Voices Driving Me Crazy

by Vivianna

This is my story of hearing voices.

I'm not sure how long ago it all started, but these voices sound like they came from up above, like from the rooftops. There was more than just one, both male & female voices. They constantly insult me and mention names of people close to me, like my son and guys I liked.

I payed no attention at 1st, but some of the things said by these voices stuck in my head & really bothered me. It seemed like someone was following me around, watching my every move.. Which is what I thought was happening.

So I finally told someone, that I think people are hiding out in the Attic of my house watching me & I thought they were trying to kill me...I was kind of Freaking out about it.

The only suggestion was to stay sober or go to the mental hospital. Which I tried both, but it didn't do a damn thing.

I started thinking, who would really go through all this trouble to follow me everywhere I go and waste their time going up & hiding out in the attics of buildings where I went.

I couldn't imagine anyone would actually do all this to me, I'm not rich, nobody with power of any sort. But I still couldn't understand the voices & yet they continued every day to torment me.

Then I noticed, I'm hearing these voices & I'm not even in a building, so where are these people in the Attic trying to kill me...in fact, nobody would be around & I'm outside (no rooftops) and I'm still hearing these annoying voices.

One of the voices, said they were dead people and another said they were DEVIL WORSHIPPERS. These voices were so annoying to me, that I would actually tell them SHUT THE F*** UP!!

I argued with these voices and sometimes they would respond back. I finally came to the conclusion that these voices are not real human beings, but probably evil spirits/demons. And figuring that out,they didn't get to me as much, because these voices scared me so much, I thought someone was trying to murder me.

But spirits can't physically harm humans from what I know, I wasn't so frightened by them. But I can't stand being alone, they attack me a lot when I'm alone. As long as I had someone near by, I could deal with them even as annoying as they are.

But they are embarrassing & so annoying for me, because I constantly hear them I tell people about it & everyone looks at me like I'm some nutcase, the hospital even for diagnosed me as a skitzo. But that's not the case, I know it's not. I know it's dark energies.

I am currently still hearing these voices, I learned to deal with them to an extent so I can compose myself as a "normal" person. But I really don't want to have to hear these annoying voices constantly putting me down & trying to scare me.

I just don't know how to put an end to these voices. They do watch every thing I do, because I heard them say,"they don't know we are watching them". I just heard one voice now, in shock because I'm writing this story now. It's so weird and unbelievable.

They can see what I do and they constantly watch EVERYTHING I do. I hate that feeling of being watched & that feeling has been permanent ever since these voices became a part of my life. I just don't understand. Why me?

What do they want from me?

Most of all I wonder how to put the "voices" to an end. I pray to God,someone reads my story & can help me out, even if someone can relate to me, let me know...I'm not alone, that I'm not a skitzo & there has to be a way to go back living our life without these voices like I once lived.

I miss being the old me, not all weird & NOT embarrassed telling people,"what's wrong with me?"

HELP ME PLEASE, I BEG OF YOU..IN JESUS CHRIST NAME AMEN! Comment me please or email-missviviannamarie@gmail.com

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Feb 10, 2017
Voices Driving Me Crazy
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Vivianna,

I can understand how you are feeling. As you probably know, I heard voices since I was a child, and I went through a period where the voices drove me crazy. There are good and bad spirits, you are not hearing from the good ones.

Since you have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, it is not as bad as you may think. I'm sure the doctors have prescribed a psychotropic drug - it is to help you cope with everyday life.

I have worked with patients who had schizophrenia and they had to take their medications otherwise they would harm themselves or others, I'm not implying that this is the case with you. Since I do not know what level of schizophrenia you have, I cannot advise you what to do. I do know that if you are on medication, and I strongly advise you to try it, you must keep in touch with your primary care physician or the one who has administered the medication, because there is a fine line of how much you need. And you need to talk about your symptoms and the effects of taking the medication.

Since there is an imbalance in the brain, the drugs help to regulate that problem.

There are also other mental illnesses that have hearing voices as a symptom.

I do not have a mental illness, and I have learned to cope with hearing voices. I have learned how to tune them out, and now I only communicate if I want to speak to a particular spiritual guide.

There are some things you can do. A healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, especially leafy greens is highly recommended, and if you smoke, I advise you to stop immediately. A smoking habit can attract certain negative spirits.

You can cleanse your environment with sage, and Dragon's Blood.

Always think positively, and delete all negative thinking. Pray for help, especially to help you understand why and what you are going through.

I strongly believe in the power of prayer.

Sending healing vibrations,

Sending you

Feb 07, 2017
Voices Driving Me Crazy
by: Anonymous

I am truly moved with compassion. I feel for you. How awful that this is happening to you and no one will/can help you.

I don't know if I can but I am going to try. I believe you. You are not crazy. I think some people have a higher calling than most can understand because we are nearing a conclusion of our souls journey here on Earth. You must be very important to the current mass ascension of human souls from 3d to 5d. They wouldn't be trying so hard to destroy your confidence if that wasn't so.

You may think you are a person of little importance but the reason you will be able to help is because you are humble. I have an idea of what you are going through.

The voices I hear are living in my head. At times there were some that were not very nice to me. No one believed me for a long time that I had people living in my head. Some were just scared, some have helped me a lot. I no longer have people in my head that abuse me. It took me trying to figure out how to heal myself. Now I know that it is possible.

I too, desperately reached out for help only to be disappointed every time. I finally realized that I had to do it on my own. The strongest ones must walk their path alone. Your life is a spiritual journey. This is to make you stronger. You will grow to be so strong that those abusers will be too afraid to go near you or be near you for very long.

There are many good resources out there but they took a long time to find. I believe I came across this today so that I could share some with you. I nearly deleted the email this came in but for some reason I couldn't. I decided to read it instead. I hope this doesn't catch you off-guard. In order for this to be valuable to you, there needs to be an open mind and heart. I believe you have these qualities about you. Here is a seed for you to plant. You are a spiritual warrior. You have a very important mission on this Earth.

Feb 07, 2017
by: Shay

Good Day,

it is difficult to get an understanding of what you are exactly experiencing, due to not knowing you, your history, where you live, location itself, etc.. but the two things that come to my mind are:

First: Is where you live bringing this negative energy, could there be a negative energy that may have attached to you? if so, you can maybe find someone who can clear off the energy from where you live and I hate to say but if you can ask a Catholic Priest to do an exorcism for you. You can politely ask a larger catholic church for their guidance.

Second: If these voices are from an illness such as schizophrenia or another illness that is causing you to hear these negative messages, did the medication they give you help stop them? keep in mind that many people with schizophrenia don't allow the meds to help as they stop taking the medications. If meds are helping, than yes maybe the voices are due to chemical imbalance within the brain, which is just another organ hon.

But, for both of these it is going to take your energy to solve them, and they can both be solved and you have to think positive and seek the guidance of people who are able to work with you and help you out.

Don't be afraid, don't panic, and as you said they cannot hurt you but try not to work up yourself to a point of chaos either, because it sounds like you are.

Schizophrenia is an illness we experience, and it is possible to manage with a medication that works for you, and takes these negative symptoms away so it is not bothering your life.

I am leaning towards schizophrenia, as these voices seem very personal and towards you. Bless you as such illness can easily separate you from others. You can find a good psychiatrist in your area, possibly a female one ( read their reviews by others) who is compassionate who can look into your symptoms and treat you.

But, no matter what, know that you will be fine, no need to fear, but just to think wise. I have faith in you and know you will take good care of yourself.

Each morning you can say "May the white light of the holy spirit surround me and bless me, amen" and take it from there.

Keep us posted, never forget you are strong, wise and loving.


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