by Stefanie Brown
(Lemoyne, PA)


2013 is a year of MAJOR changes. It is a season of growth. It is a renewal of what was. "A renewal of what was" means that there was a time in your life where you were strong, when you felt invincible.

The years have seemed to drain that "life" from you and that moment in time seems but a flicker of a flame, but 2013 is going to renew your strength so that that "invincible" feeling is going to be magnified 100 fold.

You may laugh right now because you feel as if there is no way, not even a glimmer of hope that that could be possible, but I tell you it is real.

2013 is the year women reach their full potential. No matter what lies ahead of you, you can be sure WOMEN OF STRENGTH will emerge with the KEYS IN THEIR HANDS for this year, 2013.

Changes are on the horizon.

We are taking back what the enemy stole and this includes our joy, our hope, our mission, our courage, our vision, our oneness, our fortitude.

We are no longer believing any lies of man, but we go forward with the eyes of the Lord and our strength lies in the Joy of the Lord, with the keys of wisdom that He alone gives us, no other. We are solid in our footing and sure in our step. We hold no bitterness or past resentment. We know who we are and we acknowledge that we alone are one with our God.

We worship in our hearts and on our knees. We take pride not in ourselves but in knowing who we are in Him. We belong to no other than Him. He is our Rock and our Shield, our Fortress and our Strength. We are not looking back but looking forward with Eagle Eyes. We have the strength of the Tiger and we shall not back down.

2013 is going to be the year where many lives are going to be changed because of the courage we hold. We will enter into new jobs, new homes, new lands, new territories. We are not going to hold onto anything man made.. We know this is not our home, therefore, we do not value material things, we leave all to gain all.

We know that we are to be just like the Israelites in the desert, who set up the tabernacle in a day and then took it all down in the same day at the command of the Lord to be in His Will. We look forward to eternity and what eternal value holds, not day to day objects. Our mindsets are going to change from the here and now to the eternal.

2013 is the era before the war here, in the USA. We have a short time to prepare and those preparations will be given to you in measure according to your purpose. Despite what we see or hear, we know that we will be prepared and grounded and ready to do battle according to our purpose. We have a short ride to eternity. That is what I keep hearing, “We have a short ride to eternity.”

2013 is NOT THE YEAR OF FINANCES. I heard this so clearly the other day, much to my dismay, LOL! My mind had been on money and bills, etc., but loudly I heard “THIS IS NOT THE YEAR OF FINANCES.” It did not mean that money will stop coming to you, what this means is that God’s focus is not on money nor should His children’s minds be on money and bills. If it is, vision is lost.

What you need will be provided for, be CERTAIN to keep your focus on what God is focused on. What is Heaven speaking to you, showing you, focus on that and the rest shall fall into place. I know it is hard, it is hard for me to do also, but it is a necessity to have the focus of Heaven. That is one of the KEYS :)

2013 is a forge ahead year, a brutal wake up call to reality year, a measurement of Heaven year and most of all, the year of the KEYS. Everywhere you go, look and listen for the word or symbol of "Keys", also the word "Strength". The two go hand in hand. Just like "Joy" was the word of the Christmas season, "Key" and "Strength" are the words for 2013.

May you see tonight as the brink of your destiny. When the ball drops, when the clock chimes midnight, your destiny is at your doorstep!

Stefanie Brown

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