Do You Know What Causes Cancer?

When I think about, "What causes cancer," I wonder how any of us can survive the daily onslaught of chemical toxins within our environment, (our living spaces both work and home), our household products, and our food.

My spiritual guide told me recently that one of the causes of cancer comes from processed and fast food.

What Causes CancerArtificial Sweeteners

Dr. David Brownstein says that the sad American diet (SAD) is the major cause of cancer which is full of artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame which is suspected of causing brain cancer, refined sugars and oils, and soy products. And all the fruits and vegetables are sprayed with dangerous pesticides causing high levels of toxicity within our body.

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Also, read what Dr. Mercola writes about toxic food:

common food that radically increases your cancer risk.

Plus, you need to be aware and release all the negative emotional toxins that you may be carrying within that consumes your energy, body and soul. See my releasing technique.

The toxicity created by negative emotions contributes to imbalances in our system which in turn cause illnesses.

I feel so strongly about the erosion of toxic emotions upon our system, it's like the last straw (cancer) that breaks the camel's back.

Cancer Doubled In 30 Years

Cancer has doubled in the last 30 years and it will probably double again between 2000 and 2020. Dr. Mercola says that cancer is caused by man-made diseases and it starts from environmental and lifestyle choices such as

  • pesticide and other chemical exposures
  • pharmaceutical drugs
  • processed and artificial foods, plus the chemicals in packaging
  • obesity, stress, and poor sleeping habits
  • wireless technologies and medical diagnostic radiation exposure
  • lack of sunshine exposure (maximum about 20 minutes per day) and use of sunscreens

You can check out his important article concerning one of the root causes of cancer at

root cause of cancer.

Three Factors That Will Minimize
What Causes Cancer

Dr. Mercola also says that the following advancements are not accepted by the medical establishment:

  • Vitamin D - read about the importance of Vitamin D for your body and which diseases it prevents at 
vitamin D is the key.
  • Normalizing your insulin levels - according to Dr. Ron Rosedale, high levels of insulin can cause major damage to your body. Read about the 
metabolic effects of insulin on your body.
  • Exercise - it can cut your cancer risk drastically, plus other changes that will minimize cancer.

Also read

12 changes that will reduce your cancer risk by half.

Besides following the above factors in what causes cancer, I believe in the power of herbs for healing your body. You can also read about cancer fighting herbs.

Communicating with God About Causes of Cancer

I received confirmation of this feeling during one of my conversations with God. Since I re-connected with my ability of hearing voices, I am communicating with God.

In this conversation with Him, He is basically saying the same thing about what causes cancer.

Furthermore, I feel that the dominant underlying toxic emotions of cancer are fear and anger which are deep-seated and suppressed . When you transmute your fears and toxic emotions, you will eliminate the cause of your disease. When you

Heal your emotions, you will heal your body.

It's very important to talk to your cells and your DNA, give them the direction to go back to the time when you were young and without disease in your body. In other words, ask your cells to return to their healthy state. I know you may think this sounds far fetched, but our thoughts - our minds controls our body.

During one of my discussions with God at communicating with God concerning illness, here is what He said about what causes cancer. (God's answer in italics)

God's Answer:

Back to your question concerning what causes cancer; everyone has cancer cells in their body. Actually the potential for every disease is in everyone’s body. There are many factors that contribute to having cancer.

A person could have a predisposition for the disease, meaning that it is in their genes or their DNA and in that case, one needs to be aware of that and pay extra attention for taking care of the body.

Everyone needs to take care of his/her body by eating healthy foods and keeping a balance of eating the right amounts.

Your Thoughts And Behavior Can
Contribute to Illness

People also need to be aware of their thoughts and behavior. If they are carrying too many negative emotions such as fear and anger and resentment in their minds, it gets transferred to their bodies.

This can upset the body’s balance. Once there is an imbalance in the system, any disease can take over the body.

Yes, that makes sense, Father, but what can one do to prevent cancer?

Spiritual Connection

God's Answer:

Today, many have forgotten about their spirituality and their connection to me, the source, and when that happens, one becomes too involved in the material life.

By that I mean that one places more attention into gaining power and wealth and accumulation of physical things that one doesn’t really need. How many possessions does one need to be happy?

Wanting more material possessions causes an imbalance in one’s life because there is no end to gaining possessions. The desire for more possessions leads to unhappiness.

One starts to overwork which causes more stress on the body and in the family relationships because no one is ever satisfied with what one has. This becomes a vicious cycle.

Man needs to release his attachment to physical possessions and to start taking care of the things that are important like his health and family, and also to regain his connection with me, the source.

What Causes Cancer Wake-Up Call

Any disease, such as cancer, is acquired through neglect and is a wake-up call for one to realize that whatever he or she is doing is not working.

At this point, one’s life is unbalanced which caused an imbalance in the body. Man needs to realize that happiness does not come from owning material possessions.

How To Heal Cancer According To God

Regarding what causes cancer, how does one heal one’s self once cancer becomes prevalent in the body?

God's Answer:

First of all, one needs to take a good look at one’s habits and patterns and start changing those that are unhealthy, also take a good look at all levels of one’s being.

Eating properly and exercising is not enough. One’s thoughts are also food for the body. If one is filled with anger and hate and resentment, the body becomes infected too.

If one is living in either a toxic family situation or in an environmentally toxic area, one needs to take drastic measures. It is important to examine everything in one’s life, and then make the necessary changes.

Also depending on how far the cancer has developed, surgery may be necessary.

Need To Make Changes In Your Life

But first, the most important thing, as I mentioned earlier, is to take a critical look at one’s life, then start making the necessary changes. There are many healers and therapy groups that one can attend to help heal the body, mind and soul.

Cancer and any other diseases are a signal that one needs to change all that is unhealthy in his or her life. Drastic changes are necessary in order to give the body a chance to heal.

It is important to have the body, mind and soul working in harmony with one another. Furthermore, do not forget the power of prayer.

Thank you Father.

Here is a link to a specific chemotherapy treatment option:

What is genetically targeted fractionated chemotherapy?

Links Related to What Causes Cancer Available in the 3rd Column

You can read about the techniques I use to help clients heal their body from toxic emotions and illnesses

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