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Beyond Hearing Voices is more than just hearing voices, it's about you discovering your spiritual gifts which can help you to achieve spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness. This process usually starts with a sudden wake-call which can be manifested through a catastrophe, sudden loss or meeting your twin flame.

In my case, it re-ignited through loss of my loved ones.

Hearing voices has enabled me to hear the voices of my loved ones who have died and my spiritual guides who have helped me to heal myself and who encouraged me how to use my gift in helping others which is the primary reason for building this website.

If you have a hearing voices story, you can write about it at hearing spirit voices or if you have many personal and spiritual questions or want to find out about twin flames, you can go to spiritual chat and write about your dilemma.

If you are struggling with your ability of clairaudience, and do not know how to use it or what it means, you can have a session with me at online spiritual counseling where I will guide you in learning how to:

  • accept your gift
  • use your gift to help yourself and others
  • have conversations with your guides and angels
  • find your mission on earth, plus many perplexing questions you may have

My Story

I experienced my wake-up call later in life during a dark period - I was mourning the loss of my loved ones and I wanted to join them. But, I was told that my journey was not yet over, that I had to heal myself and in turn help others.

Hearing the voices of my loved ones helped me to heal.

During that time, my loved ones also encouraged me to use my ability of hearing voices. It was shocking to hear their messages since I had run from the voices for most of my life.  In fact, it was my mother, who discouraged me as a child from using this ability as it was not acceptable in the 50's, but she was especially vocal from the other side.

Matoowah, my first spiritual guide encouraged me to edit my conversations into a book format.

At first it was difficult to accept her advice and it took amazing encouragement and help from her to write my book. My ability of hearing voices had been a secret all my life and now I didn't want to admit to everyone that I heard them.

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I include some of our conversations, and those with my mother, sister and partner in my book, That Damn voice Again, Communications from Beyond.

I'm offering a free sample chapter from my book which you can download, and if you decide you would like the book, I am now offering the soft cover book  for free! You only have to pay for shipping.

Throughout my life, I vacillated between being an entrepreneur and helping others. In 2000 I returned to the field of Mental Health.

My dream was to work while studying for a PhD, specializing in P.T.S.D and to eventually work in Massachusetts. That came to an abrupt halt when I lost everyone who was important to me, suddenly my dream was no longer important...nothing was.

During this traumatic period, I finally discovered what love is by losing the most important people in my life.

I had to learn many things before I could move forward - to forgive myself, to give myself permission to move forward, to forgive others and most importantly to accept and to listen to the information that came through from my spiritual guides to help myself before I could help others.

In Beyond Hearing Voices, you will read about my healing journey at:

Spiritual Meditation

Spiritual Meditation

Spiritual Daily

Spiritual Daily

Hearing Voices

Hearing voices

Ascension Symptoms

Ascension Symptoms

You can contact me for a healing session to help you uncover your subconscious blocks and emotional barriers that are preventing you from having success:

  • financially,
  • in your relationships, 
  • losing weight
  • with health issues
  • in your working environment, and whatever situation where you are feeling stuck.

Hearing Voices

Once I started connecting on the soul level, hearing voices led to:

Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual Gifts

Releasing Technique

Releasing Technique

Spiritual Journal

Spiritual Journal

As a child, my ability of hearing voices frightened my mother when I spoke continuously to 'my friends' as I called them and she discouraged me to do so, because it would have led to a mental illness stigma. So I carried this secret most of my life, up until now.

I'm sure many of you are hearing voices, plus experiencing other psychic phenomenon. It could be your intuition or even thoughts speaking to you. It may be frightening at first, but it does not necessarily mean you have a mental illness.

Thankfully. through my ability, I found my way back, once again, to communicating with God, Archangel Michael, and my guides.

Spiritual Growth and Healing

Beyond Hearing Voices offers you the benefit of my spiritual growth and healing. You will find help with:

  • healing meditation such as benefits of meditation, in order to receive answers from dowsing questions and other spiritual questions.
  • dowsing techniques for using a pendulum, which is a spiritual tool in finding answers to all your questions

My Health Issues Led to Healing Herbs

During the process of grieving, I found that I was continually weak and susceptible to colds and the flu. I could not take the medications nor antibiotics which often made me feel worse.

I asked the spiritual realm for help with my dilemma and I was led to a herbal company here in Quebec called Pure Herbs.

Since that time, I no longer use prescribed drugs and have used various herbal remedies for ailments I had. You can read testimonials from others who have used these herbs which have become a very important element in my life. They are powerful and  have helped me with various ailments.

I believe they will help you too!

My Passion

This website is the result of my

I have finally found inner peace and joy in being able to use my unique gift, other than the traditional form of therapy, to help you unlock negative emotions within which are the ultimate cause of:

  • chronic pain, 
  • illness,
  • behavioral problems such as panic attacks, stress, anxiety,
  • emotional disorders.
  • intimacy issues

Contact me if these are some of the issues you need help with, and I will schedule a session within a 48 hour notice.

Clairaudience is a wonderful gift. If you are fortunate to have this ability, consider using it to realize your full potential and to achieve spiritual, mental and physical wellness.

Contact me now, for a session

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