What Causes Stress?

What causes stress? The biggest cause is anything that puts high demands on you or forces you to adjust.

These days there are many causes that are beyond our control such as difficult marriages, demanding jobs or the loss of:

  • financial insecurity,
  • the economy and
  • your health.

Stress is can also be caused by your perception of it. Something that's stressful to you may not faze someone else, they may even enjoy it.

For example you may enjoy training for a marathon whereas someone else may find this extremely stressful.

What causes stress could be a long commute to work. Traffic could make you feel anxious and tense and you may worry that it will make you late for work, whereas someone else may find the trip relaxing because they enjoy listening to their favorite music while they drive.

What causes stress does not only include negative situations, but could also be positive events such as getting married, buying a house, going to college, or receiving a promotion.

According to Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory The Top Ten Causes Of Stress are:
  1. Spouse’s death
  2. Divorce
  3. Marriage separation
  4. Jail term
  5. Death of a close relative
  6. Injury or illness
  7. Marriage
  8. Fired from job
  9. Marriage reconciliation
  10. Retirement

What Causes Stress Could Be Personal

  • Your health, especially if you have a chronic illness such as heart disease, diabetes, or arthritis.
  • Emotional problems, such as anger you can't express, depression, grief, guilt, or low self-esteem.
  • Your relationships, such as having problems with your relationships or feeling a lack of friendships or support in your life.
  • Major life changes, such as dealing with the death of a parent or spouse, losing your job, getting married, or moving to a new city.
  • Stress in your family, such as having a child, teen, or other family member who is under stress, or being a caregiver to a family member who is elderly or who has health problems.
  • Conflicts with your beliefs and values. For example, you may value family life, but you may not be able to spend as much time with your family as you want.

Social And Job Issues Could Also Be
  What Causes Stress

Your surroundings. Living in an area where overcrowding, crime, pollution, or noise is a problem can create chronic stress.

What Causes StressStress at Work

Your job. Being unhappy with your work or finding your job too demanding can lead to chronic stress. Learn how to manage stress at work.

Your social situation. Being poor, feeling lonely, or facing discrimination based on your race, gender, age, or sexual orientation can add stress to your life.

Stress is a normal part of our everyday life. In small quantities, stress can be good -- it can motivate you and help you be more productive.

However, if you have too much stress in your life, it can be harmful. It can lead to poor health as well as specific physical or psychological illnesses like infection, heart disease, or depression. Read, how stress can affect your health.

Persistent and unrelenting stress often leads to anxiety and unhealthy behaviors like overeating and abuse of alcohol or drugs.

Recommendation: If you notice that your behavior has changed and you are experiencing physical symptoms such as rapid heart beat, make an appointment to see your doctor as quickly as possible.

It would also be a good idea so sit down and make a list of factors that you feel may be causing the biggest causes of stress in your life.

Herbs that Help Relieve
What Causes Stress

Here are herbal remedies to help relieve the biggest causes of stress in your life that I distribute through Pure Herbs Ltd. Here are 3 herbal combinations that I recommend:

  1. S.M.F.-B which contains 100% herbal mixture of: Rice Bran, Wild Rose Hips. C.A.-W, UR-W, Pleurisy Root.

This formula supplies an organic source of Calcium, B-Complex and Vitamin C with other associated vitamin and mineral complex for those "rough days". This combination calms the nerves when you are over taxed and pushed. S.M.F.-B assists in the removal of fluid build up and keeps the kidneys, heart and lungs clean and functioning properly.

  2. Formula #3 which is a life-saving combination especially made to help those suffering from stress, chronic fatigue and exhaustion. It helps to bring back energy, stamina, vitality as well as helps to re-balance the complete body functions.

    It contains:
    • Bee Pollen effective in cases of fatigue and lack of energy, it also stabilizes and corrects low blood sugar.
    • Siberian Ginseng has been used for centuries to provide energy and to help fight stress. It also provides a stronger nervous system and well-nourished adrenal glands.
    • Licorice Root has an energizing effect on the body. ancient civilizations used Licorice to combat the ravishes of stress. It feeds the adrenals glands, helps to restore hormonal balance, eliminate stress, regularize blood sugar and bring the entire system into better balance and promotes well-being.

  3. Golden Bough lowers chronic high blood pressure due to nervous tension and to correct balance problems, epilepsy, convulsions, nervous system instability, anxiety, paralysis, weak pulse, poor outflow of blood with each heart contraction (can be tired from walking across the room), enlarged heart and water retention. It has also been used for arteriosclerosis, nephritis and internal hemorrhage. It is also a storehouse for mineral zinc which prevents the formations of certain cancers.

Note: In Germany, golden bough is given medically to post-operative cancer patients to raise their immunity and thus prevent the recurrence of cancer. There are more herbs at herbs for stress, link in the 3rd column.

I am also a distributor of these herbal formulas from  

Herbes Pures in Canada.

You can contact me. to order or for more information.

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