When You Talk to God It's Prayer, When God Talks to You: Insanity

by Jamie
(Left of Mars)

Were the prophets insane or do the powers of darkness control our brains?

To refuse to hear the voice of conscience or intuition...to fear diving below the surface of things and forsake our holy mission...

If I heard voices I'd be lying and I don't. I have seen visions and upon closing my eyes and relaxing, breathing, relaxing slowing down and letting sight overtake me, a paisley screen of energy and very large inanimate shapes in deep 3 dimensional perspective. If I lied I'd say I heard voices when I didn't.

I've heard music in the distance repeating and imprinted on the air. Floating out like an echo kite. Echo kite, floating out of the atmosphere.

If the prophets refused to listen what then? Would it be a virtue or a sin?

Looking through a window of time I saw in vision a family minus a daughter, just the mother and the father sitting down to dinner in a solemn way. I saw the daughter alone in a room, closed door, looking up into the sky at me but then past me seeming to pray. Seeming to be in great distress over something grave. But in my mind since that time it has passed away.

I took a billion dollars and climbed a windy hill. Let it go float over the town and descending, land wherever it will. Most was raked up with October's leaves and pitched into the outside hearth. Money doesn't fall from the sky every fool knows that.

Imagination was the gift stolen first. We can't seem to imagine the best, but over and over again we are shown the worst until it becomes the only possibility.

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