What's The Deal With This Weird Sensation?

I own a Unakite pendulum. I don't use pendulums much, but I decided to break one out and test some things. I made sure that it was cleansed and I asked for protection.

It started off fine. It would cooperate and answer fairly quick. It was going alright until I brought up questions about relationships. I had a paper with two names and asked a few things about them. Sometimes it wouldn't answer me or give me answers that I knew weren't true. Then I would get odd tingles shot into my arm. I gave up and put it away.

However, afterwards, it felt like my body was swaying back and forth (even though I wasn't). Like I was caught in some waves and it felt like my mind was getting fuzzy. I had sage in my room and stones just a bit ago.

I feel much better now, but I want to know what that was about. I've had a similar experience in the past with a different pendulum.

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Apr 22, 2016
I Can Hear The Angels
by: Anonymous

I just wanted to say The stories here are amazing...just amazing that we can hear the Angels.

I hear the Angels singing every night, afternoon and mornings...the Angels can just take one word and sing it many different ways...highest of the high and the lowest of the lows (octaves)...so, so beautiful. But, I wanted to share with you that...I can also hear speaking as the Angels continue to sing. I can't make out what's being said, but it's a muffled sound...the voice sometimes sounds like my mother's voice.

Lately, I've been hearing this voice...I wondered if you can hear speaking too...I also want to share with you...That you can record the Angels singing, I did...and they never stopped. And yes you can hear them too...

Apr 20, 2016
What's The Deal With This Weird Sensation?
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster


The weird sensations you were feeling could have come from a spirit in your room.

If you are sensitive, you will feel when a spirit enters your space. It has to go back home. If that is the case, light a white and blue candle and do this basic blessing:

Please bless all disembodied spirits who are trapped or lost in this space and send them into the light or to the most appropriate place for them at this time."

Or, you can ask Archangel Michael to please escort the spirit to the most appropriate place at this time, to cleanse your room, and balance the energy in the room. You also need to release any vibrations you may have picked up from the spirit. You can smudge yourself and your room with sage, cloves, Bay leaves

Your body can also dowse by acting like a pendulum swaying forwards and backwards or side to side. Practice with your body and see how it responds to "yes" and "no" answers.

You can also dowse using your fingers. Make a circle with your right index finger and your thumb, then put your 1st and 2nd fingers of your left hand in the circle, or clasp your left index finger and thumb through the circle you made with your right index finger and thumb. Then ask your question. Usually, a "no" response breaks the left circle of your left index finger and thumb and a "yes" keeps the left circle of your left index finger and thumb in a locked position.

When you ask questions, make sure they are clear and not misleading, and that you focus on your question, not the response you want. It helps to write out your questions.

One more thing, if you have stones, do not place them altogether. Some cannot be in the same place touching each other, and clean them regularly.

Sending light and love,

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