What Is Anger?

What is anger showing us? First let us first define anger:

It is an emotion  related to one's psychological interpretation of having been offended, wronged, or denied and a tendency to react through retaliation

Anger is a lower vibration that is everywhere in our environment and in some cases consuming entire countries. To raise the vibrations in our atmosphere, each person needs to do his or her own individual work in learning about their toxic emotions such as anger, and then learning how to  release it.

what-is-angerWhat is Causing Your Anger?

If you would like more information on what is underlying your cause of anger and help in releasing it, contact me for a session.

Here is What You Can Do

This is one of my tips from anger management techniques in how to let go of anger.

If you are feeling angry or are triggered by someone's anger, read anger triggers, go within and release the toxicity of anger into Divine Light (you don't want the toxic vibrations in the atmosphere).

By doing this little exercise, you automatically raise the vibrations in your environment.

To understand how you can release your anger, read letting go of anger.

When you or someone you know is angry, this intense emotion is an external signal revealing that there is much pain underneath.

Anger is only the reaction – the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot of emotional baggage from experiences underlying the anger.

An angry person is not exploring their emotions, they are exploding from the intense pressure inside

Here is what Gary Zukav says about anger from his book “The Heart of the Soul”:

"Anger lashes out at a target which could be another person, a group of people or the Universe. It is righteous and self-important. It does not listen to, respect or care about others. It makes others wrong, inferior or inadequate. Anger only cares about itself. It wants what it wants when it wants it, and on the terms that it wants it."

Here is what is anger showing us: Those who are angry do not really know what they are feeling except the rage that is exploding within them. Anger is very destructive leaving only damage behind. The anger within one is the barrier of the real emotions lying underneath.

What is Anger - Lack of Love

An angry person is not a loving person. The anger that one feels is isolating. It pushes away exactly what the person wants – companionship and understanding.

Anger is the agony of believing that you are not capable of being understood, and that you are not worthy of being understood. G. Zukav

So now you know that underneath the anger is pain and lack of self worth, and along with that goes fear.

What is important is that the one who is angry starts to explore the emotions underlying his or her anger - to go through and discover what is causing the pain and the fear and where it originated. This usually comes from childhood.

Anger Is A Behavioral Pattern

Perhaps the anger is

  • a learned behavior that a young child picks up from their parents or caregivers. If a young child is experiencing anger surrounding them
  • it will produce fear within the child. Often times, the child will feel that he or she is
  • the cause of the anger between the parents.

You can read more about the cause of anger. You need to release your angry feelings each time it comes up. You can read about my technique of releasing at letting go of anger.

Once you understand the technique and start to work with it. You can release all the other hurtful emotions such as anger, jealousy, resentment, sadness. There are many layers of each emotion. Once you start working with your negative emotions, it is like peeling an onion.

As I mentioned in other articles, we are all in earth school and the Universe provides us with many life lessons over and over again until we start walking in our own power.

So next time when you are wondering, "What is anger?" think about a lesson that is showing us (I say 'us' because we all have anger on some level within) what we need to work on.

You can have a better understanding about what is anger if you read how anger affects your health in depression and anger.

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  • anger triggers

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