Your Last Breath is Just the Beginning

by Stefanie Perkins
(Lemoyne, PA)

Near death experiences, coming back to life after experiencing a moment of "death", we have all heard the stories. Are they real?

I have no doubt that those people experienced a moment where they saw the other side of the veil where life begins after the last breath is taken.

Accounts are given of people seeing a "light", of seeing people who have passed on and communicating with others who are no longer "alive". But are they dead? Are they truly dead?

Our physical bodies - the "shells" that house our spirit - that part of us is gone when physical death occurs.

However, our spirit, that core being inside of us that cannot cease to function, continues living on, being transformed from this "life" to the next. How do I know? I speak to those people whose last breath was just the beginning of another life.

We are all familiar with television mediums and shop store mediums. I do not doubt some of their credibility, but I know that I know that I know that you do not need mediums to speak to those who have passed on to the next phase of their living, spend money that could otherwise be kept for yourself and your family or friends instead of helping someone build a mansion and upgrade their ride, you can do it yourself.

Our spirit which is in all of us, at some point in time will travel to that other side, and if that same spirit which lives now inside of us and continues on after our last breath, and it does, then we can communicate with those living spirits on the other side of the thin veil that separates us from them. Spirit to spirit communication.

I’ve been in a room of people who could not see or hear the people who I saw and spoke with even though we were all in the room together.

I’ve been in similar situations where there were a group of people, like me, who could see and hear the same thing on the other side of the veil. I say "other side of the veil" as that is the only way I can explain the dimension between here on "earth" and where the "departed" are. It is not some faraway place.

It is so close that you think you could almost touch it. Now, keep in mind, it could be far away and it just seems to be that close, but I am trying to express the best way I can in words how close these people seem to be to us, as close as only a thin veil separating us and them.

A relative of mine passed recently due to a short bout with a deadly disease. I found myself in the midst of a training ground that I didn’t ask for. Isn’t that how it usually happens to us in life? We learn in the midst of a situation that we didn’t ask for, but one we find ourselves in, and on the other side of the lesson is great wisdom.

While standing by his bed, I "saw" his father sitting on the end of the couch smoking. He sat there for about two hours, just sitting, watching and smoking.

After about two hours, he got up and started to walk towards his son, then he disappeared and I couldn’t see him anymore.

I did relay this to my husband as I was keeping him informed of all that I had been seeing and hearing for the last few weeks.

I remember so clearly that at about 4:00 p.m. that day, I was standing by his bed and I knew that he knew I was there and I clearly kept hearing God speak to me, "Psalm 23."

Now, off the top of my head, I didn’t know the exact words of the Psalm. but I knew I was to speak it out loud over him. So I went outside and I said to my husband and his brother, "I keep hearing Psalm 23 and I know I’m supposed to say this out loud to him."

They said, "DO IT."

I went in and Googled Psalm 23 on my phone and as I started to read it, it hit me what this was and I just choked up.

It was me, my relative and his mother in that room, and she started crying and I just did the best I could, but I read that out loud over him and he heard it. It was almost like he needed to hear this.

At 4:25 p.m. he passed onto the next phase of his life.

What I need to share is what happened after I ended the Psalm. I looked up and there a few feet from his bed was his father, Jesus and behind them an angel. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t speak, and I just looked at them and froze.

There was such peace that I can’t explain it, but I also knew that this was something that I would never forget and something that I had never seen in my life. I had seen Jesus before, I have seen angels, but I have never before experienced Heaven and its Messengers coming for the Beloved of God.

I have never felt or seen the absolute complete holiness in a room where love for a friend of God was so overwhelming.

I am crying as I type this. Here laid a friend of God who was so much a friend of God that He sent his Son, an angel and his father to come to him and take him on the next leg of his journey - home.

To be allowed to witness this has forever changed my life, more so than any event that I ever thought was a major change or experience I had ever had. To see Heaven here on Earth in a capacity of nothing but pure love and absolute authority that no human can touch, control or manipulate brought such peace and harmony in my being that it will forever be etched in my mind now and forever.

I couldn’t move. I honest to God didn’t know what to say or do, I just went outside and stood. I shook inside from fear.

They say the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom and I’ll tell you I should have stock in it from just that one day. This was a holy time, a sad time, but it was not the end. It was just the beginning.

The next morning at 4:16 a.m. I heard someone whispering to me, "Stefanie...Stefanie...Stefanie."

I woke up and heard this and I said, "Why can’t I see you?" Up to this point, everyone who has passed on that spoke to me I could SEE. I could not see my relative, but I could hear him.

He said to me, "I have to transition before I can display myself." So in this, I learned that there is a process we go through after we pass over and there is a transition process and what that entails I don’t know. One day I will.

I said to him, "I have to ask this, but what is it like there?" He answered, "Perfect.

I smiled and his tone was one of peace. He then said, "There are more coming." I asked, "For what?" He said, "For you to help them."

I still at this point in time do not fully comprehend what that means, but it shall be so whatever that may look like.

He then left and I woke up my husband and said, "OMG you will never believe this!" He did, and we laid there in complete reverent silence.

After his passing, my husband and I went to our camp to get away. I was outside in the back and our dog was on the side of the camp. It was dark, a full moon and plenty of stars. A beautiful night.

My husband calls out, "Who just drove down the lane?" I said, "No one, why." He said, "Yes they did, I heard the vehicle and saw the headlights."

Now we are in a private area so knowing who is coming and going is sort of the like the responsibility of the people there to keep a look out for everyone there.

The dog meanwhile was barking like a son of a gun as if there was someone there. I walked to where the dog was and I’m looking and looking and all of a sudden I "see" an old Blue Ford truck driving past with the recently departed along with his father!

I yelled to my husband, as it was my husband’s relative also and said, "Did he have an old Blue Ford truck?" He answered, "Yea, why?"

I said, "Well there they go and that was what you heard and the lights you saw." Silence. You could hear a pin drop and then I go in and my husband is standing there and something to the effect of "Holy shit" was uttered and we just remained silent and peaceful the entire night.

It was a lot to take in. Now when I saw the newly departed’s father, he was clear. The newly departed was not, he was transparent, hence, "transition."

Since that night, I have seen our relative two other times and spoke to him. I know that he will not be far, but my "sense" is that there is "business being done" on the other side, life does not stop, there are steps we go through, and purpose to be fulfilled on that side also.

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Thank You for sharing Your Last Breath is Just the Beginning
by: Shay

We don't need anyone to really help us talk to our departed ones, however, most people have not awakened to the reality of who they are, and due to their own fear and other thoughts they are not ready or able to open this form of communication.

I don't visually see, but I converse with God, and at times with other departed souls. There have been so many times, I have doubted my own self, but the other side of the coin would be I must be nuts. And, I am very sure I am not nuts, rather I am a very intelligent woman who is educated and very sensitive.

I have a beautiful heart, ans use it for the purpose of sharing love and compassion. So, I do know it is so easy to doubt the voices of the Spirits.

If you try telling people you talk with God, they really assume you are either lying or something is wrong with you.

Some people just don't understand what they have not experienced themselves. I do respect and understand this though, and I don't expect them too.

I feel my journey is a personal one, I always try to use loving messages in my work as a Social Worker with dozens of people whom I am honored to serve and I let the rest be in God's hands.

I also feel sad that of course, having medium ship or any other "psychic" gifts are and have become so commercialized, and I pray those people are also volunteering to help others, in exchange for the gratitude of the gift they are experiencing.

I hope no one out there wastes money to converse with their dead relatives, as they are not dead, but only transitioned to their true form of being a Spirit, we are probably more dead than they are.

If it will help you to cope, etc...yes, pay a medium, but it should not be a constant thing.

In fact, if you have an interest for such things, I promise you that you probably can tap into seeing or hearing wisdom from Heavens yourself.

Most of all know that all your passed on loved ones are fine, and they would want you to be happy here on earth. You will meet their souls again, have no worry.

Just enjoy your life, be happy, do good things on earth...have fun and learn and keep your mind and heart open to learning and experiencing...
After all, that is why we are here. God never leaves any soul behind, and is always with you, through his/her/its love.

Thank you for your article and blessings.

Your Last Breath is Just the Beginning
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hi Stefanie,

That was beautiful, thank you.

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