Why Prayer?

by Naomi Cook
(New York, USA)

Why pray, because prayer is powerful. Prayer is wonderful and amazing. Prayer is one of the amazing and believable ways to speak with God. Prayer is an ultimate solution to our needs, dreams as well as to our problems.

Prophets came to our lives in order to pray for us, be our guidance and mentor. Because prayer is the only way and no other way, Prophets believes that this is the most powerful and miraculous things to do.

Because prayer established our relationship with God. We pray for the forgiveness of our sins. We pray for our friends, family, and others. We pray for those who do not know God. We pray for our world leaders. We pray for thanksgiving and praise. We pray to give us direction, wisdom, knowledge. We pray for His provision.

Because prayer is define as a way of talking to God. We can simply pray in our own word as long as it comes from our heart with our good intentions. When we pray, we pray to our Father. So only mention his name. No other name but Jesus.

We know the word "prayer" but do we know how to apply it in our daily lives. In reality, we are being conquered of the busy days; busy at work, busy preparing breakfast every morning for our kids to get ready for school. We are busy seeking money and forgot seeking God. God says, "Seek Ye first in the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all this things shall be added unto to you".

God hear all our prayers. Small or big prayers, God have no limitations to answer prayer. Your prayer can be unlimited as long as you know whom you are praying to.

To God, your prayer is all possible to be answered just have faith in Him.

The more specific your prayer is, the more definite He will answer. For instance, pray for a new house where you can have comfortable living. Pray that you want to be a teacher or a doctor. Pray for financial, that you need that much of money. You can also mention how much to be very specific and God will make a way on how you can have answers for those prayer.

As we believe that all our prayers are being heard by God, trust and let it be done by Him. Avoid fears and worries because that shows unfaithful beliefs. When we call Him, trust on Him completely, leave it to Him.

Now, when you begin to submit your prayers, you open yourselves into the worlds of victory and success. You open yourselves into a reality of seeing your answered prayer even if you haven't asked it yet. You will realize it was being granted and designed.

God is really not changing; He is not rejecting us from his Kingdom. Continue to pray and give praise to him that He may open his doors. God is pleased when we do praise and worship through our prayers. We are blessed because there is a way called “prayer” and it is prayer that faithfully works. Prayers that are designed to be answered by God and giving the privilege to converse with Him.

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Prayers Promote Healing
by: Anonymous

My prayers feel like conversations, and so I love to pray. I feel that God does not care how I pray, he is always welcoming me to join him in thought.

Prayers are like a direct connection with God, each prayer is heard. There are times when answers to prayers may not come out the way we want, but through our faith we know that all things work out for the greater good. God always listens.

Thank you for the lovely article.

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