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During many conversations with God, His words of spiritual encouragement helped me to cope with the loss of losing my mother, sister and partner.

But before I was able to communicate with Him, I had many conversations with my spiritual guide Matoowah who encouraged me to speak with Him.

I was afraid to speak to our Father God, and I know it was because of all the things I heard about Him from ministers and pastors who instilled fear in us as children.

Matoowah's voice is in italics.

Do you remember when you heard a voice again? That was a re-awakening of discovering your spiritual gift of hearing voices.

That would be back in...'92, I believe, when I was on the chiropractor's table.

Yes, and do you remember how you felt?

Hmmmmm, I was nervous about it...you're right...I started crying because the answer I received was not the one I wanted. I was overwhelmed that I received an answer. The voice sounded so…majestic, so imperial. You know what I mean?

Yes, you felt flabbergasted that one would speak to you from this dimension.

Yes, by the way who was that? Was it God or one of my guides?

Yes dear, it was God who answered you.

Perhaps that is why I was crying, I felt touched. I’m surprised He took the time to speak to me. Besides, it was the beginning when I started being consciously aware. Are you sure it wasn’t Ihona? (The first guide who spoke to me while I was working in Massachusetts.)

Yes dear, it was God.

I think I was also feeling frightened.

Well, that is the way you feel when you are discover that you able to receive messages from this realm, you don’t quite believe it, and yet you fear it. It’s the fear of the unknown. Many are receiving words of spiritual encouragement through many ways at this time, but they are not listening because they are too busy doing other things. When one asks for help, or an answer to a question, (s)he does not have the patience to wait for an answer.

What about those who are trying so hard to receive something?

When one tries too hard, (s)he blocks the passage. One needs to feel relaxed and have an open mind. Everyone thinks they are going to receive a message with their mind, but that is not the case. One uses their senses.

I’m trying to go back in time to sense how I felt. I know part of me didn't believe it because I was always second guessing myself and I had very low self esteem. I didn’t think it could be possible that I was receiving a message from beyond. I was thinking – why me?

Yes dear, and because of your low self esteem, and your running from yourself, you didn’t want to receive the messages or even believe that someone was contacting you.

Do most people yawn as I do, when they are receiving a message from their guides?

Yes, that is quite common, or they could feel sensations in their bodies.

Through conversations with Matoowah, I became more confident in speaking with God.

Words of Spiritual Encouragement from God

In the following conversation, God spoke about the spiritual aspect of man. His spiritual words which gave me spiritual encouragement meant so much to me at the time


Spiritual is that level of man where he is able to connect to his soul, which is where everything that man has experienced resides.

Through his soul man is able to connect with his higher self, with me, with other spirits, and especially with his spiritual guides who are waiting to be of assistance.

The spiritual level of man is very important for his physical existence on earth, for it is only through his spiritual level that all the answers that he seeks are available…everything becomes clearer to man when he connects to his soul.

Is that the full spectrum of spiritual, I mean isn’t there more to it than that Father? It appears so simple.

God's Reply:

Most things in life my child can be so simple, it is only man who makes it complicated. Man has lost connection to the spiritual level of his being because of greed and other negative behaviors that he has learned through millenniums.

We have also picked this behavior up through other races who have come to earth to control earth beings from other galaxies right?

God's Reply:

That is true my child, but I don’t think it is necessary to get into that in this conversation.

But isn’t that also important for man to know, I mean about the dominance from other beings who have come to earth over time?

God's Answer:

Yes, but not now.

Okay Father, thank you for your words of spiritual encouragement.

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