What Are Emotions:
How Do They Affect You?

What are emotions?

This is a complex question since our emotions have evolved with mankind, and for some it is often difficult to express in words what we are feeling. But, our feelings and emotions are what makes us human.

what-are-emotionsWhat are Emotions According to Rumi

To define emotion, one needs to know the James - Lange theory which hypothesizes that physiological change in the body is primary and emotion is experienced when the brain reacts to the information it receives via the nervous system.

Basically, we have emotions to help us cope and express situations in everyday life. They allow us to communicate what we feel toward certain situations, people, things, thoughts, senses, dreams, and memories.

Every cell in the body has an emotional receptor, and to repress emotions such as anger, fear and resentment sets up a dis-function in the system causing stress which takes the form of blockages and insufficient flow of peptide signals to maintain function at the cellular level. This causes weakened conditions that can lead to disease." Research of Candace Pert,PhD.

There are 6 Basic Types of Emotions

Happiness is our reaction to positive things happening in our lives, disgust is our reaction the revolting, and surprise is to the unexpected. Similarly, we react with anger to anything we dislike. We experience fear when we confront anything dangerous, and sadness when we experience loss or major difficulties.

Happy EmotionsHappy Emotions!

Secondary Emotions

Read Esther and Jerry Hicks' book -

"The Astonishing Power of Emotions" which will help you to understand the emotions that you’ve been experiencing.

There are also other interesting books I've added on the Amazon ferris wheel below on the left.      

Instead of the out-of-control, knee-jerk reactions that you may have had to your ever-changing life experiences, you’ll come to appreciate, and make peace with, where you are right now, even though there is so much more that you may desire.

In understanding what are emotions, all your other emotions are varieties or secondary to these basic emotions. For example, depression and grief are different varieties of sadness. Pleasure is a variety of happiness, and horror usually a variety of fear.

Secondary emotions which according to psychologist Robert Plutchik, are formed by combining varying degrees of basic emotions.

For example:

  • surprise and sadness = disappointment,
  • while disgust and anger = contempt. Also, multiple emotions can produce a single emotion, as well.
  • For instance, anger, love, and fear = jealousy.

Each emotion is characterized by physiological and behavioral qualities (these are culturally learned), including those of

  • movement,
  •  posture,
  • voice,
  • facial expression, and
  • pulse rate fluctuation.

In other words, fear is characterized by trembling and tightening of the muscles. Sadness usually tightens the throat and relaxes the limbs.

Surprise is an interesting emotion. It is usually characterized by gaping eyes and a dropped jaw, which only lasts a moment and is always followed by another type of emotion.

We know the physiological symptoms, but the causes and reasons for feeling a particular emotion in each case are different. For example, what love, jealousy, happiness and loss means to one person will mean something different to someone else.

How To Release Anger And Other Toxic Emotions: The Cause of Emotional Disorders

In what are emotions, anger is one of the most deadly emotions that many people have difficulties expressing, and is usually the underlying cause of many problems in daily life.

To find our more information how emotions affect your health, read emotions and health.

Anger is a problem not only in North American culture, but in others cultures as well. That is why we have so many difficulties between countries.

Much of the work I do with clients involves releasing anger and overcoming grief.

Emotional Healing

On a personal note, I had no idea that my physical pain, especially in my back and stomach was caused by holding so many blocked emotions. Read more about back pain in healing back pain. Trying to control your emotions only leads to sickness.

When you heal your emotions, you heal your body.

It takes deep awareness to wrap your brain around that concept. Read controlling emotions.

In order to understand what are emotions, you need openness and patience. Many of our emotions are psychologically deep and appear in layers.

Just when you think you have eliminated all of your anger, it rears it's ugly head again. We are complex.

I feel very fortunate that I have started this work on myself and continuing to do so, and I feel blessed that I can share my experiences and my methods of healing with you.

What Are Emotions: Many Of Us Are Carrying Layers

The layers of emotions comes from all the various situations in this life time and other life times where you either swallowed or ignored them.

  • A habit of swallowing your feelings could be a pattern of your upbringing - a habit learned from your parents.
  • If you are constantly angry or unhappy, it's time to go within and to reflect about situations that caused these painful emotions.
  • Go back to your childhood. You may discover that you suffered from some type of emotional child abuse.

I know it can be painful to do this work, but suffering from poor health is a huge price to pay. Don't you feel that you are worth taking the time and effort?

Releasing the emotions is like peeling an onion. Yes, there are tears, but tears are healing.

Remember it has taken years to get you to this point, so a few tears is not a huge price to pay, pain and illness is.

If you need help in dealing with repressed emotions through one or a series of sessions, which I have on special till June 21st, contact me through online counseling by pressing click me or pay directly through PayPal for a healing session.

As Buddha said,

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.

God's Answer To What Are Emotions

It is a physical state that a person is in; for example ‘a state of shock’ which causes certain changes in the physical body and which arouses various feelings in each individual. An emotion will determine how a human is feeling and how he or she will react to another human being.

In order for a human being to have an emotion, they have to be open to the process. If a person is shut down, all their centers are closed, they will not experience an emotion – their senses will not be able to respond so one will not know what he or she is feeling.

When I asked Him what causes a person to shut down, He replied that it is caused by severe abuse which is usually repeated over time. Read emotional child abuse.

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