Why You Need These
Herbal Remedies for Virus Protections

With the cold and flu season upon us, you need virus protections. This immunity kit is a must for your medicine cabinet, especially if you have school-aged children.

Colds and FluFighting a Cold

You need to keep your immune system working optimally especially with all the toxins in our environment and food. If you already have a cold or the flu, your system is weakened due to an imbalance in your body which can be caused by all sorts of factors.

To protect yourself from further infections, these are the herbal applications that I recommend.

Immunity Kit for Virus Protections

Wild Cherry Bark Special

Wild Cherry Bark Special (in Canada), but called Wild Cherry Bark in the US)  is one of the best virus protections. It is a natural antibiotic and decongestant made from the bark of this tree. It is a good liquid cough mixture and effective natural antibiotic.

One of my clients refers to Wild Cherry Bark as "Magic".

It dissolves mucus, soothes inflamed and irritated membranes, reduces the suffering caused by cough and cold and influenza and also neutralizes toxins

The special version also contains Bilberry, a complex of natural vitamin C. It aids in conditions such as tonsillitis, sore tongue, inflamed gums, laryngitis, typhoid fever, mucus in the respiratory tracts.

It also contains Wild Rose Hips, rich source of natural vitamin C, that strengthens blood vessels, and capillaries, and preventing wrinkling and sagging  of connective tissues in the body.


  • coughs
  • colds
  • whooping cough
  • bronchitis
  • asthma
  • tuberculosis
  • daily recurring fevers
  • lowers high blood pressure
  • loosens and expels 'diseased' mucus from the lungs


Take 20 to 40 drops every hour while awake until you are well. It can also be rubbed onto the chest, back, and throat areas and then kept warm with cloth or bedding. The heat and moisture will help to break up the mucus congestion.


This is great virus protection for your immune system, which is composed of Juniper Berries, Marshmallow, Carpenter's Square, Mullein, Black Cohosh, Sarsaparilla, Sweet Root, and Una de Gato.


  • Juniper Berries provides natural immunity
  • Marshmallow, Carpenter's Square and Mullein are remedies for swollen glands from the neck, underarms, breast and reproductive areas
  • Black Cohosh and Sarsaparilla neutralize all types of poisons that come from snake bites, venereal disease, bacteria, viruses, fungus and infectious yeasts which weaken your immune system.
  • Una de Gato is used to treat arthritis, gastric ulcers, intestinal disorders and certain skin disorders. It also helps to dissolve tumors and increases cellular regeneration and cardiovascular repair

It helps prevent and correct a wide variety of infections, and also helps to neutralize and eliminate poisons of all kind such as bacteria, virus and fungus.

If your tissues need repair, and your immune system is weak, your body cannot cope with infections.

It is important to eat healthy foods and to take at least 5 drops of IM.S.-W daily to build your immune system and for prevention.


This another one of those miracle virus protections which contains Bayberry, Goldenseal, Wood Betony, Gentian, Chickweed and Oregon Grape.


This natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory remedy is needed for sinus congestion, ear infections, allergies and hearing problems. It prevents sinus attacks, rapidly opens breathing passages and restores breathing. S.I.-W liquefies and drains sinus passages.

It may take several days or weeks to break up the chronic and dried sinus deposits but you need to continue this taking 10 to 40 drops 3 times per day until the deposits liquefy and the mucus turns clear

Personally, I have used S.I.-W when I contacted a sinus infection several years ago and this remedy cleared it magically.

How to use externally:

Each night, swab your ear canals with Vitamin E from 100 I.U. capsules to prevent irritation, then insert a cotton ball soaked with S.I.-W into each ear canal.

Change the cotton ball morning and night. Many cases with hearing said that their problems cleared by using this process.

How Sinus Problems Are Caused

There are two reasons for sinus congestion:

  1. Improperly digested food which forms irritants and causes the body to produce mucus to prevent irritation.
  2. Improper bowel management of less than one bowel movement per meal causes the body to use another exit, such as the sinuses to expel wastes.

I suggest that you use a good digest aid when using S.I.-W such as:

  • Milk Thistle,
  • Chicory,
  • D.-W,
  • L.G.-W or
  • ST.-W

and for bowel maintenance:

  • All Cell Salts
  • C.C.E.-W
  • Dep Formula or
  • L.B.R.-W

Nine Uses of Cajeput Oil,
A Necessity for Virus Protections

Lastly, Cajeput Oil is another one of the virus protections which is a natural antibiotic, and antiseptic.


For sinus blockages and headaches.

  • Put 2 to 5 drops in a cup of hot water and breathe in the vapours then drink the liquid.
  • You can also apply it above the eyebrows,
  • each side of the nose, a
  • round the ears, and
  • the temples,
  • at the nape of the neck and
  • all other painful areas

For ear problems, otitis, equilibrium problems: put 1 drop of Cajeput oil in each ear with Vitamin E oil if your ears are sensitive.

For tooth toothaches or tooth abscesses: put 1 drop of Cajeput oil on a cotton ball and place between the gum and cheek and leave it there until you feel relief.

For muscular and joint pains, arthritis, rheumatism and gout: first apply peanut oil or one that you prefer and massage softly with Cajeput oil as often as possible.

For external sores and abscesses that will not heal or skin disorders of all kinds: mix 1 part of Cajeput oil with 3 parts of Olive oil, place a gauze and lay over the area. For Impetigo - contagious skin infection forming pustules, can be fully corrected in a short time with direct applications.

For boils, carbuncles, cuts and scrapes: apply full strength to heal without a scar and to prevent infection.

For Athletes' Foot, Ringworm or other external infections and swellings around the toe of finger nails: apply Cajeput oil directly to area. If dryness occurs, apply Vitamin E oil.

For head lice: mix 1 part of Cajeput oil with 3 parts of Olive oil to the scalp. then 10 days later, shampoo first, then apply again to kill any remaining lice or hatched eggs.

For mosquito and insect bites: apply directly to the area, and to repel mosquitoes and other insects, apply externally to the exposed skin.

I use Cajeput mixed with a little Olive oil in a spray bottle every summer to do my gardening and it works marvelously. 

Peppermint Oil

This oil is used as a sedative, digest aid, heart tonic, to reduce fever and for aroma.


Traditionally, it is used as a digestive aid to relieve indigestion, flatulence, and bloating due to excessive gas, and digestive disorders such as:

  • dyspepsia symptoms
  • irritable colon syndrome
  • gastro-intestinal spasms
  • gastritis and
  • enteritis
  • nausea
  • cramps
  • baby's colic

It is effective in relieving colds and cough symptoms, sore throat, toothaches and earaches.

It also helps to treat respiratory tracts and buccal mucous membrane inflammation.

It can be used as a sedative for nervousness, insomnia, nervous headaches and migraines. To relieve headaches, use topically.


It can be used to treat:

  • dizziness
  • convulsions
  • fainting
  • fevers
  • motions sickness
  • spasms
  • vomiting and
  • heart palpitations

How To Use:

Dilute it in water to treat stomach problems in children, or a touch on the tongue or abdomen of a baby or an adult. It helps to expel painful gases out of the body, calms the stomach and is effective in relieving morning nauseas.

All these remedies are available in large and small sizes so you are able to carry them with you at all times.

You can order by contacting me or through joining the herbal company at

Virus ProtectionsPure Herbs

You can understand why these herbal remedies are important to have in your medicine cabinet not only for virus protections, but also other issues.

You can order by contacting me or by joining and then ordering directly through the herbal company at

Pure Herbs Ltd.

When you contact the company directly, use my name Tanya Tkach and my distribution number 38837.

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