Discover Benefits of
Walking For Weight Loss 

Walking for weight loss means:

benefits-of-walkingFitness Walking
  • starting a regular schedule of brisk fitness walking 
  • aerobic walking for at least 20 minutes every day and 
  • it is a long term solution to fitness and health.

Note: Consult with your physician first, especially if you are overweight, suffer from cardiovascular or respiratory disease, or have a medically diagnosed problem before you start aerobic walking and a weight loss regimen.

In order to reach the aerobic level of walking – 3.5 to 4.0 miles per hour for about 20 minutes, start out slowly from your back or front door for small increments of distance.

As you increase your distance, you will probably increase your pace and style of walking.

During aerobic walking for weight loss your heart rate is elevated to 60 to 85 percent of its maximum. Below this rate, the exercise will not have an aerobic effect.

Often, I could hear the voice of my spiritual guide, Matoowah, telling me to take a break and to go walking with my dogs.

My Story

Now that I'm 70 years young, I have to walk regularly because everything I do is sedentary. I've put on quite a few extra pounds around the middle area. I find that walking is good for digestion and having good bowel movements.

Unfortunately, I can't get out as frequently as I'd like since I live in snow country with brutally cold winters, but I do yoga, too, which is excellent for the whole body, and gardening in the summer months.

Before Walking for Weight Loss,
Measure Your Resting Heart Rate

It is important before starting out to measure your heart rate so you have something to compare. For example, at 50 years of age your maximum heart rate is 170 and 60 percent of that is 102.

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Advantages of Walking

walking -for-weight-lossWalking
  • take in more oxygen - aerobic means ‘with oxygen’ and when you partake in aerobic walking you naturally take in more air.

As your lungs take in more oxygen, it provides the fuel to burn up the food. Just as oxygen is added to a flame, it burns faster. The same thing applies to your body when you walk briskly

  • good work-out for your lungs - your lungs work as a bellows which supplies the internal fire where food is converted into energy. Walking for weight loss improves the efficiency of your lungs and your whole cardiovascular system (CV).
  • good for your cardiovascular system (CV) - walking is not only good for losing weight, your CV system improves, your blood vessels enlarge and become more elastic, your heart gets bigger and stronger, and your muscles and ligaments are strengthened improving the mobility of your joints, and it helps to stabilize your body and to fight off diseases. Since your muscles need more energy, your stored body fat is broken down and utilized which leads to a reduction in your weight.
  • Your heart and lungs help to determine the fitness of your whole body. A healthy CV system which is improved by the aerobic walking can cope easily with the stress caused by our modern living today. If your CV system is weak, you are prone to:
  1. high blood pressure,
  2. coronary attacks,
  3. colds, viruses, and
  4. other diseases.

Walking For Weight Loss Also
Increases Your Metabolic Rate

Your basal metabolic rate (BMR) is dependent on your weight, height, fitness and body composition and the speed your body burns calories while resting which involves blood circulation, cell growth, digestion, thinking, plus what you need for any type of physical activity.

Aerobic walking speeds up your BMR.

It is the increase in oxygen and increased BMR that burns off calories and keeps them off forever. The increased BMR burns up about 100 calories for every 15 minutes of brisk walking, and the raised BMR can continue to burn off calories for several hours even after you’ve finished walking.

The Benefits Of Walking For Weight Loss

Here’s the problem of dieting without aerobic exercising – you end up losing weight but it lowers your BMR which means that you are maintaining a semi-starvation diet to keep the pounds off.

  • Regular aerobic walking will not only increase your BMR, it allows you to eat well and stay healthy and slim.
  • Of course, this means eating a healthy well-balanced diet, not hamburgers and French fires every day.

    Even though exercise plays and important part in any diet regime, not all exercise is the same.

  • Aerobic walking will burn off more fat than carbohydrates.
  • You can burn off about 300 calories walking briskly at 4 miles an hour for 45 minutes and 180 of these calories will be fat calories.

  • Walking has the greatest effect around the hips and thighs where fat tends to accumulate.

For help with this plan, consider ordering Jessica's 2 DVD's "Walk On: 21 Day Weight Loss Plan" by Jessica R. Smith for beginner's to advanced .

I hope will all this information, you are convinced that walking for weight loss is good for you and you can’t wait to get out and do it. Remember the saying,

A journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step.”

Happy walking!

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