appear as though the world as you know it will be coming to an end. Our purpose has and will continue to be to protect and reassure you until the moment of your collective awakening from the nightmarish prison of this “mortal mind”. However, it would seem that rather than standing as One and cooperating with each other until this awakening, humanity has chosen to experience the ultimate fear and destruction. At this point, since the majority of you are living at such a degraded level of consciousness, we can only try to communicate through those we refer to as “light beings”, your brothers and sisters who are responding and willing to serve as messengers for us.

At this point, the most urgent help we can provide is to reassure you that all you will be experiencing is an illusion. Hold fast to that fact! It will hopefully diminish the fear and panic you experience. Nothing that God created can be destroyed, including yourselves. What you will be witnessing is the ultimate LIE...that there is a power greater than God and you have been forsaken. We implore you to resist this lie and stand together in the faith that God is the ONLY power. In that firm conviction lies your protection and strength. “No harm can come nigh thy dwelling place” if you turn within to God at the center of your being and acknowledge His Presence. Remember the Truth, there is NO DEATH. God is the Life of each of you and God is immortal and eternal. YOU are immortal and eternal. Do not fear that which you call death. It is nothing more than a transition to a higher state of being. Do not mourn the seeming loss of your loved ones, but know that you will be reunited in your original state of Divine Consciousness eternally.

Hold fast to the Truth: What God did not create DOES NOT EXIST! Since God did not create evil or anything destructive to Itself, what you will witness is mass hallucination, mass hypnotism. It is without Cause, without real substance. It is NOTHING. Just as water in the desert is a mirage and does not require you to do anything to remove it, so too are the images you will experience NOTHING. Resist not evil! If you resist it, you make it real in your experience. You have the power to choose. We pray you choose to “Be Still and Know That I AM God.” This “I” is the Reality of you. This “I” is God. This “I” in the midst of you is the Almighty..the All Might...the only Power. Do not fight or fear shadows being projected on the screen of your consciousness. Stand still and rest assured, “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.” Put up your sword and behold the One Power. In the Presence of God, evil is revealed as no power, having no reality and no substance to maintain and sustain it. It simply dissolves into nothingness. God will never leave you nor forsake you. God, being Infinite, cannot exclude any part of Itself. You and God are eternally and infinitely ONE. Hold fast to this Truth under all circumstances.

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