Who is My Twin Flame?

by Kirsty
(Cannock )

I worked for a guy for about 2-3 years and in total I have known him for 5 years, but I left to have my baby...with my then boyfriend who I was with 3 years and he was my first love.

But back to my boss. I always felt a spark with him, he always made my stomach do somersaults and I was always very nervous and I always wondered if we would ever be together. He was with a girl for 10 years, and I had just had a baby so I thought there was no hope, but 10 months ago I started working for him again and I hadn't spoken to him in 2-3 years, and all my feelings came rushing back!

But I was with my new boyfriend and we've been together 2 years and he raised my son, so I thought oh no! My feelings have come back and I have a boyfriend. But we both admitted our feelings to one another and we started seeing each other, I finally had what I'd always wanted! I was so happy, but I left and went back to my boyfriend who helped me raise my child.

That was 7 months ago, and I still haven't spoken to him. And I'm so heart broken! I've made myself move on from him so I can carry on with my life, and try and fix things with my boyfriend as I left him. But subconsciously I cannot move on from him! I've tried to get in touch, but he won't have any of it, I wonder if I have always loved him.

The thing is I haven't learned anything being with him in that short few weeks, where as my other boyfriends I have always learned something.

So was he my soul mate? Did we have a short few weeks together to show the we like each other, but we still have lessons to learn, so we parted and will come together again? Why do I have such a connection with him? How can I be so upset and heartbroken over someone I barely had?

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Jun 09, 2014
Who is My Twin Flame?
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hi Kirsty,

It's obvious that you are both not ready to be with one another. Yes, the feelings are strong with a twin flame, it is something that you will have to accept.

In the meant time, you have work to do in this life time, as does your twin. When the time is right and when you are both ready, you will be together.

I cannot predict when that will happen as it depends on the readiness of the both of you.

You need to go within yourself Kirsty and find out who you are and what your lessons are during this life time.

Trust your intuition. Meditate daily, and before each meditation ask an important question - for example, something concerning yourself, your relationship, your child, your lesson. And ask that you receive the answer perhaps during or after the meditation or in a dream.

Sending light and love,

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