Why Do I Get Chills When Using a Pendulum?

by Jaydee

I have only recently started using a pendulum and notice that I feel a strange chill along my arms and sometimes along my whole body when using a pendulum...

I believe the chill is an energy, but is it my energy or another energy?

What do you think?

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Aug 15, 2015
Chills When Using the Pendulum
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster


Feeling chills could be either from positive or negative vibrations.

I have felt the chills, but various kinds. It is important to know yourself and your reactions so you know what the chills represent.

It is important to find what is causing the chills by asking particular questions.

Sending light and love,

Aug 14, 2015
The Chills While Scrying (Working the Pendulum)
by: Dino Tenpoint C.

If you experience the sensation of "chills" while working your pendulum, allow yourself to accept this sensation as positive energy.

This will (usually) take practice. When you can accept this feeling involuntarily,(without trying) you will be bound and aligned with your pendulum, and in turn it will be bound with you.

The "chills" are from your energy bristling from within. Ready, willing, and exited to function, as they have always been intended to. If you hesitate, or resist this feeling you could possibly hinder your true energy and its ability to thrive and or grow to full potential.

This is not your fault nor is it a shortcoming in your effort in becoming a being of light. This is a learned behaviour, passed down for many generations.

Allow the "chills" to exist, don't force them, or fear them. Eventually they will feel like breathing feels. NATURAL NORMAL and EXTRAORDINARY.

Remember to be ever thankful for ALL your gifts, nurture them and cherish your ability to develop the skills that have been hidden from us for centuries.

Blessed Be

Nov 18, 2014
Why Do I Get Chills When Using a Pendulum?
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Jaydee,

Yes, there is a presence there, and I believe it is your spiritual guide who is there to help you.

Please remember to ask for protection and to clear yourself, your space and pendulum each time you use it. Follow my directions on my pendulum page.

Sending light and love,

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