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What is KarmaKarma and Stars

What is karma and what exactly does it mean?

The word 'karma' comes form the Sanskrit word - 'kri', meaning to do. But it also means the result of an action. I  believe that we are responsible for what we do in life and therefore, what life brings to us.

Also, whatever we did in past life times, we will experience it again in this life time.

With the constant star surges that we are experiencing, the star intelligence is triggering us to do our inner cleansing.

For more information on karma meaning, read meaning of karma.

Situations don't just happen by chance. We cause them to happen by our thoughts and deeds.

Whatever we think and whatever we do creates vibrations in the atmosphere and the universe around us resulting in an imprint of ourselves.

If our thoughts are controlled by anger, resentment and jealousy, we create and attract those types of situations towards ourselves.

On the other hand, if we have kind, loving and compassionate thoughts, we will perform actions reflecting those emotions which in effect we will also attract towards ourselves.

Law of Karma

These types of actions illustrate the law of karma which is the chain of cause and effect.

The effects of our actions or karma may return instantly, later in life, or in another life time (reincarnation) giving us the opportunity to grow spiritually, and to become one with the Higher Power or God.

What better time to work on what is our karma with Pluto in Capricorn where it has been since November 26th, 2008 and will continue till March 23rd, 2023. This is a time for great transformation since Pluto is the “Great Transformer”.

It changes, and reshapes, remakes and transforms whatever it is currently impacting, it will bring changed  energy to those areas that Capricorn rules, which are:

  • The economy, corporations, banking and big business.
  • Government and its policy, influence and actions at all levels (local, national and global).
  • Politics and political activities (i.e. elections, voting issues, law, etc.).
  • Societal laws, rules and regulations.
  • Churches and organized religion, dogmas and rituals they adhere to.
  • The patriarchal system in general.

And we are seeing governments toppling and other changes happening in the political systems all over the world. Look at what's happening in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church?

The sign of Capricorn also rules karma and the results of past actions. So nothing goes unaccounted for and so now, and in the following 8 years, this is the time of atonement for past actions.

For example, look at what's happening with Bill Cosby in the news - Karma has caught up with him.

My understanding of reincarnation comes from my own experiences in this life time. For the past few years, I've been reviewing several of my past lives through the help of my guides and God.

Past Lives

This process usually starts from an encounter with a stranger who triggers an emotional reaction within me, which is more often than not, a negative reaction.

Through the process of finding and releasing the emotion, I discover the causes of the emotion and find that I've had a past life with that particular person.

You can read more about past lives at discover past lives.

I've also found out that I have committed many thoughtless and hurtful deeds to others . Again, I have found out through triggers - emotions I don't quite understand from those I have met.

Once I have found out my past life circumstances with those I have hurt, it helps me to understand my relationships and reasons for my behavior towards each individual. It also helps me to answer the question, "What is Karma?".

Finding out about your past lives is an amazing road to self-discovery and spiritual growth and enlightenment.

For example, I've had many past lives with my now deceased partner. If I had know what I know now when he was alive, it becomes difficult to even imagine what our life would have been like.so many issues happened between us that I did not understand at the time.

But, I know this, he is one of the few persons that has impacted my life tremendously. Yes, at times I wish he were still alive today. On the other hand, I understand why our time together was so short.

You can read about our relationship and how I coped with the loss of three of the most important people in my life, in my book "That Damn Voice Again, Communication From Beyond".

What is karma?

This is taking my life time for me to figure out and it is an amazing and thought-provoking journey. I never know who I am going to meet, but I know this - it is meant to happen.

I keep my heart and mind open as I've experience that life is a bumpy road and there is so much to learn from each bump. And if you approach each situation with the questions, "Why is this in my life now?" and "What will I learn from this situation?" it all becomes and exciting journey.

To recap of the influence of  Pluto's energies:

  • Things come to the surface that have been hidden.
  • What you have outgrown, or no longer serves your spiritual journey and evolution, comes to light.
  • Powerful transformations will occur at many levels.
  • Increased feelings of being overwhelm, panicked or fearful or a general, non-specific unease may occur during this time.
  • It becomes increasingly clear that some basic restructuring of your life is necessary.

Themes that you need to be aware of are:

  • completions,
  • atonement of karmic cycles,
  • death,
  • rebirth,
  • renewal,
  • deep healing,
  • regeneration, and a
  • focus on what is most essential to you feeling alive.

Now that you have a good idea of what is karma, check out my page on lifes lessons. My experiences has led me to believe in karma.

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