Why Is It So Easy To Doubt Myself,

by Shay

Dearest Tanya,

in 2007 I came across to trance mediumship, at that time the first spirit I spoke with was Augustus, than I met my spirit guide, than I find that I communicate with the spirit of our loving creator. The first couple of years it was much easier for me, I spent more time, I guess because I was more excited too...I entered a trance state and recorded my conversations. They were and are very gentle, loving, kind, encouraging , etc.. and I still am in the process of developing. i.e. I get my communication via "a sense of knowing", words like flow into my mind, using my vocab. etc.. at times the sound of voice may differ, or the emotion,

Now, I still love, I mean love communication with Father God and my spirit guide too...and I feel like I kind of grew up. I find my trances very soothing, relaxing and maybe even healing in its own way...

But, Tanya, even though since 2007 I have done this, I still many times get wrong messages, my name and number information is never correct , and expecting more evidential information I get a bit disappointed and begin to doubt myself.

However, reading, listening to all my past communications...Tanya I know these are all given to me...and I know I am communicating with loving spirits, but I still get hard on myself...and I wonder why am I not "more" evidential, ...

I don't even know what I am asking for, but not many people can understand me, because my experience is so different and beyond comprehension.. that I guess also not having anyone to reflect with it is easier to doubt myself.

I will soon re-start doing my group readings, using trance but.. I am hard on myself and I get angry at myself for not being more evidential to people.. i.e. one time I was doing a free/love reading for a sweet lady, who lost her adult daughter, the lady asked, "How is mark?" and I thought the spirit had said, "Here is here with me." but, this child was not on the other side Tanya, and I told the lady this... and I was wrong..

I am a "very" honest person , and such things are real hard on me.. I start doubting and not feeling good about my skills..

Tanya, I don't do readings for money, I do it as a way to help heal hearts, I work as a social worker which I love my profession, so it is a humanitarian help I like to offer.

How, when, can you talk a bit of development... I have seen and been to hear other mediums in past, and I feel like people, some, are fishing for information, for this reason I like trance, as the spirits control what is coming out of my mouth...and seeing them, I don't know how they do what they do... but, I am probably as evidential, if not more, than they...but, not enough for my expectations.

ANY advice, wisdom...I am soon, in May going to do group reading, via trance, and I need to do them more, in order to get more comfortable in this role...but any wisdom you can shed?

Thank you and bless you, for always being kind to all souls who write in your blog, and you are always gentle and supportive...I read them at times and always admired your sincerity...



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Apr 13, 2013
Why Is It So Easy To Doubt Myself,
by: Tanya Tkach (Webmaster)

Hello Shay,

Thank you for your kind words.

We all doubt ourselves at one point or another in our lives, it happens to me, but not so often now.

It is important to trust in your intuition for it will never let you down. The one thing I want to remind you though is the necessity of cleansing your space and yourself before you communicate in the spiritual realm. There are always negative souls, and lost souls who will try and lead you astray and try and interrupt your communication.

It is important to be grounded and cleansed at all times.

Release all negativity from all levels of your being and any doubts about yourself and your abilities. My releasing technique is at releasing

Meditate daily and ask for help in letting go of all self doubt.

Do not get down on yourself, that is negative thinking and it attracts more negativity.

Bless you for helping others.

Sending light and love,

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