How To Keep  Weight Loss
Motivation Going

Do you constantly lose weight loss motivation?

Even though losing weight is difficult to maintain regularly, it is do-able through using natural herbs such as Hoodia as a natural weight loss supplement.

Motivation for ay project is difficult. I hear the voice of my spiritual guide Matoowah, who often motivates me for things I need to do

In order to lose weight, you need to observe what you eat and when. Many use food as a pacifier - eating when you are discouraged or disappointed with yourself, work or with relationships, or perhaps even stressed.

Are you a ‘snacker’ (like me) eating small amounts of food in front of the TV during evenings? This is the worst time as your digestive system needs a break. Find out about cleansing fast.

Using Food To Feed Your Emotions

Whatever the reasons, you need to be conscious and aware of what you put into your mouth and when during the day. During a weight loss motivation  program, you need to keep track of what foods you are eating and at times during the day.

I can understand how eating for gratification of your emotions has become a pattern. It starts in the home and food plays a huge part child-rearing practices, especially in the European traditions.

During my youth, food was always available at our house, and whenever I was upset, mother always offered food to help me get over whatever was bothering me.

And when mother wasn’t busy in our convenience store, she was usually in front of the kitchen stove cooking and preparing wholesome foods such as Kapusta Soup (Ukrainian soup) which is the best colon cleansing. And whenever we visited friends in our little ‘European Community’, it was impolite to refuse food when offered.

Food was the central attraction for any celebration or gathering. The food at those celebrations was delicious and home-cooked. No one worried about hormones, pesticides and toxins.

Today the style of fast-food eateries has taken over, and with it our weight has increased. It is important to use variation in meal planning and the type of foods that you eat. It is also important to get back to 

  • grass-roots style of eating, and especially
  • listening to your body and only
  • eating when you are hungry.

For Weight Loss Motivation Visit
Local Community Markets

During the summer and fall, do your shopping at the local community markets where farmers and other gardeners offer their fresh produce for sale.

Fruits and vegetable are plentiful that time of year. Look for vegetable farms where you can pick your own vegetable and fruits when in season. Make it a day’s outing with your children.

Here where I live in the country, these fruit-picking farms are available everywhere. If you do not have time to pick any fruit, then stop at a fruit and vegetable stand where their produce is picked daily.

I remember the day I stopped at a vegetable stand near Dunham, Quebec, on my way home from a Fair, to buy vegetables. They had no more cucumbers, which I love. The vendor’s son asked me if I could wait a few minutes, and then left on his 4-wheeler to pick more cucumbers for me. How great is that! Some things are just worth waiting for.

For weight loss motivation – a visit to one of these local community markets or road-side fruit and vegetable stands can really motivate you to eat healthy foods. Some of the vegetables still have the damp earth clinging to their skin. Wow, that’s okay by me.

Write to me about your progress with your weight loss, at contact me

Here are some great weight loss tips.

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