Vision. Intuitions. Twin Flame?

by anonymous


I believe I've met my twin flame. I am very much confused. I first met this guy last year in my cousin's wedding. He is an in-law of my cousin. Before that, I skipped a wedding in 2012 where we could've met. At that time he was in a blossoming relationship. I was in a relationship as well running 2 years at that time.

When we met. I was very much physically attracted to him. But we did not speak much. I was in a relationship at that time.

When my long term relationship ended in Nov. 2013, I thought of him. But deep inside I told myself I am not yet ready for him. But I was mingling with others. I thought I don't want to waste our chance. Come May through common friends, I saw a post in Facebook where he was tagged. I checked his profile. There is this post that very much touched me. At the time, I did not think that we will have anything. Then he added me. I accepted the invite 3 days after. Etc. etc. I thought he was older than me! And he thought I was younger than him!

After 2 months, we went out the first time, but for a 'project' thereafter the connection was intense.

It was so intense we were holding off ourselves. We tried to take things slow. But we really could not. After 2 months we had sex. This is uncommon for me as I do not do it outside a relationship. I do not know for him. Even up to now, thinking of that moment sends me chills!

We are both so confused in the early part. Especially, coming out of a relationship. We both noticed that at times we do 'project', we tend to mirror each others' fears and feelings. As if our deepest issues are being triggered!

I am catholic and he is protestant, but we are both open minded and more on our relationship with God. So between the two of us this has never been an issue. I am just wondering what his 'church flock' would say.

I believe he is my twin flame. And he has been 'running'. I am at the point of just letting things go. I am trying to accept him with his flaws. And love him unconditionally.

We have constant push and pull. Whenever we space out, I learn a lot about myself. I believe I have awakened because of him. He is a philosopher/pastor. I am a self professed counselor. Our connection is deeper than my 3 yr relationship! I so could not believe it! We connected physically, spiritually, and emotionally. He himself is his truest form with me! I can feel he is very happy with me.

After meeting him, I think my world turned around 360 degrees! My old beliefs in relationships, in love and life and religion has changed. And I feel same goes for him!

But things are so painful and he has been so difficult to deal with. He is just mot your typical guy! I believe he has deep seated fears and issues. I believe he is my twin flame. I love him dearly. But should I let him go?

At Easter this year, while awake, I saw a vision of a man dressed all white, but did not see his face, and I just know he is coming. And while I am talking to my ex during our break up, I am excited to actually meet the guy for me. Is he that person?

I went out with others, but even before we've meet in person I strongly feel he is the one for me!

Why am I feeling this way? Is he my twin flame? Should I bear the pain and continue to love him unconditionally? Will things be better?

I know deep inside that he loves me. When I met him, I feel I found 'home', but why are things so hard?

Should we separate? I know there are other guys out there. But I know deep in my heart, I will not experience 'me' with them.

Please help!

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Dec 26, 2014
Visions. Intuitions. Twin Flame?
by: PH

Dearest Shay,

Thank you for your words. It meant something hearing that.

Yes, was so confused. And right now, I've decided to breath. I've calmed down millions vs last time.

It helped that I was able to pour out everything about him...why I acted the way I did that hurt him, and the things that he is doing that leaves me confused as well. I also told him finally what I thought about the relationship.

Though I keep receiving signs that he is the one for me (I wonder why)? I do not have any expectations anymore. I am in a resigned position. I am trying to listen to what my heart and my intuition is telling me.

And yes I will learn to love myself more.

Thank you for the reminder!

Dec 23, 2014
Be Calm
by: Shay

You said you feel confused, and you really do sound confused. When you need someone else to make you feel like yourself, that is telling you something, for if you don't really understand your own will be easily guided and manipulated by others.

Just reading your words and letter, the relationship sounds very burdening to a person.

I encourage for you to be more self confidant, to be yourself, and than look for a partner who can appreciate you for you.

But you have to learn to love yourself more. The right person will make you feel whole and loved, not questioning yourself about yourself.

Many blessings.

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